5 Revelations About Your Bathroom Renovations That Could Advance Its Appreciation

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Many things remain uncertain in life: civilization, technology, and morality. One inevitability we can always be certain about, however, is that there always be an epidemic in the UK’s domestic housing market. It seems to be an inescapable force of nature; the sun sets, the grass grows, the fish swim, and housing prices continue to fluctuate. These days, you cannot rely on just the face value of the property during the down-payment phase, you need to be thinking ahead. Your house is very much like a garden that needs upkeep, you need to constantly and consistently be watering it, injecting new life into it. Keep it fresh, keep it clean, keep it valuable. A lethargic approach to your property value could leave you out of pocket; its value slashed in half from the original asking price you secured it for. None of us want this.

As much as we all like to think we’ll live forever, the fact remains as solid as stone; our houses will most likely outlive us. This world will be shared by everyone, which is why you need to be conscious of the footprint you leave behind. Because you’re not the only one looking at it. Your house is a commodity in the eyes of appraisers, and they want something they can sell. They are not your enemy. In fact, with a little bit of extra-curriculum studying, you can find a lengthy list of home hacks that can up the appreciation factor of your home.

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But sure, there are thousands of dime-a-dozen articles and experts out there explaining how you can renovate your home to make back some of your mortgages. What Durovin Bathrooms are here for is to discuss the often neglected potential that bathroom uplifting can do for your home value. Most interior decorators will place all their emphasis on refurbishing the kitchen, living, dining, and bedroom areas. They write off the bathroom because of its apparent “limited potential” caused by its fundamental need for the big 3 (sinks, showers, and toilets). These 3 are seen as intrinsically counter-intuitive to the fluidity modern designers want their rooms' architecture to have. As certified toilet experts, Durovin is here to tell you that your lavatory is not confined to this cage. There is a plethora of ways you can enunciate the soul of your bathroom, whilst also bringing up its appreciation. Take note of the tips and tricks of this guide, and you can find a way to exuberantly pronounce your bathroom decorum in a way that will lead to you pocketing even more than what you originally paid for it, should the day of departure ever come.

An Update Is Never a Mistake

Your options are not stunted when it comes to selecting bathroom upgrades. We’re not just keeping it in the kitchen, a lavatory renovation project is a great way to both update your home for the modern market, and potentially add between 4-5% to the value of your home (all dependent on its build and design, of course).

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But you might be thinking, “I’m not selling so why should I care?” Durovin Bathrooms implores you to not throw the baby out with the bath, because renovations are a great investment in your property for the future. It will also be a superb upgrade to you and your family's standard of living while you use it in the meantime. If you have disposable income, additional renovations to your shower enclosures are a win-win situation. A new suped-up quadrant shower enclosure is not only going to up the resale of your bathroom. It gives you the premium ablution experience while you are using it. There are many scenarios to keep an ear on the ground before you consider remodelling your lavatory. A select method of remodelling can offer a 100% or greater investment to the money you put in, so it’s certainly nothing to scoff at… Here are some of our primo tips for wising up when you are considering remodels and renovations:

1. Consult An Interior Designer

An expert will always have an expert opinion. The field of interior designers are there for a reason. They provide you with the facts. They provide you with the best tips for how you can optimise your lavatory space. Don’t just go off the word of your local mates; qualifications equal quality advice. If you have a few change to spare, you should hire a certified professional to appraise your lavatory. Their personal inspection and quote can go a long way in helping you learn precisely what your bathroom needs specifically.


If you’re got cash in abundance, you should definitely come up with a solid game plan with your interior decorator. This includes how much labour you are personally willing to undertake, the cost of which you might have to consider, the finish you choose for your bathroom, and what impact a period of uplifting your bathroom might have on your daily life. Your interior advisor can confidently walk you through on each individual ROI (return-on-investment) potential installing each unit can yield in the long run.

2. Don’t Overdo It

In this situation, practicality takes precedent. Many studies have revealed that opulence is often antiquated with excess, and can put a dent in your home’s resale value. The curb appeal will have to take a backseat before you address any pressing issues regarding structural feasibility. Make sure you’ve assessed the reasonable parameters about plumbing, spacing, electricity, and structure before you even think about the cosmetic aspect. 

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Real estate agents will be placing functionality and efficiency over aesthetic quality, so prioritising things like reducing clutter, replacing leaky faucets, installing on-demand water heaters, and water-effective loos should be at the first of your to-do list. Also, consider making more eco-conscious decisions with your bathroom units; reclaiming an old porcelain sink with more biodegradable materials rather than dumping it in a landfill. Of course, appearance is everything, but remember that there’s always more than meets the eye and that’s exactly what prospective realtors will really be looking at.

3. The Bottom Line

Many home improvement marketers may scoff at even investing a penny into renovating your bathroom. But statistics show that making improvements to your lavatory can up its resale value by 4%, with effective installation tactics. Don’t let Cost vs Value reports rule your life - some of the bespoke market research shows that the hottest DIY trends of 2022 include vinyl and floor tiling surround, recolouring, hygienic flooring, heated shower rails, and unit fixtures. Adding both a bathtub and a shower to your bathroom has also proven to be an extremely popular method of upping your home's value, but remember the cost - do the long-term profits outweigh the short-term price? This is the question you need to ask yourself before you make any investments.

But cutting down on cost does not mean you should cut down on quality. You can save a fortune and still make quality of life improvements if you invest smartly and thriftily. Shop around for a bargain with Durovin Bathrooms, like our discounted sliding glass doors. Remember to keep up to date with what is and isn’t trending on the market before you run your pockets dry.

4. This Is Still Your Home

Home equity may be the principal goal, but remember that every decision will affect your day-to-day. Ideally, you’ll want to plan every step so that a bathroom overhaul doesn’t interrupt your daily life. You can improve your bathroom space but the golden rule still remains: time is money. Bathroom renovations are not only a costly project but also a time-consuming one that can take months and maybe even years to finalise that coat of gloss. Before you make any big decisions about upgrading your bathroom space to fill up your pockets you need to ask yourself; am I okay with my home being a ‘work in progress’ site for the next 90 days? Can you or your family handle the ‘under construction’ label while living under its roof? We all know life tends to get pretty busy, but make sure you clear out your schedule for the next year so that you can be relatively present during the bathroom renovation process. Having eyes on the upgrades allows you to monitor and make sure that every specification guideline you laid out is being followed to a T. Remember this motto for bathroom renovations: Be present and your future will be a gift.

5. Dimensions Are Everything

Before you make any giant decisions, you need to get the dimensions of your lavatory down to T. This way, you can determine what is a feasible and realistic renovation for the parameters you’ve been confined to. Get the correct and exact measurements in the meantime. As while you’re musing on whether a bulky freestanding pedestal basin can be squeezed into your daily life, or your little lavatory is better off with the more contort counter top basin, the last thing you want to do is leave things up to chance. The worst thing that could happen is not putting in enough prep time and research about what your bathroom can and cannot fit within its designated area.

Tape Measure

Your ambitions for upscaling your home value through bathroom renovations can be met, they just have to be tempered with a touch of reality. To avoid scenario X where you end up ordering deluxe size ceramic close coupled toilets only to find out they will compromise your entire lavatory layout during the installation process, don’t hesitate to get a free quotation from a certified expert. Making sure your measurements are correct is quintessential in securing a feasible plan for the future of your home. Lethargy will get you nowhere, meticulous measuring is the ideal way to improve your bathroom space.

So Now You Know…

No longer will you feel left in the dark when you hear your friends chew the fat about the facts of home improvement evaluations. Use this guide as your secret weapon to get ahead in the renovations game, and you can pull a lofty 5% increase in your home equity and make back all the bottom line you invested into those renovations. With this knowledge, you can turn the tables on real estate snobs who turned their nose up at the idea of bathroom innovations being a worthless investment, and you can rub your profits in their faces!

Want more tips regarding renovating your bathroom? Get in touch with us for advice on the best way to upgrade your lavatory standard of living.