Haidilao Hot Pot Birmingham Uses A Durovin Bathrooms Canopy

Haidilao’s Canopy

Haidilao Hot Pot

The Haidilao Hot Pot in Birmingham has recently installed its brand new clear glass canopy from Durovin Bathrooms.

This is great news for the local landmark and its esteemed guests, as workers and customers alike will now be protected from adverse weather as they enter and exit Haidilao.


What Is Our Glass Canopy?

Clear Glass Canopy

So that we’re all on the same page, let’s go over just what exactly our glass canopy is.

As well as stocking bathroom supplies, Durovin Bathrooms stocks a selection of exterior fixtures, such as glass canopies.

Canopies are lengths of material that are suspended and fixed over doorways and windows to prevent harsh weather and other such things affecting those underneath them.

Our canopies are made from sturdy two layered tempered glass, so the user can experience the benefits of unimpeded light flow and visibility as well as the added protection our canopy provides.


Who is Haidilao?

Haidilao Glass Canopy

Haidilao is a world famous hot pot restaurant that originated in China in 1994.

It is renowned for its high quality food; robotic helpers and the large teddy bears they give to people dining alone.

The Birmingham Haidilao has a great tomato broth that I whole heartedly recommend!

What Is A Hot Pot?

If you’re unsure what a hot pot actually is, let’s break it down.

A Chinese Hot Pot is one or multiple flavoured broths that boil and then consistently simmer throughout the course of the meal.

Diners then add their own ingredients, such as meats, vegetables and more to the hot pot and cook them while at the table.

This creates a fantastic sense of agency in the diner, as they can choose what ingredients they want and cook more for themselves as they eat.


Why Have They Used Our Canopy?

Haidilao has chosen our clear glass canopy which is perfect for public facing businesses, as it allows their customers to experience the benefits of the sunshine, without the negatives of the rain thanks to its transparent body.

This clear glass canopy maximises your visibility while protecting you from adverse weather.


How Can Our Canopies Help You?

Tinted Glass Canopy

Our exterior glass canopies are perfect for any home or business looking to protect those who use it from any negative weather like rain, snow or hail.

Plus, our frosted and tinted glass canopies are perfect for those who want to diffuse harsh light or protect those underneath the canopy from being seen from above. This makes our frosted glass canopies and tinted glass canopies great for multistory businesses and residences.

Another reason they are great for homes is that they provide you that extra space to comfortably get ready before entering or leaving the home. If you’ve been walking the dog and need to get your keys out of your bag, but it’s beginning to rain you can stand underneath the canopy while you find your keys, keeping both you and your pooch perfectly dry and saving yourself a lot of time drying them off later.

Equally, if you don’t fair well in the hot sunlight, then our frosted and grey tinted glass canopies can offer you a bit of respite to rest without retiring inside and wasting a beautiful day.


How To Install A Glass Canopy

Installing a glass canopy should be done with at least three people, as the high quality tempered glass is too much for one person or even two people to hold.

For detailed instructions on what to do, check out our article explaining how to install a glass canopy.


Final Thoughts

If you have a public facing business, we highly recommend you install one of our glass canopies to keep your staff and customers as happy and healthy as possible.

Plus, if you love food, we recommend you visit the Haidilao Hot Pot in Birmingham and treat yourself to a fantastic selection of authentic Chinese dishes.