DIY is becoming more accessible!

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The DIY, or Do It Yourself, movement has a long history and place within the UK. It speaks to the fun of learning and the satisfaction of a job well done. It also saves money. Now, in 2022, DIY is becoming more accessible than ever. If you’ve ever dreamed of getting your hands dirty and customizing your own space, this could be your year. But how exactly is DIY getting easier? And how can you capitalize on that? Read on dear reader, read on!


Why Should You Do It Yourself?

DIY can be extremely fun and rewarding. That is the primary reason people take up the hobby. You get a level of control over the process that you don’t have if you hire a contractor and it allows you to bring our both your creative and diligent side.

It can also be considerably cheaper. It saves you paying for an installation, meaning if you’re looking for luxury on a low budget, this could be a great option for you.

However, DIY is obviously not for everyone. You may not have the time or energy to take on such a task when juggling work and your other commitments. Or you may just not find the process fun! In that case, seek out a professional to do the job for you. Whether you decide to DIY or contract it out, as long as you’re happy, that is all that matters.


How Companies Are Making DIY Easier

Simplified designs

Since the advent of flatpack furniture in 1956, companies around the world have focused on streamlining designs for products and making them as easy to install as possible. This happens in a few ways, the lessening of needed parts, the labelling of steps, such as different parts being coloured differently to imply what they are needed for and overall simpler, less intricate designs. This design philosophy makes it much easier for the amateur craftsman to assemble and install their own fixtures and furniture.

Online instructions

DIY Shower Instructions

With the introduction of the Internet, modern companies like ourselves have been able to upload instruction manuals for fixtures on to their websites. By doing this, instructions are always easily accessible and you are no longer constrained to a physical version that you may misplace or damage. Thanks to the instructions being online, you can always access them whenever you need.

Online Shopping

eCommerce has done a number of wonderful things. One of its main successes is allowing unique and niche goods to become much more accessible. Gone are the days of hunting through markets, car boot sales or hard ware shops to find that one specific kind of tool or material you need. Thanks to the internet, you can easily search for and order specific goods, such as niche tools or bespoke elements that before the internet would have been irreplaceable.


How People Are Making DIY Easier

Diy influencers

Social media is a storm with DIY Influencers, from #HomeTok to #BathroomsOfInstagram, people are sharing their ideas and processes online. This is a great way to find inspiration for what you want to do. Apps like Pinterest are fantastic for creating moodboards based on other people’s uploads, which means you can cultivate inspiration easily and effectively.

Video Tutorials

DIY Plumbing

As well as inspiration, communities are offering explanations. Sites like TikTok and YouTube are full to bursting with how to videos going over everything and anything DIY. From how to work a drill, to how to build an ancient style pool. No matter how simple or specific your request is, chances are someone has made a tutorial about how to do exactly that.

Community Forums

But you’re not limited to video lessons. Forums are rife over the internet with passionate people discussing tips, tricks and news surrounding DIY. If you want to find a community to immerse yourself in and have help elevate your hobby, forums are a great way to go. People answer each other’s questions and give feedback on each other’s projects, allowing for growth and validation for your DIY skills.


To Conclude...

DIY Enthusiast

As you can see, the DIY Movement is getting bigger and bigger. Social media has really helped crystalize this shared passion into a community and you can see the benefits posted online every day. If you’re interested in starting a DIY project, do so with Durovin. We offer a wide range of products of varying complexity and difficulty, so whether you’re a seasoned pro or a green amateur, you’ll find a project that’s just right for you.