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Our bathroom basins come in both Ceramic Basin & Stone Resin Basin based on the material of sink. Choose from counter top basins, wall mounted basins, pedestal basins and semi recessed basins to create a bathroom or cloakroom that is personal to you.

Ceramic Basins
The ceramic basin is the most widely available type, they are moulded in china clay, fired to harden then glazed and baked again to harden the finish on the surface. This process can lead to some warp and distortion but this would not normally be regarded as a defect. Hence, ceramic products are classed into grade A, B, C in order to define its quality. We can ensure you that our ceramic basins are all at grade A quality.

Stone Resin Basins
The stone resin basins are made from real stones that are crushed up and then bound by polymer resin and natural minerals. It produces a very finely detailed basin, as the moulding process can be more accurately controlled than that of the ceramic basin, making it ideal for the production of modern styles and minimalist shapes. Moreover, the stone resin basins are nonporous with superior resistance against mold, bacteria, stains, dirt, heat, abrasions, chemicals, flaking and breakage.

Wall Hung Basins
A wall mount sink is attached to a wall, a supportive structure is not required. This is useful when space beneath a sink is limited for a vanity or a pedestal sink.

Counter Top Basins
Also known as vessel sink. which features a basin that rests on top of a counter. Designed to show off the sink's material or a striking design.

Semi-Recessed Basins
Also called Drop In basins which is a type of sink installation where the bottom portion of the sink is hidden beneath a counter, while the upper portion is exposed. This is a stylish option that adds a modern look to a bathroom decor.

Pedestal Basins
Also called a freestanding sink. Bathroom pedestal sinks are designed to gracefully hide plumbing pipes. Since they occupy less space than a vanity sink, pedestal sinks are perfect for small baths and powder rooms. Cloakroom Basins We make this selection of bathroom sinks which are designed to be as functional as possible while taking up as little room as possible, making them ideal for small cloakrooms and small bathrooms while not compromising on style or form.

Basin Vanity Units
A vanity unit is an item of bathroom furniture that integrates a basin with cupboards or drawers underneath. Vanity units provide extra storage space within your bathroom. As well as being functional, vanity units add a real touch of style, from traditional and classic looks to ultra-modern and minimalist.

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  1. New Product Counter Top Oval Deep Fill Stone Resin Basin 625 x 345mm Colossum 807 First Image
    Counter Top Oval Deep Fill Stone Resin Basin 625 x 345mm Multiple Colours | Colossum 807
    As low as £110.25
  2. Counter Top Rectangle Stone Resin Basin 600 x 400mm | Grey Matt | Colossum 815
    Counter Top Rectangular Stone Resin Bathroom Basin 600 x 400mm | Colossum 815
    As low as £120.75
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