Enthralling Your Entrance: 12 Reasons to Gloss Up Your Front Door with A Glass Canopy

Eliminating Entropy with the Glass Canopy

One thing that is sure to raise eyebrows and turn heads for your house-warming parties is Durovin Bathroom’s step to the realm outside of the lavatory; the glass canopy. You’ve surely had many encounters with glass canopies before, and only just now are you contemplating its many utilities. Both physically attractive and practically applicable, the architectural featurette of the glass canopy front door accessory hangs over one's head as a halo would. Fittingly angelic in function, it acts as your guardian against the elements. Scorching storms and brazen blizzards can be weathered thanks to the tempered safety glass and structure of the glass canopy. But, sure, you’ve heard it all before, but what else is there? Here are 12 reasons why you need a glass canopy in your home and in your life:

1. Come Hell or High Water: Guaranteed Protection:

The natural world can be a dangerous place, and spending time outdoors can be daunting for the more vulnerable of visitors. Therein lies the beauty of the glass canopy - an extra layer of thick tempered glass to shield you and your guests from the elements.

Glass Canopy

Relentless rain to muck up the makeup, wicked winds to ruffle up your hairstyle, or harsh hail that continuously pounds down your front door as your guests wait miserably for you to open the door. All these aspects of adverse weather will be a thing of the past, and your guests can get the glass shelter they need to remain refreshed regardless of the storm.

2. Keeping It Consistent:

We all want to make sure that the outward appearance of our home can leave a lasting impression at first glance. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to maintain a consistent aesthetic on your home's cosmetic presentation. Having matching units to comprise a large set is a great way to show off your eye for fashion and glamorous initiative. You might be thinking that a glass-over-door canopy is a consistency killer when it comes to your homely architecture. The last thing you want is an opaque over door shelter obstructing the view of a particularly appealing, perhaps even historically significant, aspect of your home. 

There is no cause for alarm. Thanks to precision engineering and the wonders of silicon dioxide, every impurity of the glass shelter is ground out to make it as clear as crystal. With this level of transparency and still tempered protection, the glass canopy does everything it can and more to make sure the visual marvels of your home remain in view.

3. Outside Influence:

Most folks do not seem deterred by the forecast, and are eager to get involved in the great outdoors, especially as we seemingly enter a more relaxed post-pandemic world. With the support of a frameless glass canopy, you and your company can make off like bandits against the forces of the outside world. The once worrying notion of “shall we take this outside?” can finally be put to rest as the addition of a glass shelter to shut down any anxieties  you may have about crap weather interfering with outdoor fun.

4. Enduring England:

The facts don’t lie: English summers are nothing to write home about. They're harsh and unpredictable, often sporadically unreliable. The scout's honour motto comes into play here; always be prepared! A glass canopy is a stupendous safety net when you're enjoying an outdoor lounge in the British August environment. The stainless steel glass canopy is a great ancillary option and a backup plan for when unpredictable rain would have previously put a damper on your BBQ plans.

5. He Who Lives in A Glass House…

…should not throw stones! But fret not, because if you already have an arsenal of glass architecture, the waterproof garden canopy is the next logical step in your progress. More than a mere greenhouse, many modern homes make assiduous use of glazing and double glazing architecture, such as wide-screen windows, skylights, ceiling panels, or even glass flooring.


If your home falls into any of these categories, then a glass canopy will fit quite snugly into the layout and theme you are aiming for. Alternatively, you can also consider adding these glass companions to your home to construct an ideal image of your dream house. The power is in your hands!

6. Smokers Accommodated:

We get it. We all have bad habits. Just shy of 8 million UK residents fall under the category of smokers. But smokers and vapers shouldn't have to feel ostracised when being welcomed into your abode. As the host, you have to accommodate your guest's every need, free of judgement. Smokers may feel unwelcome if they have nowhere to relax and take off the edge with a cigarette. Thanks to the stainless steel brackets of the frameless glass, the lingering smell of tobacco will no longer occupy your indoor space. Smoking guests can feel appeased with a hospitable environment. Non-smoking guests can be free of the odour indoor smoking may have caused, all thanks to the glass canopy.

7. Say Goodbye to UV Rays:

Easily one of the most complementary benefits of installing a glass canopy over other frameless glass door accessories is the protection the glass shower provides from the harsh sunlight more common in hotter climates. Sunburn and all the cancer producing effects the UV rays of sunshine spawn may put a damper on your summertime schedule, which is why a glass canopy is a great way to bypass this dilemma. On its own, the tempered glass of the glass canopy is not enough to halt the process of all harmful elements of the sun, but there are several extra steps you can take to add on that final layer that grants you 99.9% protection from the sun.

Whilst it won’t prevent all UV light from reaching your skin, a glass canopy can offer a degree of protection. Should you choose to add an additional UV coating to the glass, similar to that used in sunglasses and car windscreens, your safety will increase further. Install a glass canopy over your patio and you can truly make the most of your time outdoors, without compromising on light.  

8. Let There Be Light

A glass canopy acts as a fabulous illumination machine, great for both security and cosmetic purposes. Having a glass shelter for a front door accessory will help it maintain natural light at the entrance of your house, giving it the clarity it craves when viewing it from afar (or up close). Materials such as metallic alloys, cinder blocks of wood, or even brick and mortar, tend to hinder the surveillance process more than help it - adding an unwanted sense of unease as you squint to see in the dark. Most ragers you may throw will tend to circulate from dusk till dawn, whereupon the effects of this shadowy view will become most noticeable. With a glass canopy, you can retain that warmth of a cover at twilight, but still, let that much-needed light shine through to enhance the surveillance of the scene. This way, you can identify knockers at your door during the lateral hours, thanks to the maintenance of the light. 

Light In the dark

And that’s not all, the glass canopy helps to add some natural lighting to your patio entrance, giving it an extra sense of definition. The translucent glass gives you a clear view of the azure sky and, thanks to the intricacies of the lightweight frameless design only found at Durovin Bathrooms, comes without that sense of claustrophobia a large structure might create. If you want to avoid any furore over your fete, a glass canopy is perfect for giving your property entrance a luminous aesthetic with well-ventilated shading and calming ambience to make you feel like you’re floating.

9. Driving Up That Curb Appeal

If you’ve kept up to date with us, you’ll know that Durovin Bathrooms are huge partisans of increasing the real estate value of your property by renovating your home units. It comes as no surprise, then, that adding a glass canopy to your home unit collection is also an efficient way of upscaling the real estate value of your home. Studies show that any modicum of glass extension added to your home can increase its value by up to 7%, so not only does it up the curb appeal in your home but will make back the money you spent and then some!

10. Deliver on the Decorations

Glass has proved time and time again that it is a top-tier contender that can hold its own against the very best of materials. In its bid for the championship belt in cosmetic charm, glass suavely proves itself an extremely versatile, malleable, durable, weather-resistant, and beautiful product. With the wide range of colour tints for sale, your glass canopy can be customised to whatever aesthetic you see fit. One of the most endearing elements about the glass shelter is its ability to fit into many home themes and uplift the entire atmosphere. With the help of steel support brackets for your frameless glass door canopy, you can carve out your own niche and rubberneck the heads of guests on their way out. You can make bold statements with your glass shelter for a housewarming, or a subtle warm welcome with additional decorative details like glass etchings. Whatever your decision, the glass canopy has a penchant for exuberating your front door decorum.

11. Need For Speed

Including the addition of a dry walkway to your home can be done as quickly as the press of a button. You may be put off by the nagging of the council, but you can sleep safely secure in the knowledge that you do not need planning permission to include this slick renovation in your house. On top of that, the installation and finish of your glass canopy can be done in less than a week so you don’t need to spend months plodding around waiting for your home to be improved. In the right hands, you can swiftly and efficiently turn your entrance into a stylish gateway to a modernised commercial property at an affordable price.

12. Variety Is the Spice of Life

The best part about having a glass canopy is that you get to decide what kind of canopy is for you, as Durovin Bathrooms offers many different types of canopies;

  • Clear glass canopy - The industry-standard glass canopy, this is the go-to glass shelter for when you want the mainstream appeal.

  • Thick frosted glass canopy - With state-of-the-art NANO coating, the frosted glass canopy can offer a more subdued skin. You may suffer the drawback of less sunshine, however. The frosted glass canopy is more for those looking for larger protection from UV rays than for those looking for an eternal summer vibe.

  • Thick grey glass canopy - Are you a fan of tinted windows? Chances are then that you’ll prefer the more laidback appeal of a tinted glass canopy. This colour is for when you want a more relaxed evening appeal.

Tinted grey glass canopy

In Conclusion…

Hopefully now the beams of knowledge brought in by the benefits of the glass canopy have shone a ray of wisdom upon you, and you can confidently invest in the latest addition to your future home, with a cutting edge addition to your entrance that is sure to have your guests begging for tips and referrals off of you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get more advice on how to increase the curb appeal of your home.