Glass Canopies Demystified


Picture this. You’re walking home after a date, and as you arrive at your door, your future marriage candidate is telling you what a wonderful time they’ve had. They laugh nervously, look you in the eyes and start to lean in for a kiss. Your heart is a flutter with anticipation and all of a sudden BOOM the Heavens open up. It starts to rain like there’s no tomorrow and your date has to run off, to save themselves from getting a cold.

That night would have gone a lot differently if you had a glass canopy.


What Is A Glass Canopy?

Glass Canopy

Put simply, a glass canopy is a pane of secure glass that sits above your external door. This prevents you from getting caught in all kinds of bad weather, from rain to hail. It also gives you an external spot right by your door that is safer from the elements, so no need to fumble around looking for your keys in the rain.


How Does A Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Work?

A glass porch canopy is hung by metal arms that are secured to the wall. It is also sealed to the wall, making it extra secure. By being placed above the door, it blocks the path of negative weather and ensures you have a safer, more comfortable time.


Do I Need A Canopy?

Probably, yes. A canopy means you can wait outside and then dart to your car in between rainstorms, whereas before you would have lost precious seconds by having to wait inside and then lock the door on your way out. It also gives you a nice, secure space to get some fresh air or have a smoke, whatever the weather.


Why Glass?

Compared to canopies made of other materials like plastic or metal, glass is much quieter. Rain and hail can be deafening sometimes and you don’t want a canopy that will increase that noise. If you’ve ever been in a building with a tin roof during a rainstorm, then you know for a fact there is such a thing as too loud. Embrace the quieter, calmer canopy of glass so that you can stay dry without bursting your eardrums.

As well as this, the use of glass allows for light flow. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice natural light in your fight against bad weather.

Furthermore, the use of glass is smart looking and stylish. It gives the impression of a professional and gives a modern twist to any building.


What Different Types Of Glass Canopy Are There?

We here are Durovin sell three different types of canopy. All of which are perfect for someone, depending on what they need from their canopy.

The Clear Glass Canopy

Clear Glass Canopy

For those who want to feel the sun on their face. The clear glass canopy offers an uninterrupted outside experience that deflects bad weather and promotes good weather.

The Frosted Glass Canopy

Frosted Glass Canopy

The frosted glass canopy is for those who want to diffuse the Sun’s rays. Frosted glass not only obfuscates you from anyone looking down, it also diffuses the sunlight so that you’re getting less of those harmful UV rays. This is ideal for installing on the front door of an apartment or flat block, so that tenants can make use of it without worrying about privacy.

The Grey Glass Canopy

Grey Glass Canopy

For those wanting a bit more shade. Maybe it’s not the rain you’re worried about, but the Sun. Maybe it just gets too hot and bright. The grey glass canopy lets through less light, keeping your doorway shadier and cooler.

Think about what you want to achieve with your glass porch canopy and the visual tone you want to set before deciding on which type you want. This will help you choose the perfect canopy for you, to really give your home that personal touch.


What Different Sizes Of Glass Canopy Are There?

Durovin currently offers four different sizes. Each of which perfectly suited to different spaces. Only you can decide which size you need, so take a look and think about which one suits your needs and desires best.

The 1200mmx900mm Glass Porch Canopy

1200x900mm Glass Canopy

With the average door width being 838mm in the UK. Even our smallest option of the 1200mmx900mm glass over door canopy guarantees your safety from the elements. This is ideal for the person looking for excellent quality at a lower price.

The 1600mmx900mm Glass Porch Canopy

1600x900mm Glass Canopy

The 1600mmx900mm glass canopy is recommended for the person who wants a bit more space under their canopy. If you have a family or live with friends and don’t want to pick favorites to see who stays under the canopy and who goes out in the rain, this is ideal.

The 1800mmx900mm Glass Porch Canopy

1800x900mm Glass Canopy

The 1800mmx900mm glass over door canopy grants you a lot of extra space, which is ideal for those with larger families or do big shops and need somewhere to put all the bags as they get the keys out. At 1800mm, this can also be the ideal canopy for double doors.

The 2000mmx900mm Glass Porch Canopy

2000x900mm Glass Canopy

Increasing in size and elegance, the 2000mmx900mm glass canopy is perfect for double doors or for those looking for luxury at a low price. This roomy canopy can fit a lot of people and items under it, making it perfect whatever the weather. Also, due to its size, you’re more likely to reach its shelter in time if you’re making a mad dash to avoid the rain.

We advise measuring the wall around your door before purchasing a canopy as by knowing how much space you have to work with, you will be able to make a much more informed choice. You could even draw up a scaled down floor plan of the outside of your house to judge how each canopy would fit.


How Much Do Glass Canopies Cost?

Glass canopies are extremely cheap for what they are and the utility they provide, but how much exactly do they cost? It actually depends on two factors, the type of glass and the size of the canopy. Let’s break it down.

Type Of Glass

So, Durovin Bathrooms sells three types of glass front door canopy, clear glass canopies, frosted glass canopies and grey glass canopies. Clear glass canopies start at £275.60, frosted glass canopies start at £286 and grey glass canopies start at £332.80. The difference in price is dictated by the different processes and materials needed for each style.

Clear glass canopies are the easiest to make, as it just requires safety glass. Frosted glass canopies are slightly harder to make as the glass has to undergo the frosting process. Finally, grey glass canopies are even harder to make and require more resources, as they have to be coloured.

You also get more utility for the prices, as frosted glass gives you more privacy than clear glass and grey glass protects you from harsh light.

Size Of Canopy

The second factor that counts towards price is size. Durovin sells glass canopies at a variety of sizes that vary in price. For example, the smallest canopy, the 1200mmx900mm clear glass canopy is priced at £275.60, whereas the largest, the 2000mmx900mm clear glass canopy is priced at £338. The difference in size is because the difference in amount of glass you receive and the increased potential utility of a larger canopy.

When deciding which canopy to purchase, think about your needs and your budget to help you make a decision. The good news is that having a canopy can improve the valuation of your home, due to its functional and stylish design.  This means that you can actually gain back more money than it cost when you come to sell your property.


How Thick Should A Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Be?

Lower end safety glass is around 4-6mm. 6mm is really the bare minimum required for when glass is facing the elements. However, we at Durovin believe in quality and pride ourselves on our 13mm Safety Glass which is made of two layered 6mm pieces of tempered glass that are nano coated for further water repelling capabilities. The use of this glass protects you from the elements and drastically decreases the likelihood of damage or breakage.


Is A Glass Porch Canopy Safe?

Is A Glass Canopy Safe?

Yes, Durovin’s glass canopies are safe. We pride ourselves on not just our safety glass, but our excellent stainless steel, corrosion resisting brackets as well. The combination of these elements makes the canopy very safe and resistant to extreme weather and provide a level of safety for you by protecting you from the elements.


Is A Glass Over Door Canopy Practical?

Yes, it is quiet, durable and allows for light flow. It is the perfect, practical canopy that can protect you from harsh weather, such as rainstorms and strong UV light. It is a practical addition to any home that is easy to install and as well as looking beautiful, does its job brilliantly.


Can A Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Go Above Any Door?

Glass canopies are designed for external doors, after all if your door is inside, you don’t have the room or the calling for a canopy. However, even outside there are limits. For example, you will need to make sure there is 980mm of wall above your door that can be attached to. This is because the arm is 1000mm and will need to be at a certain angle to take the canopy’s weight. If you don’t have a sufficient length of wall above your door, unfortunately you cannot install the canopy.

However, if you do have enough space on an external door, then feel free to install your very own canopy. They can be perfect for providing shelter over your front door or your back door.


What Aesthetic Does A Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Fit?

The glass is a modern and smart look. It is an updated version of the traditional canopy and implies progress. It suits the modern home very well and its simple glass nature makes it ideal for minimalists. As well as this, it can suit larger buildings like apartments or offices, as it has a professional look to it. for those looking for function with form, this is ideal.

Glass canopies can also be perfect for biophilic design. This is because the canopy can protect plants from harsh weather and UV lights, while still providing them with all the light they could need. This means, you can water your plants under your canopy knowing they won’t get flooded by the rain or have their leaves burned by the harsh Sun. So, you can prune and tend to your plants without worry thanks to the glass porch canopy and enjoy the biophilic aesthetic it affords your home.


10 Ways A Glass Canopy Can Help Your Business

Glass Canopy For Business

Glass canopies are an indisputable wonderful addition to the home, but did you know they are also extreme benefits at work? Whether an office, a shop or a warehouse, a glass front door canopy can improve the quality of life of your employees, your customers and your business as a whole. Let’s dive in.

They Encourage People To Stop At Your Door

First up is the fact that it will encourage people to stop at your door. Say it’s raining heavily, during such periods, people run for cover. By providing that cover on your front door, it means whenever it rains, people will be stopping outside your business. If you are a shop that relies on foot traffic and word of mouth, this can be a fantastic passive catalyst that encourages people to come into your shop or at very least remember it.

They Give Employees Extra Breathing Room

But it’s not just potential customers who benefit, it’s your employees too. By having a glass canopy over your exterior door, your employees have an outdoor space they can step out too for some fresh air or a smoke break, that is safe from the weather. This will allow for a better working environment, as it will give employees those much needed opportunities to destress.

Glass Canopies Stand Out From The Crowd

Going back to potential customers, even when the weather isn’t harsh, the glass canopy can be a great boon. This is because it will help your business stand out. Whether it’s an office block in a sea of other office blocks or a shop drowning in high street, a glass canopy gives your building a unique element that sticks out and draws the eye, making it more likely that potential customers see your building.

They Look Professional

And what will they see when they see your building? They will see a professional and smart looking business. Glass has many connotations in architecture and two of the main ones are professionalism and modernity.  So, the prolific use of glass in your exterior design will help make your business look more professional and more successful, which in turn makes it more appealing to prospective customers.

Glass Canopies Protect People And Property

Now, apart from the obvious of it protecting people from adverse weather, there is another thing your canopy protects. Your items. Have you ever had documents ruined in the rain or products dropped in the snow? Well, live in fear no longer, as with a glass canopy not only are people protected, but so is your property.

They Help Keep A Clean Environment

As well as items, a glass front door canopy helps keep your working environment clean and happy. This is because it offers a safe space outside for people to clean off their shoes and shake off their umbrellas. Gone are the days of people trapesing in mud and dripping rain everywhere. With a glass canopy, both your exterior and interior are protected, making for a happier and hygienic work environment.

They Improve The Value Of Your Building

On top of improving the quality of life in your building, glass canopies also improve the value of your building, meaning if you want to sell and upgrade to a bigger space, you are more likely to get more money to do so. The installation of a glass canopy could be your ticket to a bigger and better tomorrow.

They Make Your Business Seem Friendlier

As well as being more noticeable, more professional looking and more accommodating, the addition of a glass canopy will also make your business seem friendlier. This is because the helpfulness that the glass canopy extends to the general public and to the employees alike will help build an image of consumer friendliness in their mind which makes your brand more appealing.

They Foster Security And Privacy

Depending on whether you prefer clear or frosted glass, you can help improve security or privacy respectively. This is because the use of a clear canopy provides all the benefits listed above, but also doesn’t interrupt the line of site from the offices above, meaning security can easily watch over the entrance and make sure everyone is safe. Contrasting this, if you would prefer privacy, frosted glass makes it so the people taking their breaks under the canopy can’t be seen, which can help people relax.

They Save Money Overall

Finally, believe it or not, a glass canopy can help your company save money in the long run. This is because it can act as a much more cost effective version of facilities like smoking shelters, which are much more expensive, time consuming and space requiring to install. A glass canopy can be your little hack to improve the quality of life for all of those connected to your business without breaking the bank.


How Do I Install A Glass Over Door Canopy?

We always recommend hiring a professional to install your fixtures and furniture. However, if you are embracing the DIY movement, let’s jump into it.

Prepare The Wall

Firstly, you need to clean down your wall to make sure there is no build up that will get in the way of installation. Then, make sure your wall is level using a spirit level. Once you have done that measure wall and mark where you will be installing the glass canopy brackets.

Attach The Glass Canopy Brackets

Glass Canopy Brackets

Now, drill into the wall at the marked places and place wall plugs inside. You now want to screw in your four brackets as shown on the instructions.

Attach The Glass

Attaching The Glass Canopy

You will probably need a second person for this. Screw the remaining bracket parts to your pane of glass and then have it lifted up and held in place. Screw the glass to the lower back joints. Then connect the top brackets to the front brackets using the provided arm. Once this is secured, you should be able to let go. Double check everything is level, using your spirit level and then use silicon sealant to seal the back of the glass to the wall.


How Do I Replace A Glass Over Door Canopy?

Uninstall The Glass

First things first, you need to cut the seal. Then, while someone else holds the glass, disconnect the arm of the bracket and then unscrew the lower behind brackets from the glass. Once this is done, you may remove the glass. Once you have, you can unscrew the front brackets from the glass. Ensure you store and then dispose of this glass safely.

Uninstall The Glass Canopy Brackets

Uninstalling The Glass Canopy

Now, you can simply unscrew the remaining brackets from the wall. Again, you need to make sure these are stored and then disposed of safely.

Install The New Canopy

When installing a new canopy, check your instructions for detailed steps or the above section for a rough guide.


How Do I Clean And Maintain A Stainless Steel Glass Canopy?

Maintenance will include making sure any debris that is blown or dropped onto the canopy is safely removed. Such as a loose stick from a tree. When it comes to cleaning, use hot soapy water and a nonabrasive cloth to wipe down the canopy and keep it clean. This includes both the glass and the metal arms and glass canopy brackets.

If you want to go the extra mile, a bit of polish can keep your glass and metal shining and looking as good as new, so give it a go every so often, to really bring out the best from your canopy.



As illustrated, glass canopies are wonderful things. They protect you when you need it, but don’t restrict you. They’re sturdy, safe and stylish. Plus, they come in a range of styles, sizes and prices. If you’re looking to improve your home and protect yourself from the weather, then buy a glass canopy. Now, go get that second date.