How To Make Your Bathroom More Accessible In 2022

Let’s Begin

Accessibility is something a lot of people can often take for granted. However, for some it is something that cannot be ignored.

Everyone deserves to be able to use the utilities they need to live a good life and that’s why here at Durovin Bathrooms, we believe in making bathrooms as accessible as possible. So, let’s explore exactly how we can do that.


Wall Hung Fixtures

Wall Hung Toilet

Installing wall hung fixtures like wall hung basins and toilets can be a great way to make your bathroom much more accessible. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, they save space by having part of their body installed in the wall. This means there is more space in the room to maneuver, such as a wall hung sink having space for your legs to go under if you are seated.

Secondly, they can be hung at customizable heights. This means that when installing your bathroom fixtures, you can set them to the exact most comfortable and practical height for those who are going to make use of them. This can go a long to improving the general quality of life of those with accessibility issues.


Walk In Shower

Walk In Shower

Another way you can make your bathroom more accessible is to remove the barriers to entry to certain fixtures. For example, the installation of a walk in shower could be ideal for those with mobility issues or who are in need of more space. The massive surface area of a walk in shower coupled with the lack of a door makes these kinds of showers extremely easy to access.

You can improve on them further by installing a flush shower tray, so that there is no lip or step to have to ascend into the shower. You can achieve the same effect by converting your bathroom into a wet room, which allows you to shower anywhere without having to worry about going up a step.


Accessibility Fixtures

Shower Chairs

Shower Chairs

A simple way to improve the accessibility of a bathroom is to provide options. Fixtures such as a shower chair can go a long way to making your bathroom more accessible. For example, if someone experiences fatigue from standing, this could be the difference between an enjoyable and effective experience or an unpleasant one.

Grab Bars

Grab Bars

As well as shower chairs, you can install grab bars at key locations in the bathroom which can help people maneuver. These are bars that attach to the wall that someone can then use to hold their weight was they maneuver. If someone finds it difficult to get into the bath or shower, this could be a godsend.

Handheld Shower Head

Expanding on the idea of options, a handheld shower head could be the right option for you. This is because you can move the shower head around freely, so if there are any areas you cannot perfectly clean with the shower head in its typical position, this could make a huge difference.

Alternative Basin Taps

Operating a sink doesn’t have to be done with just the hands. There are actually numerous different options. If you have ever worked in a hospital, you may remember there being elbow operated bathroom taps that extend out so they can be used in a different way. As well as this, there are foot pedal operated taps and many more options. These alternate options can be great for those with mobility issues, who can’t operate the typical tap designs.


Smart Bathroom Upgrades

Speaking of options, making a foray into the world of smart technology could make your bathroom more accessible in great ways. For example, the installation of sound activated lights that can be turned on via clapping or a key phrase could be extremely useful for someone with mobility issues.

As well as this, the installation of a bidet can help automate cleaning processes that might be difficult for some. The aim of smart technology is to take the difficulty out of modern life, which can make it a perfect fit when designing with accessibility in mind.


Sliding Door

Sliding Door

An easy to open interior sliding door not only saves space in the bathroom by eliminating the space taken by door swing, but can be much easier to operate than a hinged door for those with mobility issues. Because of this, installing a sliding door as your bathroom interior door can make your bathroom even more accessible.


Floor Space

We’ve mentioned prioritizing saving space a few times in this article and that’s for a reason. A lot of mobility based issues can mean someone needs more space to complete actions able bodied people may take for granted. For example, rooms are supposed to have an uninterrupted space that is at least 1.5m in diameter to ensure wheelchair users can comfortable turn around. Prioritizing space saving fixtures like wall hung toilets and sliding doors can go a long way to helping you achieve this.


To Conclude

As you can see, there is a lot you can do to ensure your bathroom is accessible as possible. It is important to note that there is vast spectrum of conditions that people may find themselves affected by and everyone’s individual needs will be specific, so if you are not designing a bathroom for yourself, but in fact someone else, make sure to talk to them about their specific, individual needs.