Top 5 Unique Basin Designs For Your Bathroom


Do you feel like your bathroom is missing something?

More often than not, people fall prey to easy, safe designs that leave them feeling flat.

Wouldn’t it be better to design a room that excites you and that you actively think looks good rather than acceptable?

That’s where we come in.

Durovin Bathrooms has a range of exciting, unique basins that are features of your home, not just fixtures.

Let’s dive into the top 5 unique basin designs perfect for bringing your bathroom to life!           


What Makes A Basin Unique?

Most basins are either a symmetrical rectangle or circle design. These are great classic shapes that make for brilliant standard design. However, if you are looking for something visually arresting and unique, then it can be difficult to find in a sea of similar basin designs.

Unique basin designs define their own shape and highlight a different kind of beauty and functionality that isn’t explored by basic basin design.


Trapezium Basin

Trapezium Basin

A perfect blend of angular and curved design, the curved trapezium basin is ideal for anyone who wants a basin like nothing else. The unique basin shape provides you a lot of room to wash, but it also provides you with a stylish and modern design that can easily act as the focal point of any bathroom.

Asymmetrical designs are becoming more popular in modern times and have a charm to them that highlights their uniqueness.

Our trapezium basin design is achieved through the use of stone resin, which makes it extremely durable and means it was able to be cast in one singular piece. This makes the shape even more durable and gives it a strong, hardy aesthetic.

Durovin’s trapezium basin is £90.94 which is great value for money for a stone resin basin, especially such a specific and unique design. This is an affordable and amazing looking basin that can save your bathroom’s style without breaking the bank.


Polygon Basin

Polygon Basin

Another excellent counter top basin is the ceramic polygon basin. This unique basin design provides you with a large circular vessel that is encased in a polygon basin design. This angular design makes the basin stand out and look extremely modern while keeping that classical curved vessel.

The ceramic body is beautiful and provides a smart and enchanting aesthetic. Plus, the contrast of the round, curved vessel and the angular exterior makes for a visually interesting and deceptively complex aesthetic that makes the basin interesting to gaze at.

The polygon basin is £64.15 which is extremely affordable and good value for money for a ceramic basin. at such a price, it is even viable to fit multiple and could make a great, stylized set of basins for your office or public bathroom.


Seven Shaped Basin

Seven Shaped Basin

The 7 shape basin is a freestanding basin with a unique design. The seven shaped basin design gives it an extremely unique look that stands out and looks fantastic in any environment. Maybe you wish to highlight the number seven present in the design, or maybe you wish to embrace the frontal curve, whatever your desire, the seven shaped basin provides a unique set of tools to achieve your aesthetic dreams.

As well as this, the open back design creates a great level of accessibility, as you are able to access the piping behind. This makes it a great pair with the bottle trap which allows you to access the piping much easier than most traps.

The seven shaped basin is £252.35 which is a steal for such a striking and unique sink that has the benefit of easily accessible piping.


Toilet With A Sink On Top

Toilet With A Sink On Top

The toilet with a sink on top is an extremely unique basin, as not many basins have a toilet attached to the bottom.

The toilet with a sink on top features water recycling, meaning the water drained from the basin is used in the toilet’s cistern. so, not only does it save space, but it saves you water and money too. By being both a unique basin and a unique toilet, the toilet with an integrated sink is the perfect addition to any bathroom, especially small bathrooms.

As well as this extra utility, the toilet with a sink on top is an elegant design that evokes the themes of the Mid-Century Modern that heavily featured multifunctional design.

Our close coupled toilet with sink in cistern costs £224.65 which is the same price as a comfort height toilet, highlighting the intrinsic value of the product. For the price of a single toilet, you can attain a toilet and basin which strike a unique look and provide you with exceptional utility.


Rectangular Basin With Circular Vessel

Rectangular Basin With Circular Vessel

This unique sink is special in the sense that the main body is rectangular and that the vessel is round. This creates a beautiful carved effect that makes the basin look like it’s had the bowl chiseled out of it. This is perfect for any bathroom with some Roman or Greek influence. It is also ideal for those looking to wow their guests with a design that looks impossible but works great.

As well as all this, it features a concealed waste plug, so that even the disposing of waste water looks beautiful, as it flows through the circular disc at the center of the basin.

Our Collossum 15 is £133.85 which is a great price for a basin with concealed waste, let alone such a unique basin design. There are two versions of the Colossum 15 that come with either a left or right tap hole, so you can pick the tap direction best for you.



It is important to make your space truly yours and the installation of a unique, bespoke basin is a great way to do that. If you want to stand out, you need to turn your fixtures into features and embrace the individuality of space. For more design tips, installation advice and more, check out our blog and for fantastic, unique basins check out our stock here on our website.