Towel Racks & Towel Hooks: Your Guide To Towel Holders

An Introduction To Towel Holders

Towels are the unsung heroes of bathroom supplies, and even more than that, towel holders are the unsung heroes of bathroom fixtures.

Think about it, if you have a bathroom, you need a towel, and if you have a towel, you need somewhere to put that towel whether it’s wet or dry.

From towel racks, to towel hooks to beyond, this is your guide to the world of towel holders.

Let’s dive in and figure out which is best for you.


Towel Holder Options


Towel Rack

Towel Rack

First up is the towel rack, or towel rail depending on what you feel like calling it.

This is a, usually metal, bar that stretches across a partial length of a wall or other flat surface and leaves a gap in front and behind it.

You can lie a towel over this bar and let it dangle from the towel rack. The gaps on either side of the towel rail allow air to get to the towel, allowing it to dry.

Plus, the position the towel rack holds the towel in means that the air can easily circulate around and through the towel, making it an optimal choice for any bathroom.

Towel Rail

The humble towel rail comes in many variations and styles. We here at Durovin sell both sleek curved wall mounted chrome bathroom towel rails and contemporary square wall mounted chrome bathroom towel rails, to name just a couple of options.

Our towel rails are typically 600mm towel racks. A 600mm towel rail is the perfect size because it means the width of a towel can easily lie across it, fully stretched out. Because the towel can lie flat, without any wrinkles, it is more likely to benefit from positive air circulation and less likely to have any issues with mould or damp.


Towel Hook

Towel Hook

A towel hook is the space saving cousin of the towel rail. Whereas a towel rail stretches out for a mighty 600mm, a towel hook is much more compact at only 60mm wide. Towel hooks are perfect for those looking for a quick and easy way to hang their towel to dry that takes up as little space as possible.

However, a towel hook also features a downside in comparison to a towel rail.

A towel hook does not have as good air circulation as a towel rail. This is because the towel hangs from a singular point when on a towel hook, meaning it’s body clumps together and folds over itself. This creates a better environment for mould and damp to form than a towel rail, as a towel rail does a better job at separating the body of the towel.

It is worth considering both the pros and the cons before deciding on either a towel rail or towel hook.

It is also worth considering both a rail and a hook in your bathroom, as you can instead invest in a robe hook.

Durovin’s robe hooks are ideal for holding your dressing gown or bath robe while you undertake your cleaning regimen. The use of a hook keeps the robe clean, unwrinkled and out of the way until you want it again.


Sink With Towel Bar

 Sink With Towel Bar

If you’re looking for a towel storage solution that saves you space and money, then look no further than the basin with integrated towel bar. A sink with towel bar is exactly what it says on the tin. This is one of Durovin’s hybrid fixtures, and is a wall hung basin that features a state of the art towel bar at the end of the basin’s body.


The towel holder is made from the same ceramic as the basin, meaning it is water proof and durable. This long lasting fixture provides you with towel storage as well as all the benefits of a luxury, compact basin.


However, this is a 440x220mm basin, meaning the towel holder is smaller than average and is best suited to microfibre towels, smaller towels and hand towels. It is worth keeping this in mind before trying to shove a large, fluffy towel into this small hole.



Shower Glass Door With Towel Bar

 Shower Glass Door With Towel Bar

Similarly, a shower glass door with towel bar is exactly that! A shower enclosure with inbuilt towel bar. This is optimum for a couple reasons, much like the basin, this option saves you space and money, as you don’t have to buy and install a separate bar. Plus, by locating it on the shower, it is easy to reach and grab as you leave the shower.


You know when you hop out of the shower and recoil from the freezing air populating your bathroom? Well, you can say goodbye to that!


As well as a towel, you can also use the bar to hang your loofah, shower gel and any other light shower necessities. Emphasis on the ‘light’! You don’t want to topple or shatter your shower enclosure by trying to make the bar support your weight.


Durovin’s shower enclosure with towel rail bar handle comes as either a clear glass shower enclosure or a frosted glass shower enclosure, so you can get extra privacy and towel off in the shower, behind frosted glass. This is ideal for anyone sharing a bathroom or just more comfortable in a maximum privacy space.

Frosted Shower Glass Door With Towel Bar


Heated Towel Rail

Rounding out your slate of options is the heated towel rail. Much like the name suggests, this is a towel rail that warms your towel. This creates two primary benefits. Number one being that the towel dries much quicker thanks to the heat, and number two being that the towel is warm to the touch when you come to use it.

However, the issue with a heated towel rail is the cost. Naturally, they cost more than a regular towel rail, but they also cost money to run as they essentially act as another radiator. As your bathroom probably already has a radiator, it may be better for you to simply install your towel rail near the radiator to get the added effects of its warmth.


Final Thoughts On Towel Holders

Towel Bar

So, what towel holder should you install in your home?

We recommend the humble towel rack, as it provides the most optimum functionality for the price. Whether you install a simple towel rail, a basin with integrated towel rail or shower enclosure with integrated towel rail, is up to you. Just remember to give your towel room to air when you hang it and you’ll never have to worry about wet towels clogging up your bathroom again.



To wrap up, let’s answer some quick fire questions on towel holders.

What is the towel holder called?

This depends on the type of towel holder. It is typically either a towel rail/rack/bar or hook.

What can I use instead of towel rack in bathroom?

You can use a towel hook, however a towel rack airs better.

What is the best way to hang towels in bathroom?

On a towel rack, near a radiator.

Are towel hooks a good idea?

Hooks are great for robes and other dry goods, but a rail is better for towels.

What do you do with wet towels after shower?

Air dry them on your rail, or wash them and then dry them.

Do towels dry better on hooks or bars?

On bars, due to their access to air.

How do you store towels in a bathroom with no storage?

If you have absolutely no storage, then stack them on an elevated surface, such as the toilet cistern. That way, they are off the floor. However, it would be best to utilise your bathroom walls and install a towel bar.

How do you store multiple towels?

Multiple towel racks.