Top 5 Ways To Incorporate Glass Into Your Home


An Introduction To Glass Furniture & Fixtures

Glass is a beautiful material often associated with art, culture and serenity. Because of this, you should incorporate as much glass into your home as possible. Not only is glass beautiful, but it increases light flow and that wonderful feeling of spaciousness. Furthermore, glass can be used in a variety of ways to improve your home and quality of life.

Let’s dive into our top five ways to incorporate glass into your home.


Glass Canopy

Glass Canopy

Glass canopies are a wonderful addition to the exterior of home; they provide you with shelter from both harsh light and weather, like rain and snow. Our variations of glass canopies can even provide you with increased light protection and privacy. Durovin Bathrooms sells clear glass canopies, frosted glass canopies and tinted grey glass canopies. All of these canopies are tremendous in their own right and have their own special benefits. Let’s break them down:

Type Of Glass Canopy


Clear Glass Canopy

Extra Visibility

Frosted Glass Canopy

Extra Privacy

Grey Glass Canopy

Extra Protection From Light


Glass canopies come in a mass variety of sizes, ranging from a compact 1200x900mm glass canopy, to an expansive 2000x900mm glass canopy. Because of this, no matter the size of canopy you need, you can incorporate a glass canopy from Durovin Bathrooms into your home.

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Moving into the interior, let us now focus on the humble mirror. Mirrors are used for reflecting images back at the user, allowing them to see themselves. Mirrors are typically found in bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, but can honestly be happily used as décor in any room in the home. The modern evolution of the mirror is the heated anti-fog mirror. Anti-fog mirrors make use of demister pads to heat up the glass of the mirror and prevent it from being able to fog up from the hot shower steam.

As well as this, anti-fog mirrors feature LEDs that help cut through the mist and darkness, allowing your mirror to be seen no matter the lighting condition of the room.

Adding mirrors, whether standard or technological, are a fantastic way to both incorporate beautiful glass into your home and give yourself the benefit of the ability to reflect.

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Interior Glass Sliding Doors

Interior Glass Sliding Door

Next up, interior sliding glass doors are a brilliant alternative to your typical hinged wooden doors. Interior glass sliding doors are more accessible than hinged wooden doors as they completely eliminate door swing. As well as this, the use of clear glass can help improve your sense of spaciousness, as you can use them to easily to see into other rooms. To contrast this, you can also use frosted glass sliding interior doors to ensure the level of privacy provided by traditional doors. Whichever kind of interior sliding glass door you choose, you can rely on a boost in light flow gifted to you through the use of glass.

As well as this, interior sliding glass doors take up much less space than wooden doors, due to their ability to slide against the wall, instead of utilizing door swing.

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Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures are another great example of how the incorporation of glass into your home can be a massive boon. Shower enclosures are typically made of glass because glass is waterproof, hardy and beautiful. Glass shower enclosures come in a massive variety of styles, such as quadrant shower enclosures, rectangular shower enclosures, pentagonal shower enclosures and square shower enclosures.

This massive variety of glass shower enclosures highlights how useful glass is as a material for shower enclosures. As well as this, there is a great variety in shower doors, including sliding shower doors, hinged shower doors, pivot shower doors and bi-fold shower doors.

Expanding on this, you can also choose whether to install clear glass shower enclosures, frosted glass shower enclosures or clear shower enclosures with frosted glass panels.

This great collection of options creates a near infinite variety of shower enclosures you can assemble out of glass, demonstrating how they can benefit your bathroom immensely.

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Walk In Shower Screens

Walk In Shower Screens

Finally, there is an addition to the bathroom that is made of glass and similar to shower enclosure, yet distinct. The item being referred to is of course the walk in shower screen.

Walk in shower screens are glass panels that divide the room into two specific areas, typically so you can create walk in showers. However, as well as this, these glass shower screens can be used to create dividers for other purposes, such as creating a changing area. These glass screens can be used to great effect in any home or work space.

This is especially true, as you can get shower screens in the form of frosted glass shower screens or tinted grey glass shower screens. These glass screens allow light flow, while obfuscating the image behind them, ensuring privacy.

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Final Thoughts On Glass Furniture & Fixtures

As you can see, there is a great host of ways you can incorporate glass into your home, as well as a plethora of reasons why you should do so. Glass as furniture and fixture comes in a variety of ways, from shower enclosures to glass canopies. If you are looking to fit your home out with glass, then take a look at our stock of glass furniture and fixtures. If you are looking to learn more about home design and bathroom installation, then check out our blog full of detailed and thought provoking articles.