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Counter Top Basins

Countertop Basins For Your Bathroom

Standing in juxtaposition to your typical wall-mounted sink or pedestal basin, the countertop basin sits dormant on your counter as a separate entity. Unlike the semi-recessed basin, the entirety of the countertop sink's body is entirely visible. Both sturdy and immaculate, the dazzling design of the narrow countertop basin emphasises the sink material. The countertop sink unit loudly pronounces a love for the fundamentals of bathroom basins, because they realise that you can’t beat a classic. Counter basins aka vessel sinks have a multitude of benefits thanks to the versatility of the vessel sinks design. We get it, you’re in no mood for flash, you’re looking for a bathroom basin that gets the job done. Cutting out the fat, the vessel sink is the bathroom basin for you.

Vessel Sinks and Your Visionary Bathroom

One of the most endearing qualities of the countertop basin is its multifaceted nature - traditional and modern lavatories alike can accommodate countertop sinks into their aesthetic. This small wash hand basin only needs a small hole for the drain, so the possibilities are endless. You can choose a tiny oval-shaped countertop washbasin that subtly conveys a mood. Or you can go with a large rectangular basin unit that largely pronounces your presence. Either or is acceptable - such is the beautiful simple nature of the vessel sink. The material is also down to you: stick with a stone countertop basin, or a ceramic vessel sink - Durovin Bathrooms does not discriminate.

The simplicity of the vessel sink cannot be understated, it will naturally gel with whatever workshop and the impression you’re trying to pull off. The innovative vessel sink includes a faucet for easy water access, an overflow hole to prevent spills, and a non-slip ring at the base to keep it steady, all easily cleanable with soap and warm water. All in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Treat your traditional home design with beauty, practicality, and modernism. Treat it with Durovin.

Size, styles and material are not matter when it comes to clean

Rectangular countertop sinks or oval counter top sink come in a variety of sizes and styles. Regardless of ceramic countertop basin nor stone sink, they are easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe them down with soap and water and then rinse thoroughly.