The Best Plants For Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are often adorned with plants. They inject an air of life and luxury into spaces that can otherwise be quite clinical. However, it is easy to get lost and confused when trying to find the perfect plant for your bathroom space. Don’t worry, that’s where we come in. Here are our recommendations of different kinds of plants you can use to decorate your bathroom.


The Classic: Trailing English Ivy

Trailing English Ivy has been used as beautiful decoration in English homes for centuries. The wandering, trailing nature of it adds such a unique and elegant element of nature to your home and can be seen as a symbol of persistence.


The Small: Moss Gardens

Moss Gardens are all the fun of a regular garden but the size of a small plate. They can fit pretty much anywhere and come as horizontal or vertical features. This simple, easy to maintain plant can be the key to livening up any space.


The Humid: The Majesty Plant

As majestic as the name suggests, these tall and luscious plants grow best in humid environments. Due to the presence of moisture, the bathroom is naturally the most humid room in the home, making it the perfect place for this majestic beauty, the Majesty Plant.


The Colourful: Bromeliad Guzmania

Bromeliad Guzmania have beautiful blooms of vibrant pinks, yellows, oranges and reds. If you want to inject life and colour into any space, this is your go to plant.


The Shareable: The Money Plant

The Money Plant, or Jade Plant is a beautiful and hardy indoor plant that grows at a brilliant rate without much input from the owner. Its leaves are a gorgeous jade colour and have a unique shape. The Money Plant is so hardy, that it is common practice to prune it and replant the ends in separate pots to give as gifts, as the cut off ends will continue to grow and form a new plant without much persuasion. It is believed rubbing the leaves of The Money Plant bring good fortune, so having one where you visit often is a perfect excuse to try and build up some good luck! Plus, the Money Plant becomes a part of your home that you can share with your friends and family.


The Low Maintenance: The Angel Wings Cactus

The Angel Wings Cactus just needs the occasional spritz of water to create beautiful plumage that has obviously been compared to angel wings, but also bunny ears. Just put this one out of reach of pets and children as it’s quite spiky!


The Medicinal: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant that is used for a great many things.  Its main use is for combatting pain and dryness in the skin. Having an Aloe Vera plant in the house means you always have a quick, natural solution to skin irritation.


The Tasty: Basil

Basil is a wonderful herb that adds flavour to many dishes. Whether you need a light topping for soup or a main ingredient for a yummy pasta sauce, you can never have too much basil to hand. Luckily, they grow year round indoors, meaning you can keep some handy for whenever you need it.


The Fragrant: The Indoor Orange Tree

The Indoor Orange Tree has a marvelous citrus smell to it. These small saplings bring life and zest into the home, as well as providing a beautiful aesthetic. Plus, if you’re lucky, you may get some oranges that you can eat.


The Out There: Hydroponics

If you like to experiment and have a DIY project on the go, then hydroponics could be the path for you. Not for the faint hearted due to the cost and maintenance, hydroponics is the art of growing plants with just water and no soil. It is a space and resource saving process that allows you to grow plants pretty much wherever you like, indoors or outdoors. It brings sustainability to your home and gives you a project to tinker with. Where better for such a project than your room with lots of easy water access?


The Artificial: Artificial Plants

Finally, it’s always worth considering artificial plants. You don’t get the benefit of increased air quality or the fun of maintaining an actual plant, but an artificial plant can be a no fuss way of ensuring permanent beauty. Whether as a feature or a compliment to real plants, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of artifice.


To Conclude…

The Best Plants For Your Bathroom

Hopefully, you can now see there is a great variety of wonderful plants that can make your house a home and your bathroom a bit livelier. If you’re stuck for places to put your plants however, don’t forget Durovin Bathrooms sell plenty of wonderful shelves and vanities that could give you the room to bloom.