Should You Buy A Walk In Shower? Everything You Need To Know!

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A walk in shower is a tantalizing prospect. They have connotations of modernity and success, and they’re quick and easy to use. But what exactly is a walk in shower and how can it benefit you? This is the question we’ll be answering in this article, giving you everything you need to know about walk in showers and their enclosures, so you can make an informed decision.


What is A Walk In Shower?

What Is A Walk In Shower?

Generally speaking, a walk in shower is what it says on the tin, it is a shower that you can freely enter, or “walk into”. This is because, they are low to the ground, wider than your average shower and do not feature doors. Because of this unique design, it is possibly the most ergonomic version of the shower, as you can just walk in, turn the shower on and you’re good to get cleaning.

To this end, the real revelation of the walk in shower is how it has refined the user experience. It has reduced the number of steps between you and the end result considerably, meaning if you’re in a rush or just aren’t in the mood for faffing around, this can make the ideal shower.

The shower comes in several parts, the shower mechanism itself, the glass enclosure and the tray or linear drain.

Walk in shower enclosures come in a host of styles, such as featuring either straight or curved glass. As well as this, the shower screen can be coloured and feature frosted glass for extra privacy. The most common type is the corner walk in shower, but they can exist simply against the wall or even as the entire room itself. Whether you’re going for a modern or classical look, you can find a walk in shower to fit your desires.


Are Walk In Shower Baths a Good Idea?

They are definitely a good idea for multiple reasons. One of the reasons being, they’re ideal for small bathrooms as they open up a bathroom – giving the illusion of having a bigger bathroom. For this reason alone, many people have made the change to a walk in shower.

Walk in shower enclosures are also a good idea because you’d be keeping your bathroom with the times. You’d be gaining a modern bathroom, that is also extremely functional and practical. 1200 x 2000 walk in showers and walk in shower (sliding door) are the most popular and modern!

Is A Walk In Shower Accessible?

Is A Walk In Shower Accessible?

Expanding on the subject of ergonomics, because of the walk in shower’s design, it is possibly one of the most accessible showers. This is because they tend to be low profile or flush, meaning there is less of a step or no step at all required to enter the shower. As well as this, because it has such considerable space, any paraphernalia you might need can be easily brought into the shower. Plus, as there is no door, there is no potential barrier between you and the shower. All of these reasons really make the walk in shower the shower to beat when it comes to accessibility. If you or someone in your home has mobility issues, we recommend the walk in shower because of its ease of use compared to other showers.


What’s The Difference Between a Walk In Shower and a Bathtub Shower?

The main difference between the two is that walk in showers don’t have a bathtub, and instead have a flat shower base. This is useful for people with limited mobility, as they don’t have any obstacles in their way. However, the only drawback of not having a bathtub shower is that you can’t have a bath anymore.

Another difference is that walk in shower kits are very durable, easy to maintain, and more hygienic. As glass walk in showers are generally made from durable and low-maintenance materials that are easy to clean (meaning a well-built shower can last longer than 50 years)!


What Are The Different Types Of Walk In Shower Screens?

We stock a great variety of walk in shower screens, here’s everything you need to know.

Grey Walk In Shower Screen

Grey Shower Panels

Grey walk in shower screens are made of glass grey shower panels that have been tinted so that they allow less light in. This helps obscure any vision into the shower, while also making the shower screen look modern and sophisticated.

Clear Walk In Shower Screen

Clear Walk In Shower Screen

A clear walk in shower screen is simply a panel of clear glass. By being clear, it offers you maximum visibility and light flow. If you are looking for a simple bathroom divider, this is the one for you.

Frosted Walk In Shower Screen

Frosted Walk In Shower Screen

Frosted walk in shower screens completely obfuscate the subject within the shower, making them excellent for those who want that added layer of privacy. If you want the freedom of a walk in shower, but the security of a private one, then this is the shower screen for you.


Can I Attach a Door to a Walk In Shower?

Yes, depending on the specific designs of the enclosure and the door! Just because the walk in shower doesn’t need a door, doesn’t mean it can’t have one. However, you can’t attach a straight glass door to a curved walk in shower enclosure for example, and for most doors you will need two pieces of wall for the aluminum profiles to be attached to. If you want to add a door to your walk in shower, please consider this when choosing the design and the placement of the enclosure, so that if you would feel more comfortable with a barrier between you and the elements or just feel it’d fit your style better, then doors can be attached.

The reason the walk in shower doesn’t need a door is because its shower tray is big enough to catch any potential water, so it doesn’t have to rely on the door to block it. By achieving this and being able to remove the door, they become accessible and spacious, even making the bathroom look bigger subsequently. Please take these factors into consideration before purchasing a walk in shower and a door, it maybe that a regular shower with a door is the more ideal fit for you, or that you don’t feel the need to add a door after all.


How Big Is a Walk in Shower?

How Big Is A Walk In Shower?

Because the walk in shower works by having a tray big enough to catch all the water, there is a minimum recommended size. That recommended size is ninety centimeters by seventy six centimeters. This is the minimum size needed for the tray to be able to catch all the water.

This can be fitted into a small bathroom, to give you an easy and accessible option. Furthermore, because it has no door, it can take up even less space as you don’t have to worry about the swing of the door opening. This can be a really convenient shower for the person short on space.

Conversely, walk in showers can also be extremely large. Due to their design, they can be scaled upward to an incredible extent, reaching such heights as seventy two by sixty two inches!

How big your walk in shower should be is down to you. Take stock of how much space you have to accommodate the shower enclosure and ask yourself what your intent is. Are you looking for a convenient shower to tuck away in a small bathroom or a large spa like structure to lounge in? once you understand your desired effect and reasonable workspace, you’re ready to decide how big of a walk in show you want.


Is A Walk in Shower Flush?

Walk in showers can feature any kinds of shower tray, including raised, low profile and flush. However, it is most common for walk in showers to feature low profile or flush shower trays, as to best fit their ‘walk in’ design.

The benefits of a flush shower tray as part of your walk in shower enclosure is that it perfectly streamlines it. By eliminating the step, the walk in shower becomes a completely seamless companion to your bathroom.

However, a walk in shower already needs a complex procedure to install and by utilizing a flush tray it can further complicate the procedure because a flush tray requires the plumbing to be further recessed than normal.

Some people don’t even have a tray. Instead, they opt to create a wet room by waterproofing the floor and installing the drain straight onto it. This has the benefit of having no step, but can also be difficult for pre-established spaces to do as it would involve taking up the floor.

Do your research into not only the different kinds of showers, but the space you wish to implement them. You need to know for certain your desired shower can be installed with no issue before deciding.


Is a Walk in Shower Safe?

Yes, a walk in shower is perfectly safe. In fact, due to its ample space and ease of access, it is generally one of the safest types of showers to use. However, the overall safety of the walk in shower depends on installation. They can be difficult to install and more often than not are installed as a new building is being constructed. Retroactively putting one into a building ca be tricky and the proper care must be taken, or it could compromise the safety of the shower.

As well as this, walk in showers feature more floor space. Naturally, the bigger the tray or floor space that gets wet, the more likely you are to slip. It is worth installing an anti-slip shower tray or exploring other anti-slip options to make sure you are as safe as possible when showering.


What Drain Does a Walk in Shower Need?

What Drain Does A Walk In Shower Need?

A regular drain works fine in a walk in shower, however a lot of people opt for a Linear Floor Drain for their walk in shower, because they decide to build a wet room and need a stylish, discreet drain for the floor. The benefit of a liner floor drain is that it is able to be completely cohesive with the aesthetic of your floor, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice style for utility.

It achieves this by featuring a channel system below the visible line shaped gap that feeds any waste water into the drainage system below. As the walk in shower does not leave much room for plumbing underneath, utilizing a horizontal channel could be the space saver that you need.


How Much Does a Walk in Shower Cost?

According to Checkatrade, the average cost of purchasing a walk in shower and having it installed is roughly £1213, whereas they calculated that the average shower only costs around £400 to buy and install. This is quite a large difference and not one to be taken lightly. Weigh up the benefits of having a walk in shower enclosure in your home against the price and judge whether this is the right decision for you.


How Do I Install A Walk in Shower Enclosure?

How Do I Install A Walk In Shower Enclosure?

It is highly advisable you seek out a professional to install the walk in shower system due to its complexity, however if you’ve been bit by the DIY bug, then you may want to install the glass enclosure yourself. Here’s how!

First of all, make sure there are two of you. It will be required for one person to hold things in place while the other works. Do not attempt this on your own.

Now, you need to attach the aluminum profile to your wall. Check with a spirit level whether your aluminum profile is level with your wall. Measure the distance you need it from the corner and mark where you need to drill. Drill the required number of holes in the wall and fill those holes with wall plugs. You can now screw the aluminum profile into the wall.

Once the aluminum profile is screwed into the wall, you must attach the glass panel. Lift it very carefully and make sure you hold it straight. Place it into the profile and hold it still.

While someone is holding the glass in place, the other person can measure against the wall and drill a hole for the supporting arm. Put in a wall plug and then screw the supporting bar in.

Now, you can slide the other end of the supporting bar over the top of the glass panel and then tighten the screw.

Once that is all done, place the end caps on the aluminum profile and use silicon to seal between the glass and the profile. Let this dry for 24 hours before use and you’ll be ready to walk in to your shower.

Also, your friend can let go of the glass now, buy them something nice for being such a trooper!


How Do I Swap a Glass Panel in My Walk In Shower Enclosure?

How Do I Swap The Glass Panel In My Walk In Shower Enclosure?

Now you know how to attach the glass enclosure panel, which is all well and good, but what if you want to replace your glass with a different colour? How do you remove the existing glass panel?

Read on dear reader, let’s find out!

First, once again you make sure you have a friend to help you, carrying something dangerous like glass is always best done accompanied.

What you’ll have to do is disassemble this part of the enclosure so you can safely remove the glass. Make sure someone holds the glass and then slide the supporting arm off the glass. The good news is that unless the dimensions of the new glass are different, you won’t have to uninstall this arm.

Unscrew the aluminum profile from the wall and lie the glass and profile down somewhere safe and clean. It is important you clean a space beforehand, to ensure the glass does not get scratched or further damaged.

Cut the sealant between the glass and profile and then slowly slide the glass out of the profile. If the new glass is of the same dimensions as the old one, you can clean down the aluminum and reinstall it, ready to hold the new glass.

When disposing of old glass panels or panes, take them to your local recycling center where they can be safely made into something new. It is important to not try and throw a glass panel out with the rest of your rubbish.


How Do I Clean and Maintain A Walk In Shower?

Cleaning the walk in shower is easy, you simply need to wipe down the glass with soapy water and a cloth. Do this at least once a week to keep your shower pristine!

However, repairs can be tricky, because of the plumbing required for a walk in shower. Because of this, it is extremely important you maintain your shower to decrease the likelihood of it needing repairs. Make sure to consistently clean out the drain, to ensure there is no build up. You can this by pulling out any blockages and pouring boiling hot water down the drain, to break up any hidden build up and kill germs.


Do Glass Walk In Showers Increase Home Value?

Absolutely! If you ever decide to sell your house, a glass walk in shower enclosure will make a great selling point, as they’re very popular at the moment.

This is mainly because people want a modern house and bathroom, therefore they will pay extra for a bathroom that is already completed. Therefore, making a wetroom shower definitely worth the investment.

Walk In Shower Pros and Cons Summary

Pros Cons

Makes any bathroom appear bigger

Can’t have baths anymore

Perfect for small bathrooms

Less privacy

Easy to clean

More expensive







High quality




To Conclude…

Congratulations! You now know all about walk in showers and how they can enhance your bathroom, and your life. Whether you’re looking for an optimized shower to fit a small space or are looking for a modern and accessible wet room, the walk in shower is the ideal choice for you. If you’re interested in hygiene, then we suggest you also take a look at our baths, basins and bidets, so you can stay clean and feel luxurious.