How To Install A Glass Canopy


An Introduction To Glass Canopies

Frosted Glass Canopy

Over door glass canopies are the difference between getting caught in the rain and remaining dry, they are the difference between Autumn leaves cluttering your doorway and a clean entrance. Glass canopies are the difference between a house and a home.

So, you’ve decided to buy a glass canopy, now how exactly do you install it?

If you’re not sure, fret not as this article will explain in detail how you can install a glass canopy. There are a few caveats to mention first. Please feel free to use this information to supplement your instruction guides, but do not use it instead of instructions. This is a general overview of how to install glass canopies and your specific one may need a different approach.

Also, we always recommend hiring a professional to install large items such as this, as they can be difficult for the person new to DIY.

Finally, whether you’re a DIY aficionado or a trusted tradesman, please keep in mind that the glass panes are heavy and that there will be instances where the canopy has to be lifted and held, so please ensure you have the right amount of people for the job. Two people should do, but three would be ideal. It’s not advisable to try and install this solo.

With that out of the way, let’s look into how we can install over door glass canopies.


Preparation For Installing Glass Canopies

First of all, you need to get yourself prepared. Don’t forget your appropriate safety gear like clear goggles, grippy gloves and tough work boots. Also, depending on your height in relation to the height of the canopy, you may need a stepladder or ladder.

Assembling The Tools

Glass Canopy Tools

The essential list of tools is as follows:

·         Silicon & Silicon Gun

·         Tape Measure

·         Spirit Level

·         Hammer

·         Screws

·         Pencil

·         Allen Keys

·         Scissors

·         Drill

·         Screwdriver

All of these items are crucially involved in the installation process, so make sure you have them to hand!

Assembling The Parts

Glass Canopy Parts

Now, let’s make sure you have all of the needed components of the glass canopy. You will need:

01.   Glass Pane X1

02.   Glass To Rod Brackets x2

03.   Rods x2

04.   Rod To Wall Brackets x2

05.   Wall Plugs x8

06.   Screws x8

07.   Glass To Wall Brackets x2

Glass Canopy Disassembled

Let’s break down how each of these parts makes up the canopy.

The large glass pane is the body of the canopy, this is the most recognizable element and the defining feature of the canopy.

There are three types of brackets, the glass to rod brackets, the rod to wall brackets and the glass to wall brackets. These brackets are what hold the canopy in place. They fix the canopy to the wall and to the rods that suspends the canopy, taking a lot of its weight.

You have two rods that connect to the brackets near the corners of the canopy. These rods are the main supports of the canopy.

Finally, the wall plugs and screws are how the brackets are affixed to the wall, so make sure they’re put in correctly!


Glass Canopy Installation

Now that we understand the tools and parts necessary, we can begin installation. So, let’s dive in.

Step 1 - Prepare The Wall

Glass Canopy Installation Step 1

First of all you need to clean the wall down, so that it is ready to be worked on. Once you have done this, use your tape measure and spirit level to mark out the four positions of the wall facing brackets. You want to make sure that these points are completely level to one another, so use a pencil to mark their positions and the spirit level to check they are exact.

Once the positions are marked, use the drill to carve out appropriately sized holes in your wall and then use the hammer to hammer the wall plugs into the holes. The wall plugs provide the grip necessary for the screws to stay in place.

Step 2 - Install Your Glass Canopy Brackets

Glass Canopy Installation Step 2

Now that your wall plugs are in place, you need to attach your wall facing brackets. To do so, simply screw them into the wall plugs using your screwdriver. You need to screw the two wall to glass brackets on the bottom two holes, with their arms facing upwards. You need to screw the two wall to rod brackets into the wall on the top two holes with the arms facing downwards. Make sure all four are tightly attached.

Step 3 - Installing The Glass Canopy Base

Glass Canopy Installation Step 3

Now it is time to raise your glass pane and attach it to the brackets. For this you will need multiple people to lift and then hold the pane in place.

While two people hold the pane at the appropriate height, you can use the allen key to attach the wall to glass brackets to the glass pane and the glass to rod brackets to the pane. The glass to rod brackets attaches to the two holes furthest from the wall and need to be positioned with their arms facing upwards and towards the wall.

It is important to note that the brackets will not currently take the weight of the glass, so your lucky volunteers will still have to hold it as we move onto the next step.

Step 4 - Installing The Glass Canopy Top

Glass Canopy Installation Step 4

Now, while the glass is still being held aloft, you need to attach the supporting rods that will take the weight of the glass. Install one rod at a time.

To do so, position it between the wall to rod bracket and the glass to rod bracket in front of it. Use the allen key to connect the rod to both brackets and check it is firmly connected. If so, rinse and repeat for the second rod.

Once both rods are connected to their respective brackets, you will be able to let go of the pane as its weight will be supported by the rods.


Finishing Touches

Installed Glass Canopy

Finally, use your silicon gun to silicon seal the pane to the wall wherever the two touch. This will help keep it in place and water tight, so that no rain or snow slips down the back between the glass and the wall.


Final Thoughts On Glass Canopy Installation

Clear Glass Canopy

Hopefully this article has demonstrated how simple DIY can be with the right instructions and how easy it is to improve your home with a glass canopy. If you are interested in a canopy, do not forget that Durovin offers frosted glass, grey glass and clear glass canopies, all in a range of sizes. So, shop now for your perfect canopy.