How To Design A Family Bathroom

An Introduction To Family Bathrooms

If you have a family, then you understand that every room in the home needs to be designed with the family in mind. Every member of your family will have different needs and wants, and it can feel almost impossible to cater to them all. However, with proper planning, you can make the impossible possible, and even plausible. Let’s dive in!


Double Basins

Double Basin

First of all, a wise investment to make if you have a household consisting of three people or more is the investment in double basins. Double basins are what they say on the tin, they are wash basins large enough and with enough taps to allow at least two people to use them comfortably simultaneously.

This is revolutionary for a busy family, as it allows getting ready time to be completely streamlined. This will make the school run much, much easier.

There are two primary versions of double basins. There is the double basin that simply has one large vessel that is the size of two basins, coupled with two sets of taps so it can be used as two separate basins. There is also the double basin that is comprised of two basins attached to each other.

Whichever you prefer is up to you, as the main difference is aesthetics. However, the one functional difference is that double basins that are made of two connected basins will have a divider between the two vessels, so one person can fill their basin while the other stays empty. If one person wishes to wash their hair, while the other person wishes to brush their teeth, then this can be especially useful.


Anti-Fog Mirror

Anti-Fog Mirror

Speaking of efficiency, no one likes having to wait for the mirror to desteam after a shower, or having to keep wiping it down so they can get on with their day. Not only is this annoying for the user, but causes a lot of delay for anyone else wishing to use the bathroom next.

Plus, if you are having to help someone get ready, having to constantly fix the mirror is an unneeded faff that makes things even more difficult.

Improve the quality of life for all of your family by investing in anti-fog mirrors that prevent your mirrors from steaming up and prevent a queue forming outside your bathroom.


Safe Storage

Investing in safe and secure storage is extremely important, especially if you have young children who need to be kept safe from medicine or other items that they are not equipped to safely handle.

There are two main ways to achieve this, lockable storage and high storage.

Lockable storage is the most optimum option, as it means only people who can unlock the storage unit can access it. If you use a key based lock, then you can actively control who can open and close the storage unit.

The other option is high storage, such as bathroom shelves. Essentially, you can keep items of import on a shelf high enough that no child could feasibly reach it. However, this could make it difficult for anyone who is supposed to be able to access the items but doesn’t meet the height requisite. As well as this, if someone knocks something off of the shelf, then it defeats the point.

We advise using bathroom shelves as regular storage and lockable vanity units for private storage.



In a similar vein, you need to ensure that your bathroom is accessible to all of your family members. For this, we recommend you read our article on accessible bathroom design.

For some quick pointers, you should maximise floor space as much as possible and make sure you get fixtures that are as easy to use as possible. This can help ensure a pleasant and unintrusive experience for all.


Double Ended Bathtub

Double Ended Bathtub

Double ended bathtubs have the bathtub taps in the center of the tub, so that both ends of the bathtub can be comfortably leant against. Durovin Bathrooms also provides roll ended double ended bathtubs, which have extra comfortable roll ends to make both ends extremely comfortable to lie in.

These kinds of bathtubs are perfect for multiple people bathing simultaneously, such as you and your partner. Simultaneous bathing saves a lot of water and therefore money in the long run and can help you and your partner grow closer.


Swivel Shower Head

Swivel Shower Head

Alternatively, for a shower, you will want a swivel shower head. A swivel shower head gives you the security of a wall mounted shower head and the maneuverability of a handheld shower head. It achieves this by being able to swivel and change positioning of the head. This is wonderful for a family as everyone will have different preferences regarding the positioning of the shower head.

Instead of having people annoyed that they can’t customize the positioning of their own shower, or having to worry that members of the family wouldn’t put the hand held shower head back correctly, you can relax with the knowledge that you have a shower head suited to the entire family.


Compact Bathroom Fixtures

Cloakroom Basin

Say you need to help your toddler brush their teeth, but you have a pretty pokey bathroom, this simple task all of a sudden becomes a Herculean challenge. That’s why you should invest in compact bathroom fixtures like the cloakroom basin.

Cloakroom basins are compact wash basins that can fit into any space, such as our 460 x 360mm ceramic wash basin the Colossum 101.

These cloakroom basins save you space and trouble when multiple people are trying to fit into the bathroom at once.


Soft Close Toilet Seat

Soft Close Toilet Seat

Picture this, you’ve had a long day at work, you’ve made the tea, you’ve resolved the arguments, now finally you hit the hay and collapse into bed. Just as you’re drifting off, you’re awoken by a BANG.

Your teenager has gone for a late night toilet trip and accidentally slammed the toilet.

Now you’re awake at God knows what hour and you’re definitely not getting back to sleep.

Any home that has multiple people in it absolutely needs soft close toilet seats. Soft close toilet seats close slowly and quietly, so you never have to worry about someone waking you up again.

Plus, on the practical side, taking away the ability to slam the toilet seat also heavily reduces the chance that any family member will break the toilet seat, saving you cash.


Jack And Jill Bathroom

This option is less about the fixtures, and more about the location. If you are building a new home or renovating an old one, then it might be worth considering installing Jack and Jill bathrooms. These bathrooms are aptly named, as they’re typically designed for siblings. Essentially, they act as connections between bedrooms, and function as a shared ensuite between two people.

Jack and Jill bathrooms are a fantastic way of reducing bathroom foot traffic as they essentially assign bathrooms to people, so they don’t have to use the general ones. If you have a large family, Jack and Jill bathrooms can make your main bathroom much more likely to be free and ready to use.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that if you’re house doesn’t already have a Jack and Jill bathroom, then it can be quite the feat to create one. Consider your options before pushing ahead with a Jack and Jill bathroom, and remember to only pair up people who get along well.

You don’t want to push a sibling rivalry into overdrive!



Finally, it is worth considering childproofing. This is the art of making your bathroom safe for children to navigate, as well as making sure the bathroom is less likely to be destroyed by a child.

To do so, there are a number of things you can do, all of which we outline in our article on how to childproof your bathroom.

For some easy fixes however, we suggest that you invest in curved and rounded fixtures. Fixtures with pointed corners or harsh edges could be a real problem for any curious kid.

As well as this, make sure you use anti-slip flooring whenever possible, especially in areas likely to get wet. We recommend using non-slip shower trays to reduce the likelihood of your child falling in the shower as much as possible.

Moreover, if you have young kids, invest in separate taps for hot and cold. By making it very clear which tap is which, you will reduce the likelihood of your child accidentally scolding themselves with hot water.


Final Thoughts On Family Bathrooms

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when managing a family home, especially a family bathroom. We hope this article has shone a light on the murky subject of family home design and that you now feel more confident in designing your perfect family bathroom. For more advice, guides and news, check out the rest of our blog to learn everything you can about bathrooms.