Your Guide To Black Bathroom Fixtures

Introduction To Black Fixtures

Black fixtures are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! They are stylish, smart and can help your bathroom standout. But are they right for you? In this article, we will be analyzing black fixtures, such as black taps and black basins to see where they are best suited and if they are best for you. So, let’s have a look and decide whether black fixtures are right for you.


What Black Fixtures Are There?

First of all, let’s break down your options when it comes to black fixtures. Most commonly, there are two fixtures that come in black.

Black Taps

Basintop Black Tap

Taps are typically made from metal and because of this often utilize a polished chrome aesthetic. This embracement of the material is understandable and at this point, a classic aesthetic staple of the bathroom. However, there is an alternate in the form of coloured taps. Coloured taps, such as matte black taps are typically made via electropainting, which applies the paint in an efficient and effective manner.

Black Basins

Black Basin

Black basins are a great alternative to the more common white basin, as they are a great contrast to the traditional style. Coloured basins come in many forms, but the biggest standout is black due to the hard contrast to classicism. They come in many forms and pair well with either matching black faucets or contrasting chrome ones.


Are Black Fixtures In Style?

Black Countertop Basin

Now, are black fixtures in style? Yes. Yes, they are! Black fixtures are extremely modern and suit contemporary bathrooms. The deep matte black colour of black wash basin taps and black basins contrast white basins and other bathroom fixtures very well, helping your black fixtures stand out and look striking.

As well as this, they blend well with neutral and darker colour palettes, allowing you to make a comprehensive and flowing aesthetic with your black fixtures, showing how they have more utility than just using them for contrast.

Black fixtures are in style right now and thanks to their demonstrable suitability to different aesthetics, they have a timeless and adaptable look that means they can be a feature of your bathroom for a long time to come.


What Type Of Black Taps Should I Get?

Countertop Black Tap

As matte black taps are suited to modern bathrooms, we recommend opting for a black monobloc mixer tap. Monobloc taps are singular taps that can summon both hot and cold water through the use of a singular lever. This is extremely minimalist and convenient to use, which makes it perfect for the streamlined, minimalist matte black look.


What Type Of Black Basins Should I Get?

Oval Black Basin

We recommend opting for rounded black basins. This may take you by surprise as rounded basins are typically associated with classic bathroom design, rather than modern bathroom design. However, this is exactly why you should opt for a black rounded basin design. This is because black fixtures are great at striking interesting silhouettes and drawing the eye. What better way to do so than embrace the unconventional and highlight a remix twist on an old, classic design? That is the spirit of postmodernism after all!

A black countertop basin is also a fantastic option, as you can pair the black basin well with dark wood countertops.


Can I Use Black Fixtures In Other Rooms?

Black Wash Basin

Yes! In fact, black sinks and black taps are the perfect addition to any kitchen or utility, as well as your bathroom. By using black fixtures in your bathroom, you can create an industrial look that helps your kitchen standout and fit a unique and interesting theme. In fact, as lots of kitchens and utilities employ darker aesthetic themes, black fixtures could fit in extremely well.


How Much Do Black Bathroom Fixtures Cost?

Black wash basin taps are extremely affordable as they simply cost five pounds more. With our counter top black basin tap being £87.50 compared to our chrome’s £82.35, as well as our basin top black mixer tap being £56.60 compared to our chrome basin tap’s £51.45. this highlights how black fixtures are an affordable option that can help bring your bathroom to life.


Do Black Faucets Fade Over Time?

One con of black fixtures is that overtime the colour can fade. To help prevent this, it is advisable to regularly wipe your fixtures down with a microfiber towel to prevent any buildup of debris or water that could speed up the process of the fading colour. This is a simple way of helping maintain your black faucets and basins, ensuring they last a long time with their full luster.


How Do You Clean A Black Sink?

Black Tap & Basin

Luckily, cleaning black fixtures is pretty simple, but there are some rules to follow. Essentially, you need to wipe the fixtures down with a clean cloth and a mix of soap and warm water, or a small amount of vinegar and warm water.

You must then rinse this solution off with cold water and dry it off with another cloth. This prevents the solution you used from sitting there too long and becoming an issue. It is worth noting you should use non-abrasive cloth, as abrasive cloth could damage the paint.

Undertaking this cleaning method will help you remove water stains from matte black taps and basins, as well as any soap scum or buildup. This is a nice and easy method of cleaning which is pretty unintrusive in your cleaning process.

If you’ve ever wondered “how can I make my black sink look new again?”, then this is how.


Are Black Bathroom Fixtures Durable?

Durabl Black Tap

Yes! Black fixtures are less likely to show fingerprints and scratches than alternatives like chrome. This is because the darker colour helps hide any issues. If you live in a messy home, maybe because of having a family with kids, these fixtures can be a really useful way of keeping your bathroom looking pristine despite the odds.



Black wash basin taps and black basins are a great way of demonstrating a modern aesthetic in your bathroom. With these black fixtures, you can really embrace a unique and contemporary look that can help your bathroom stand out from your friends. Plus, being associated with modern design, often means that you can get great utility based fixtures that fit this aesthetic and provide you even more useful functionality in your bathroom. For more advice, check out our article on basin colours to learn more about bathroom design.