Update Your Bathroom For Spring 2023

Spring Bathroom Design

Spring is coming, so how can you prepare your home for this fresh, breezy season?

Plan your Spring redecoration of course!

What better room to start with than the bathroom? Afterall, it is a room that everyone will make use of in some capacity. Plus, there’s a lot of unique design elements to a bathroom that you can’t find anywhere else in the home that you can personalize to your heart’s content.

Let’s dive in to how to update your bathroom for Spring 2023.


Use Light Colours In Your Bathroom This Spring

After a dark and cold Winter, celebrate the coming of Spring by decorating your bathroom with bright and light colours to help reflect light and boost your mood.

White Basins

White Basin

Another way to add light colours to your bathroom is to install white basins, as white reflects light really well and will help highlight the changeover from Winter to Spring. We recommend opting for white counter top basins or white semi-recessed basins as they pair well with wooden counters for that extra in depth Spring look.

Bright Walls

As well as fixtures, you should decorate your walls with light and bright colours to keep the bathroom airy and fresh looking. We recommend using bright tiles and waterproof paint, as well as pretty paintings and other decorations that can help make your walls look energetic.


Use Natural Materials In Your Bathroom This Spring

Spring is when nature, well, springs back. Because of this, using natural materials is a great way to highlight the new Spring season. Here are some examples:

Stone Resin Fixtures

Stone Resin Shower Tray

Stone resin fixtures, like stone resin basins and stone resin shower trays are a great way to inject a bit of nature into your bathroom. Plus, stone resin is extremely durable and can last a lifetime if cared for correctly, so it doesn’t have to just be for Spring, but for life.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden Basin Vanity Unit

Another way to add a touch of nature to your bathroom is through the implementation of wooden furniture such as wooden bathroom shelves and wooden basin vanity units. Wood innately evokes themes of nature and looks beautiful when coupled with stone fixtures, as they build upon the environmental aesthetic perfectly.

Floral Design

Plants are a key signifier of Spring and because of this, they help give your bathroom that beautiful seasonal aesthetic. The use of plants, known commonly as biophilic design, is easy to implement. Just simply get some plants you like the look of and thrive well in humid environments like bathrooms and then dot them around the space. Do make sure to get nontoxic plants, especially if you have kids or pets.

Another way to add a floral, Spring theme to your bathroom is to use floral waterproof wallpaper or floral tiles. Decorating your walls with floral patterns will help bring your bathroom to life and capture that beautiful Spring bathroom aesthetic.


Maximise Light Flow In Your Bathroom This Spring

Increased light flow is one of the main signifiers of Spring, so emphasize that light flow in your bathroom design to help capture that Spring aesthetic.

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror

The use of bathroom mirrors to help light bounce around the room is a trick as old as time. As well as helping light the room, being able to look into a mirror gives a false sense of space that helps your room feel even bigger and more spacious. Increase your light flow this Spring through the use of multiple bathroom mirrors.


The easiest way to get more light flow in your bathroom is to install more windows. However, the bathroom is naturally a room that favours privacy. To obtain your extra light flow while maintaining your privacy, there are a couple of options for you to choose from. Basically, you want to invest in frosted glass windows and/or skylight windows. These types of windows gifts you the light flow you desire without encroaching on your privacy.

Interior Glass Sliding Door

Frosted Glass Interior Sliding Door

Similar to windows, a great way to incorporate light flow into your bathroom design is through the use of interior glass sliding doors. Interior glass sliding doors provide excellent light flow to your rooms, without reducing your privacy as you can opt to choose a frosted glass interior sliding door. As well as this, interior glass sliding doors are more accessible, more space saving and more aesthetically pleasing than regular hinged doors.


Embrace Minimalism In Your Bathroom This Spring

Now, something synonymous with Spring is spring cleaning. The end of Winter is an important time to reflect and take stock of what’s important to you and what can go. This is especially true for interior decoration and for your bathroom specifically. It is easy to clutter your bathroom with superfluous décor and accessories, so take the time to spring clean and embrace minimalism.

Minimalism is about prioritizing what is necessary and foregoing anything that doesn’t add value to your experience. This is squarely in the spirit of spring cleaning and a great way to kick your March off right.


Install A Walk In Shower Screen In Your Bathroom This Spring

Walk In Shower Screen

Being huddled in tight is for Winter; Spring is all about the open air and the space to move. That’s why you should install a walk in shower into your bathroom. Walk in showers provide you with a wonderful, easy to use and accessible shower that firmly entrenches itself in the theme of Spring.


Add Rabbit Décor To Your Bathroom This Spring

Finally, add in some Spring specific décor, such as furniture themed after bunny rabbits. This kind of seasonal décor is fantastic for adding a personable and unique touch to your space. You can even repeat the process for different seasons and have a cycle of interesting, unique decorations that you can swap in every quarter to keep your bathroom looking stellar no matter the season.


Final Thoughts On Spring Bathrooms

So, with Spring on the way, you now have the tools to decorate your bathroom in the way perfect for the season of Spring. For more information and help on fixtures, installation, décor and more, check out our comprehensive blog.