Read This Article Before Installing A Bathroom In Your New Build

An Introduction To New Build Bathrooms

If you are involved in the process of a construction of a new build, then you need to decide how to design and furnish all of your rooms. No room is harder to make right than the bathroom. You need to consider your customers wants and needs, as well as budgeting as new build projects often require numerous versions of similar rooms. If we take homes as an example, if you are constructing a housing estate, you need to give each home at least one, but probably two bathrooms. If you have twenty homes to build, that’s forty bathrooms to design.

So, let’s go over how you can correctly plan for, design and implement bathrooms into your new build project.


What Bathroom Fixtures Are Right For Your New Build?

First of all, we need to establish what kind of new build you are designing. Offices, homes and factories will all have different requirements.

In this article, we will be focusing on new build homes and how to design their bathrooms.

If you are designing an office or other workplace bathroom, then check out our other article on how to design an office bathroom.

New build homes have to fit into specific regulations and thus will have specific design philosophies behind them, let’s dig in.


The Bare Essentials

Toilet With A Sink On Top

In the UK, the average home has two bathrooms and three bedrooms. Keeping this in mind, most homes therefore have at least two toilets, two washbasins, and at least one shower or bath. It is important to make sure your new home either matches or outdoes these basics, in order to help it seem appealing to customers. There are simple ways to help increase the fixture count of your new build, such as installing a toilet with a sink on top, as it not only gives your property a toilet, but an extra sink too. Tricks like this will help your new build stand out to customers, without breaking the bank.


Give Your Customer Options For Their New Build Bathrooms

It is well known that popular new build organisations offer their customers the ability to choose specific elements of their home during the building process. You could offer a variety of fixtures. Giving your customer the choice between a wall hung toilet or close coupled toilet, or maybe even the option of a comfort height toilet allows your customer to feel like your new build is truly theirs, as they have had immediate input into its design. Allowing your customer to choose a fixture is much simpler than say allowing them to choose the positioning of interior walls and will save you a lot of potential headaches.


Bulk Buy For Your New Build With Trade Discounts

When buying for your new builds, there is a hugh chance you will have to bu multiple versions of each fixture. Because of this, it is best to buy in bulk, as most retailers will offer trade discounts for those buying in bulk.

Durovin Bathrooms offers numerous different trade discounts, such as a 5% discount on shower enclosures when bought in bulk. For more information on our trade discounts, call in and speak to our customer service team.


Invest In Long Lasting Fixtures

Now, when customers shop around for new builds, they are typically looking to settle down, this could even be their forever home. Because of this, it is important to prioritize strength and durability. Nothing would sour a customers view of the home more than having to replace fixtures too soon.

That is why you should invest in stone resin fixtures for all of your new build homes.

Stone resin fixtures such as stone resin basins and stone resin shower trays can last a lifetime when cared for correctly.

Stone resin is non-porous, meaning that it is fully water resistant, making it the ideal choice for bathrooms. Coupling this with the hard, stone and resin, body, it makes for perfect long lasting fixture.

If you wish to learn more about bathroom fixture materials and which you should choose, read our guide to stone resin, ceramic and acrylic in the bathroom.


Modern Aesthetics

Black Basin

A key element of new builds is naturally that they are new. Due to this, it is important to keep contemporary trends and aestheticisms in mind. The last thing a customer will want to do is feel like they need to completelt change a new build they just paid for. Black fixtures such as black basins and black taps are extremely popular in contemporary bathrooms, as they have a modern and minimalistic look.

It is worth featuring black fixtures in your new build, as it will give your customers a contemporary looking bathroom that matches modern aesthetic sensibilities.


Smart Technology

Smart Mirror

Technology is amazing, and you absolutely should include appropriate technology in your new build bathrooms to help increase their utility. Smart bathroom technology includes waterproof speakers, waterproof TVs and anti-fog mirrors. Our anti-fog mirrors utilize demister pads and LEDs to ensure the use can always see their reflection in the bathroom, even when the bathroom is full of shower steam. Technology like this is a great addition to your new builds as it imbues them with uncommon utility that helps the home stand out compared to your competitors.

For more on smart technology in the bathroom, read our article on bathroom smart technology.


Keep Safety In Mind

Anti-Slip Shower Tray

In the modern age, safety is rightfully at the forefront of design. Considering this, it is important to install fixtures and measures with safety in mind. Such as anti-slip shower trays, that make the user much less likely to fall on the wet surface. The installation of fixtures that promote safety is incredibly important and will go a long way to instill trust in your customers.


Install Accessibility Options

Walk In Shower Screen

Accessibility is extremely important and designing your new build homes with accessibility in mind will help ensure that your bathrooms are futureproofed and usable by as many potential customers as possible.

Easy ways to bake accessibility into your design is to consider the ergonomics of each fixture. For example, walk in shower enclosures are more accessible than regular shower enclosures, as they have no door to worry about opening. Equally, comfort height toilets are considered more accessible than regular toilets as there is less distance to travel to sit on them. For more detail, please read our article on how to design an accessible bathroom.


How Often Should A Landlord Replace A Bathroom UK

Now, if you are renting out your new build, you will be expected to refurbish elements like the bathroom overtime.

But, how often should a landlord replace a bathroom in the UK?

Well, legally, you only have to keep things in working order and replace them as they break.

However, to develop a good reputation as a landlord and encourage people to want to rent with you, you should consider offering a bathroom refurbishment to your tenants every five years or so.


Final Thoughts

There is a lot to consider when constructing and fitting out your new build homes. New builds fall under a lot of scrutiny, so it is important to make sure you do things right. Plus, you want to ensure your customers get a product that they can be truly happy with. Because of this, important spaces like the bathroom should be of great import to you, and we hope this article has made it clearer how you can provide a range of good bathrooms for your new build homes.