Why Your Bathroom Needs A Bidet

What Is A Bidet?

Wall Hung Bidet

Breaking news! Bidets are in and if you don’t have one, you are missing out. But what is a bidet?

A bidet is a bathroom fixture that is either separate to your toilet or an attachment for your toilet, depending on the version.

These fixtures use cleaning water to wash you down after you use the toilet. You can use this instead of toilet paper, or in conjunction with toilet paper if you prefer.

So, why are bidets so good exactly? Let’s break it down!


A Bidet Is Cleaner

A Clean Bidet

That’s right, a bidet is a cleaner alternative to toilet paper. This is because the streams of water are innately more thorough than wiping with toilet paper, as water fills the space and gives you a complete wash.

Plus, because you do not need to use toilet paper, you do not need to put your hands near anything unpleasant, minimizing the risk of germ spread.


Bidets Are Cheaper In The Long Run

Cheap Bidet

Bidets are much cheaper than toilet paper. This is because a bidet costs around £130. Once you have bought and installed one, it uses minimal water so scarcely adds to your water bill.

Meanwhile, a large pack of toilet paper costs around £15. Depending on your household you may be spending this monthly, biweekly or even weekly! This adds up to a lot of money over the years, compared to the bidet’s single payment. There is a reason that bidets are so common in Asia and Europe!


Bidets Are Better For The Environment

Bidets are actually much better for the environment than toilet paper as well. This is because the environmental impact of creating and using toilet paper is much, much higher than that of a bidet. This is because to make toilet paper, trees have to be cut down, chemically treated and washed, and a host of other processes have to be undertaken before the final product reaches shop shelves.

Meanwhile, the production of bidets is surprisingly much simpler and much more environmentally conscious. Plus, because it only uses water once installed, it is incredibly environmentally conscious.


A Bidet Raises The Value Of Your Home

Because a bidet is such a luxurious item that packs a practical punch, the installation of one can improve the value of your home. A bidet is a unique draw that could inspire purchases when it comes to selling your house, especially as it is a modern fixture that saves money.


Bidets Prevent Clogs

Because a bidet cuts out your need for toilet paper, it also cuts out your need to flush toilet paper. This drastically reduces the chances of your toilet clogging which can save you a lot of trouble and money. This is another example of how much more efficient a bidet is and how one can improve your quality of life.


Bidets Provide A Gentler Clean

Gentle Bidet

Speaking of improving your quality of life, a bidet is a much gentler cleaning instrument than toilet paper, which can often be harsh. The warming stream of water from a bidet is soft, gentle and kind to your body. If you have sensitive skin or an injury you need to be careful of, the water of a bidet is much better for you than toilet paper.


Bidets Are Accessible

For anyone with mobility issues due to disability or age, a bidet can easily help provide a thorough clean that could be strenuous to achieve by using toilet paper. This is because the waterflow of a bidet automates the cleaning process, which could be made problematic by toilet paper.


Bidets Are Good For Businesses

Bidets are a great help for businesses, not just homes. If you run a care or educational facility, providing bidets in the bathrooms could help any community members with accessibility issues. Plus, it is always beneficial for any workplace to be as hygienic and accessible as possible. As well as this, as established, bidets save a lot of money in the long run, so if you want to make your office space as economically viable as possible, then bidets can really help cut down expenses.


Do I Have Room For A Bidet?

Bidet & Toilet

A big concern that causes hesitation around bidets is whether you have enough space for a bidet. Luckily, Durovin’s wall hung bidets are 350x570mm bidets, so that they can fit in any bathroom. Alternatively, there are also bidet attachments that you can purchase to take up as little room as possible, however these can be quite expensive.


What Style Does A Bidet Suit?

A bidet is a classic fixture made modern and because of this, it can suit almost any aesthetic. The bidet looks at home in a traditional home and a modern one. To nail down a preference, a wall hung bidet looks especially good with other wall hung fixtures like a wall hung toilet or wall hung sink. This creates thematic visual cohesion and saves you lots of space to boot!



Bidets are the natural next step in bathroom hygiene and the sooner you get one, the better! It can improve your hygiene, your quality life and the value of your home, and to top it all off it can save you money, so get one today and feel the benefits of the bidet.