What’s New With Smart Bathrooms?

Let’s Begin…

Now, naturally we don’t like to imagine electricity and water together, they just don’t get on. However, through technical wizardry and human ingenuity, we are starting to see more and more ‘smart devices’ implemented into the bathroom. Let’s explore where Smart Bathroom’s came from, where they’re at and where they’re going.

What is a Smart Bathroom?

Unlike what is commonly believed, a smart bathroom is not defined by the implementation of electric gadgets, it is defined by the implementation of anything that streamlines, automates or improves upon essential bathroom processes. ‘Smart Homes’ are all the rage and show no sign of going away, with even the most technophobic granddads coming to embrace voice activated speakers and similar products. Smart Homes are all about making your life easier and Smart Bathrooms are no different. Let’s look at some ways you can Smarten up your bathroom.

LED Mirrors

LED Mirrors

Firstly, you can’t go wrong with an LED Bathroom Mirror. These are touch sensitive and anti-fog, meaning when you get out of your steaming hot shower, you will actually be able to see yourself and not just foggy mist clouding your reflection. As well as this, the extra light illuminates the face and allows you to get a better look at yourself, meaning you can clean yourself up that much better.

Voice Commands

“Alexa!”, “Okay Google!”, “Siri!”. One way or another, more and more people are talking to their tech. The implementation of voice controls into the modern world has done wonders for those with visual or mobility impairment, and it’s making its way to the bathroom. By having your voice controlled home device in your bathroom, you can play music or a podcast without having to touch a button. You don’t have to worry about getting your phone wet while you’re in the bath, because you can sit and relax and let your voice of choice do the heavy lifting from the other side of the room. Bliss!

Shower Speakers

Speaking of music, it can be hard to hear music or a podcast playing outside of the shower while you are in it. That is why multiple companies have developed combined speaker and shower heads. These play music for you as they provide you with water and can even come with build in LEDs too which can be used to give you more light on what you’re cleaning or used as a fun, colourful enhancement of your showering experience.

Bathroom TVs

But it’s not just audio entering the bathroom, video is too! More and more, we are seeing Bathroom Televisions, perfect for watching while in the bath. These are waterproofed televisions that hang on the wall, so you can watch your soaps as you soak.



Gaining popularity across the world, the bidet is a way of cleaning hard to reach places thoroughly that deserves a spot in your home. The ‘Smart’ element of a bidet is that it makes cleaning yourself much easier and helps improve your hygiene. It does this through jets of water that can clean more effectively than paper alone.

Toilets That Save

Space Saving Toilets

The toilet is also becoming Smarter and Smarter. Power Flush systems that allow you to choose how much water you flush with save you money and water. As well as this, soft close seats and wall hung toilets both reduce the noise made by the toilet, meaning you can focus more on your Bluetooth blues than the noise of the fixtures.

Combined Fixtures

Hybrid Fixtures

One way houses are going smart is by combining fixtures. The toilet with a sink on top allows water to be recycled and space to be saved, now that is smart! Similarly, installing a bath with an in built shower or a wet room, will allow you to get more functionality out of much less space. If you favour utility and functionality, combined fixtures could be the way to go.

Should I Upgrade To A Smart Bathroom?

Follow you needs and wants! Do you feel like you would benefit from a bidet, or you would have fun with a musical shower? If so, then yes, upgrade! It might be something as simple as soft close seating, but if you find it helpful, then it is the smart choice.

To Conclude…

As you can see, more and more fixtures are evolving and getting smarter. As well as this, many gadgets are adapting to be usable in the bathroom. But the bathroom is only as smart as the owner, make sure any gadgets you bring in to the bathroom are waterproofed, or else you could be in for a shocking experience!