Top 12 Bathroom Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Everyone makes mistakes, it’s part of life! However, making a mistake when designing your bathroom can lead to some rather inhumane results. Let’s examine 12 common bathroom design mistakes and explain how you can avoid them when building your bathroom!


Inaccurate Design

Problem: Fixtures Don’t Fit in The Space

A major roadblock people often encounter when designing their bathroom is that it doesn’t all fit together. This stems from inaccuracy in the planning and designing phase, where measurements weren’t taken into account. This causes wasted effort, money and resources.

Solution: Measure And Plan Beforehand

To tackle inaccuracy, make sure you measure your space beforehand and check where all of our pipes are so you understand how much space you have to work with and where the optimum placement for fixtures will be.



Problem: Bathroom Space Isn’t Usable

Another major problem that people often face when designing a bathroom is that they don’t consider accessibility. This includes such things as whether there is wheelchair access or whether the sink is accessible for a child or even as simple as whether all of the fixtures are easy to use.

Solution: Design With Maximum Accessibility In Mind

Accessible Walk In Shower Screen

The easy fix to this is to research and secure accessible fixtures. For example, comfort height toilets tend to be at a better height for those with mobility issues and the elderly. Even if you don’t currently have anyone in your life that matches these descriptions, it is best to always be prepared.


Clashing colours

Problem: Bathroom Looks Strange

When designing your bathroom, it is easy to pick colours on a whim. However, this can lead to the use of clashing colour tones in your design that make your space feel off and look strange. This is because the tone of their colours are incongruous and don’t sit well with the eye.

Solution: Use Complimentary Colours

Research colour theory to see which colours go well together and pick out a palette of colours for your bathroom. This will allow you to design with colour in mind and ensure that your bathroom is easy and the eye and a nice space to inhabit.


Storage Issues

Problem: There Is No Storage In The Bathroom

You’ve designed the perfect bathroom! You have your toilet, your shower enclosure, your bidet, your sink, your-You haven’t got anywhere to put the toilet roll.

Storage is the last thing on most people’s mind when designing, but it is arguable one of the most important elements. If you don’t have effective storage, you don’t have an effective bathroom.

Solution: Use Integrated Storage Like Basin Vanity Units

Basin Vanity Unit

Integrate storage into your design! This is very easy to do. Simply purchase a basin vanity unit that attaches to your basin. This allows you storage under your sink while taking up much less room than a standalone storage unit. Furthermore, install bathroom shelves over the top of your toilet and other fixtures, to make sure no space is wasted.


Redundant design

Problem: Purchased Unnecessary Or Duplicate Items

It’s very easy to get lost in possibilities and find yourself filling your bathroom with things you don’t need. For example, you may find yourself struggling to fit all of your desired fixtures in because you want both a shower enclosure and a bath. Or, if you are working with a partner to do all this, then you may find yourselves doubling up on items like toilet seats.

Solution: Make A Comprehensive List Of What Is Necessary

It is best to make a list of things everyone who will consistently use the bathroom needs, whittle everything down to one of each and then assign different people the jobs of acquiring different items. That way, you won’t get more than you need and you won’t risk being inundated with arbitrary duplicates.


Bathroom Inappropriate Furniture

Problem: Regular Furniture May Develop Mould

Lots of people consistently make the mistake of putting a regular rug or carpet in their bathroom. This is all well and good until mould starts to grow and fester in the rug. This can cause the spread of disease and a generally unclean environment.

Similarly, you may be tempted to install a wooden vanity or counter without much research, which could easily lead to you combatting rotten wood on a daily basis.

Solution: Utilize Furniture Designed For Bathrooms Like Stone Resin Shelves

Stone Resin Bathroom Shelf

You must research a variety of materials before deciding on what to fit your bathroom with. You must use bathroom specific mats that are immune to the build up of mould. Plus, you should always make sure you install wooden fixtures that have been treated and prepared to last in a wet and humid environment. Equally, you could instead opt for ceramics and stone resin, which are options typically much better suited for the bathroom environment.


Incorrect installation

Problem: Incorrect Installation Leads To Damage

A lot of fixtures can be difficult to install, especially if working alone. If you don’t install your fixtures correctly, your bathroom will be prone to leaks, water damage and a barrage of other issues.

Solution: Hire Professionals To Install

Always make sure you thoroughly read and understand the instruction manual. If you believe the task is too great for you, then hire a professional tradesperson who can get the job done effectively.


Dead Space

Problem: There Is Lots Of Unusable Space In The Bathroom

People often find their rooms have pockets of inefficient, unusable space. This means there is less space to maneuver around the bathroom. As well as this, it means less fixtures can be installed. This is a problem for anyone trying to build an effective bathroom.

Solution: Use The Theory Of Ergonomics

Plan effectively and make sure your fixtures our laid out in an ergonomic fashion. As well as this, invest in compact fixtures like cloakroom basins and multifunctional fixtures like the toilet with a sink on top, as by doing so you will save a lot of space in your bathroom and reduce the likelihood of dead space.


Poor Lighting

Problem: It Is Too Dark Or Bright

If you only leave lighting as an afterthought, you will end up with either a dingy bathroom or a harsh bathroom. Neither of which are pleasant for brushing your teeth in, let alone using the toilet.

Solution: Consider Your Natural Light And Install LEDs

You should consider what natural light is available in the bathroom, as well as the positioning of the overhead lights. It is advisable to utilize strong LEDs and avoid hanging chandeliers and complicated covers in the bathroom. This is because they could very easily get damaged or get in the way. It’s also worth considering your colours when deciding on lighting. Black absorbs light well, while white reflects light well, so black basins and white basins are optimal in different conditions.


Overly Expensive

Problem: You Are Spending Too Much Money

If you are not careful, you will find yourself paying extortionate money for cheap product.

Solution: Shop Around For Money Saving Fixtures Like The Toilet With Integrated Sink

Toilet With An Integrated Sink

To combat this, do your research and shop around. Find fixtures that suit you at a reasonable price. Of course, we recommend shopping with Durovin Bathrooms because we offer a fantastic range of fixtures at affordable prices.


Incompatible Fixtures

Problem: Not All Fixtures Can Work Together

Picture this. You’ve successfully installed everything, it took you all day and while you’re exhausted, you find the idea of a job well done rewarding. Then you see that the basin is leaking. There are many fixtures that are incompatible. For example, did you know that a slotted basin waste is only compatible with a sink with an overflow, whereas an unslotted basin waste is only compatible with a sink without an overflow. If you were to install the wrong waste plug in the wrong sink, disaster would strike. This is just one example of how not all fixtures are compatible.

Solution: Research Every Fixture You Consider

So, what can you do? Research, research, research! You should thoroughly research every fixture you are considering purchasing before you actually hit that pay button. Luckily for you, we have a comprehensive blog of bathroom articles that is updated constantly and consistently, giving you all the information, you need, from explaining fixtures, to how to guides, to design advice. The internet is a vast well of information, use it.


Not Enough Ventilation

Problem: Trapped Humidity Causes Mould

Finally, an easy one to forget is the fact you will need ventilation. This is because you will have running water in the room to some capacity, thanks to the toilet, sink and shower. This creates a lot of steam and humidity. If this persists in the room unchecked, it will cause damp, mould and a whole host of other issues.

Solution: Install Windows And Extractor Fans

Bathroom Window

To defeat humidity, you must ventilate. To do so, make sure there is at least one openable window in your bathroom, and if possible, make sure you have an extractor fan. You can also decorate your bathroom with dehumidifiers and plants to try and passively tackle the issue.



There are many potential problems standing between you and your perfect bathroom renovation, so make sure you don’t fall into any of their traps by doing your research and ensuring you know what you want and how to get it.





Inaccurate Design

Measure Everything


Plan with the future in mind

Clashing Colours

Research Colour Theory


Fixtures With Integrated Storage

Redundant Design

Plan and Communicate Effectively

Furniture Unsuited For The Bathroom

Research Materials

Incorrect Installation

Read Manuals and Hire Professionals

Dead Space

Utilize Ergonomic Design


High Power LEDs


Research and Shop Around

Incompatible Fixtures


Not Enough Ventilation

Windows And Extractor Fans