The Top Bathroom Trends In 2022

Let's Begin

We are now partway through July, so 2022 is halfway done. Let’s look at the trends that have been rocking the year for bathrooms and what trends seem to be around the corner. If you’re looking for inspiration or are just curious to see what everyone’s been up to, then come with us as we explore the Top 2022 Bathroom Trends.


A Touch Of The Outdoors

One of the big trends this year, as no doubt a reaction to years of lockdown, has been bringing elements of the outside to the inside. This has been a refreshing change of pace for bathrooms that has allowed owners to breathe new life into their spaces. Let’s look at how.


Biophilic Design

Biophilic Bathroom Design

A large element of this trend has been biophilic design. The introduction of plants to the bathroom and a focus on greener more environmentally friendly fixtures has allowed for the modern bathroom space to flourish. Having a collection of plants in your space allows for better air quality and a beautiful aesthetic. The bathroom, being naturally quite humid, is the perfect environment for many plants and has proved fruitful ground for this kind of stylish experimentation.

Earth Tones and Green

The trending colours this year have definitely been green and earth tones. These colours connote life and nature in an appealing way that remind people of their connection to the planet. As well as this, vinyl wallpaper is become popular in the modern bathroom, allowing for the introduction of floral paper designs to the bathroom. This furthers the efforts of the biophilic design, to really define the modern bathroom as a nature themed room.

Open Plan

Open Plan Bathroom

There has been a rise in popularity with open space and space saving fixtures. Walk-In Showers and wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular, allowing the bathroom to feel more spacious and luxurious, emulating the free flowing nature of outdoor space. This is further accentuated by the popularity of fixtures like wall-hung toilets that save space, allowing for the bathroom to feel even more spacious.


Form And Function

Another big trend this year has been the emphasis on beauty derived from practicality. Form that accentuates functionality allowing for extremely practical and multipurpose bathrooms that still look the part.

Smart Bathrooms

Smart Bathroom

One way this focus on practicality has been achieved has been through the integration of smart technology into the bathroom. Items such as waterproof, voice controlled speakers and mirrors with in built LED lights are transforming bathrooms and allowing them to develop new, modern functions and abilities that improve the user’s quality of life.

The Return Of Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

As well as this, we have seen a resurgence of the Mid-Century Modern bathroom. This style, mostly prevalent during the 50’s, is focused on functionality and beauty. It encourages cool tones and colour and life that feed into the previously mentioned biophilic design. It also encourages the use of hybrid fixtures, like the toilet with a sink on top that elegantly emphasize function and convenience.


Another style that has gained a lot of traction this year is Japandi. This is the style born from the combination of Japanese style minimalism and Scandinavian style function. This style emphasizes neutral colours, minimalism and the evocation of peaceful feelings through the introduction of natural elements. Like the Mid-Century Modern style, it emphasizes practicality, and like the open space trends its minimalistic designs allows for a lot of space.


Being Bold

Another trend this year has been the use of black and metal to act as accents to the cooler earth tones present in the bathroom.

Black Fixtures

Black Sink And Tap

Black fixtures have seen a big boom this year. Black basins are a perfect offset to the greens and cool tones, but they also fit with the earth tones so well. This helps add subtle contrast to your bathroom and makes your basin look more impactful and purposeful.

Taps As Accents

As well as this, we’ve seen an increase in people mixing and matching the colours of their taps to make a statement. Black taps on white basins and metallic taps on black basins are becoming more and more popular, adding contrast and life to any space. The use of taps as accents also helps visually break up the bathroom and highlight the different elements of the space.


Chrome Bottle Trap

Exposed silver and brass has been a popular choice this year. The metallic sheen of pipes and such has blended well with the greens of the plants and the earth tones of the space. This touch of metal adds a rustic, yet industrial element to the bathroom that can act as the perfect finishing touch. Plus, being reflective, metal elements help throw more light around your space.



As you can see, there are a lot of trends at play this year that feed into and speak to each other. The core tenets of the year seem to be nature, practicality and accent work. We recommend investing in some plants, space saving fixtures with contrasting accessories and some smart technology to really embrace the modern 2022 bathroom.