Top 10 Ways To Childproof Your Bathroom

Let’s Begin

September is a popular time for home renovations. Why? Because the kids have gone back to school! This means there is a bit more free time and a bit more money for the parents. So, what are the best renovations you could be making to your bathroom now your kids are back at school? And how exactly do you child proof a bathroom to make it as safe for them as possible? Read on, as we break it down!


1. Space Saving Fixtures

If you have kids running around the house, one thing you probably don’t have enough of is space. That’s why space saving fixtures could be a great help for you.

Wall hung toilets save an incredible amount of space by indenting the cistern into the wall. Combine this with a short projection pan and you have a fantastic, luxurious toilet fitted into much less space.

Wall hung toilets are also extremely sturdy and capable of bearing the weight of, well even some bears. So, you don’t have to worry about your kids breaking it.


2. Potty trainers

Potty Training Toilet Seat

If you have younger kids, you may be in the potty training phase. If so, a potty training toilet seat is a perfect way of helping your child transition from potty to toilet. Make those next steps, as easy as possible for them with our ergonomic toilet potty seat design.


3. Easy To Understand Taps

Mixer Taps

When it comes to sinks, you want them to be easily understandable to your kids at a glance. That’s why we recommend mixer taps. Mixer taps feature a cold water lever and a hot water lever, whereas other types of taps like the monobloc can produce hot or cold water depending on how you twist the singular lever.

By having two levers for two different purposes, the function is extremely clear to a child, meaning they are less likely to accidentally scold themselves with hot water.


4. Twin Sinks

Expanding on the idea of easy to use fixtures, you could go one step further and invest in a double sink which features multiple single temperature taps. Double sinks also allow for two people to use them simultaneously, so you can make sure your kid brushes their teeth for the full two minutes and washes behind their ears.


5. Clean Air

Now when you have developing kids, you want the air quality to be as good as possible, so it’s best to invest in some biophilic design. Incorporate plants that thrive in humid bathroom environments to help add some clean air to the room and pick plants with nice scents so the room smells as nice as possible, even when accidents happen.

To have space for more plants, you may want to get a bathroom shelf or countertop basin, so you have more surfaces to place your plants.


6. Power Flush Toilets

Toilets with the power flush system have multiple strengths they can flush at, meaning you can save water, but also meaning they are less likely to clog as they have more powerful flushes. It’s never wise to skirt close to the edge of clogging a toilet, but when you have kids in the house, it is reassuring to have a toilet that can handle a bit more than the average.


7. Soft Close Toilet Seats

Soft close toilet seats have a slow descent that culminates in a gentle close. This means the seat won’t slam when your kids try to close it. this avoids loud noises, potential seat damage and most importantly any potential trapped fingers. Soft close toilet seats provide utility, safety and a tranquil environment.


8. Basin Bottle Traps

Basin Bottle Traps

Similar to the power flush, the basin bottle trap is a great way of avoiding clogging. The bottle trap has an easily accessible base that can be unscrewed and emptied. Because of this, any clogs that would otherwise be in the internal piping are easily accessible and removed. Plus, if your kid drops anything down the sink, you can get it out with this method too. A bottle trap saves a lot of heartache from both parties.


9. Lockable Vanities

Safety is key and more often than not, keys mean safety. Having lockable cabinets mean your kids can’t get to any items you don’t want them to. If you store shampoos, medicines or other chemicals in the bathroom, this is vital as you don’t want your kid to have free reign to make themselves poorly.


10. Anti-Slip Surfaces

Anti-Slip Shower Trays

Kids can be clumsy, to fight against that, you want to invest in some anti-slip surfaces. You can get anti-slip shower trays to make them much less likely to fall over in the shower and anti-slip mats to do the same for when they’re out of the shower.


Bonus: Decorate

Our final tip for designing your bathroom with your kids in mind is to decorate a little! Novelty items and colourful tiles can go a long way to making the environment a happy and stimulating one. Feature their favourite bath toys on a shelf and hang some interesting pictures over some pretty tiles. It’ll give your bathroom that finishing touch that makes it great for all the family.


To Conclude

There are many ways to make the best bathroom for your kids, the number one way of course is to understand their needs and cater to them. Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration, but with the final sentence we’d like to remind you to also build the best bathroom for you.