Semi Recessed Bathroom Stone Resin Double Basin 1200mm | Colossum 03

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Our Colossum 03 is a brilliant double basin that adds depth, practicality and an opulent look to any bathroom. Featuring twin sinks, this double basin is extremely useful for any multi-person household, making it especially ideal for the modern power couple.

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  • This tremendous Semi Recessed basin offers plenty of room. This inset basin which is a type of Countertop basin where the bottom portion of the basin is hidden beneath a counter, while the upper portion is exposed.
  • First-class drop in bathroom sink with nano coating. It means less dirt, no stubborn deposits and therefore significantly simplified cleaning even without chemical cleaning agents
  • We Always Recommend Installation To Be Done By Professionals For the Best Result
  • Please note : Heavy stuff can not be put on the basin.
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