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Shower Enclosures

We have a shower unit to suit every layout and design scheme, from quadrant shower cubicle, pentagonal & rectangular shower cubicle to walk in wetroom shower screen, we offer a range of shower cabins to suit any type of bathroom.

Shower Cubicles

Based on the shape of the enclosure, there are four basic styles: pentagonal, quadrant, square and rectangular. A pentagonal or quadrant shaped shower cubicle will be the compact choice, which could save your bathroom floor space. A quadrant enclosure will give you just a little extra room by having a rounded edge but the difference between an angular edge and an elegant curve can make a big difference aesthetically.

Shower Door

According to shower door type, there are four type: sliding, hinged, pivot, bi-fold. Hinged shower door will swing outwards, while Pivot shower door could open inwards and outwards. Sliding and Bi-Fold shower doors are great for smaller rooms with less space.

Wet Room Walk-In Shower Screen

A wetroom walk in shower screen is a doorless designed shower enclosure make it simple to get in and get out of. Its ultra-modern look makes it perfect for any spacious bathroom.

Types of Glass

All of our glass products are made of toughened safety glass. The thickness of the tempered glass that used for different shower cabin vary. In general they range from 4mm to 12mm. However, for safty and cost concern, we only stock 6mm, 8mm and a few 10mm glass. All of our glass has NANO coating which helps reduce the build-up of soap, grime and limescale. Moreover, for frameless shower enclosure, the edge of each glass panel has been carefully polished which provides impact protection for minor incidents.

Shower Tray

At Durovin Bathrooms, a shower tray is optional when you buy a shower enclosure. We stock 2 tray materials types, Acrylic and Stone Resin. Acrylic shower tray is a popular choice and provides a durable and contemporary finish that's easy to clean and will last for years. Our premium Stone Resin shower tray is pure stone resin trays with no outer skin, they have a naturally slip-resistant surface that is very pleasant and natural feeling underfoot.

With Durovin shower enclosures, our mission is to make your dream bathroom come to life.

Durovin Shower Enclosures, Walk in Shower Screens, Shower Trays and Sliding Glass Shower Doors & Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

When you ask yourself what a modern bathroom is, it might evoke images of immaculate rectangular shower enclosures - the embodiment of elegance thanks to precision engineering. The truth is, mode bathrooms can be whatever you dream them to be. It can be a set of hinged shower enclosures or a walk-in shower enclosure with a frameless shower screen. Durovin Bathrooms have crafted numerous bespoke shower units in the UK that are sure to fit your bathroom décor, regardless of lavatory layouts and design scheme.

Our shower enclosures can come in the form of quadrant shower cubicles, pentagonal & rectangular shower enclosures, and walk in shower doors and screens. Our range of shower cabins is nearly limitless, with all dimensions and shower sizes considered, such as 900mm shower enclosures and 1500mm shower enclosures. Knowing they're made of durable aluminium; you can take your time to find the perfect shower for your bathroom. The Durovin shower enclosures are some of the best walk in shower enclosures, shower trays and doors, and bathrooms online in the UK, all thanks to their self-cleaning NANO technology. This NANO coats the surface and glass of our frameless shower screens and corner shower enclosures with a lotus effect that makes each of our shower units effortless to maintain. A combination of stylistic versatility and practicality is what gives each of our frameless shower doors and enclosures the edge to be the best on the market on shower units in the UK. It might be bi-fold frameless shower doors or walk-in shower enclosures. Whatever you need, Durovin Bathrooms have every base covered.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures, Rectangular Shower Enclosures, and more

With the shape of a Durovin shower enclosure, you'll find four basic styles; pentagonal, quadrant, square, and rectangular shower enclosures. Our pentagonal or quadrant-shaped shower units will be the UK’s compact choice, saving your bathroom floor space with that ergonomic advantage. The rounded edge of the quadrant enclosure can provide you with even more room than before. Polished to perfection, our rectangular shower enclosures feature frameless shower doors with 8mm thick toughened safety glass, stainless steel, and aluminium fixings. These corner shower enclosures are sure to keep you safe whilst retaining that touch of class. The contrast between an angular edge and an elegant curve can completely transform the aesthetic statement you are trying to make with your mode bathroom. The choice is yours.

Sliding, Hinged, Pivot and Bi-fold Shower Doors

On the Durovin Bathrooms online UK website, we ship four distinct types of shower doors; sliding, hinged, pivot, and bi-fold. With each frameless shower screen, the difference is pronounced. The hinged door shower enclosure will swing outwards, while the pivot shower door opens both inwards and outwards, with reversible fitting for either left or right hand. Sliding shower doors and Bi-Fold shower doors are size-conscious, being extremely compatible with buyers looking for compact showers that take up less space. Our doors are tested to the proper safety standard and each one comes in a collection of sizes. From 1600mm, 1200mm, and 720mm shower doors, you're sure to find a fit for your bathroom. Style and substance, a frameless shower door can be the answer to your bathroom blunders.

Wet Room Walk in Shower Doors

Our wet room walk in shower doors are doorless shower enclosures designed to help you stride with confidence. Their features make hopping in and out of the shower extremely simple. Featuring NANO coating, reinforced glass thick enough to withstand anything, and a rustproof stabilising bar, Durovin Bathrooms makes for the best walk in shower enclosures available. With an ultra-modern design, rustproof stabilising bars, and an emphasis on accessible space, walk in shower doors are a must-have for anyone looking to complete the look of their premium bathroom.

Types of Glass

The glass that comprises our UK shower units is standardised toughened safety glass. The thickness of the tempered glass varies from shower units to shower units in the UK. Generally, though, they can range from 4mm to 12mm. Currently, in the interest of health, safety, and cost, our stock only consists of 6mm, 8mm, and a few 10mm glasses. Every one of our bathroom glass panels has a NANO coating to secure a reduction in the build-up of soap, grime, and limescale. Moreover, for the frameless shower screen, the edge of each glass panel has been carefully polished, providing impact protection for even minor incidents.

L-shaped Shower Trays, Anti-slip Shower Tray

When you're making up a mode bathroom, a shower tray is an optional addition whenever you buy a Durovin shower enclosure. We stock two tray materials types; Acrylic and Stone Resin. The acrylic shower tray is a popular choice because it provides a durable and contemporary finish that's easy to clean and will last for years. On the other hand, our premium Stone Resin shower tray is cast into one piece and polished meticulously by hand. It comes without an outer skin, boasting a naturally slip-resistant surface and equally natural feeling underfoot. With different shapes and sizes, such as l shaped shower tay, rectangular shower tray, our shower trays will always be the ideal companion to your shower unit purchase.

Different Shower Enclosure Sizes, From 1000mm Frameless Sliding Shower Door To 800mm Shower Enclosures

The size of your fixtures are just as important as their shape. That's why we offer a thorough variety of shower enclosure, door and screen sizes and the ability to pair different door sizes and glass pane sizes. That way, whatever the size and shape of your bathroom, you can shower in style.

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    826W Square Ultra Thin Polished Chrome Shower Head 350mm
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