Top 10 Ways To Make A Pet Friendly Bathroom


How To Make A Pet Friendly Bathroom

Most households in the UK are home to pets. Whether they’re dogs, cats, birds or something else entirely, we love our pets. A lot of pets, especially the furry kind, need regular cleaning and even when they don’t will make a habit of coming into the bathroom when you’re getting clean.

So, how do you make your bathroom as safe as possible for your pets for when they need cleaning and when they just barge in?

If you follow these 10 steps, you’re sure to have a happy friend who is safe in the bathroom. We can’t guarantee they’ll love bath time though!


Non-Slip Flooring & Non-Slip Shower Trays

Anti-Slip Shower Tray

First of all, cats and dogs tend to walk around bare…paw. This means they are more likely to slip on a dangerous surface, especially if they’re being rambunctious. So, it is wise to invest in anti-slip flooring and surfaces. From anti-slip tile, to anti-slip mats, to anti-slip shower trays, you have a lot of options and all can go a long way to making sure your fluffy friend doesn’t sustain an injury trying to get into the bath.


Bathroom Ventilation

Another important thing to keep in mind is air quality and humidity. Bathrooms can naturally get quite hot and humid from all the running water, which can stifle the air, making it hard to breathe and easy to overheat. This is especially true if you’re wearing a big furry parka 24/7. By making sure you have appropriate bathroom ventilation fans and windows that can be opened, you can ensure fresh air gets in to your bathroom when your pet is inside, so that they don’t feel unwell.


Non-Toxic Plants

Speaking of air quality, everyone loves to add plants around their home. However, a lot of plants can be toxic to animals. You need to do thorough research into any plant before you add it to your home, as it could be irritating or even worse, toxic to your pet!

It is also worth getting your pet checked for allergies, as you wouldn’t want to give it hay fever!


Safe Bathroom Vanity Storage

Bathroom Vanity Unit

Another way to prevent you and your pet don’t get ill is to make sure everything is safely stored away. You don’t want your cat being able to scramble onto the sink and lick your toothbrush, as that could make you ill. You also don’t want your dog being able to get into the medicine cabinet, as that could make them ill.

Ensure you draws or cupboards that a pet can’t open, and install locks if necessary to make sure you all stay safe.


Use Warm Water Instead Of Hot

Washing Dog

When it comes to actually washing your pet, it is often best to use lukewarm water instead of hot water. This is because hot water can irritate an animal’s fur and skin, which doesn’t do them any favours hygiene wise and will certainly put them off their regular cleaning session!


Walk In Shower

Walk In Shower Enclosure

Another thing to keep in mind when washing your pet is how easy it is to get them into the washing zone. If you have a large dog and a high bathtub for example, you’ve given yourself quite the workout.

We recommend walk in showers, this is because you can easily enter and exit the washing zone with your pet in tow, completely removing all pain points from the process.


Utilize Treats & Toys

It is best to expand on this further and not just reduce pain points, but to actually make the process fun. A lot of animals initially resist assisted bathing, so you will have to do some convincing.

By having special treats exclusive to completing bath time or by bringing in a waterproof toy to keep them occupied during their wash, you can convince a pet to merrily do what needs to be done.

Yes, it is bribery, but it is bribery for a good cause!


Make A Spacious Bathroom

Wall Hung Fixtures

To accommodate a lot of these suggestions, you will need a reasonable amount of space in your bathroom, which you may not have. However, you can make your bathroom roomier by installing wall hung fixtures, as they can be embedded into the wall and take up much less space. That way you have more room for the obstacle course of convincing your dog to get into the shower.


A Comfy Bathroom Mat

A lot of these tips have focused on when your pet needs cleaning, but what about when they barge in on you and want to hang out? We recommend a comfy waterproof mat. This gives them somewhere cozy to lie while you do your business and can be an especially appreciated addition during winter. Plus, by giving them somewhere specifically theirs in the room, they could be less likely to try and nose around the bathroom.


Minimalist Bathroom Decoration

Cat On A Bathtub

Finally, make sure you don’t have lots of loose décor that could fall off or be knocked off. You don’t want your cat to launch an aerial assault on your dog by tipping over novelty candle holders. Declutter your surfaces and only decorate with items that can be fixed in place, like a wall hung picture. That way your pets can safely traverse the room.


Bonus Round: Toilet Seat Etiquette

For a quick reminder, we remind you to close your toilet seat when it is not in use. That way your dog can’t drink from it and your cat can’t fall into it! Invest in a soft close toilet seat too so that you don’t accidentally slam the seat and wake them up if they’re dog dosing.


Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are lots of ways to make your bathroom pet friendly. If you have a pet, they will probably try and go in the bathroom at some point, so it is best to make sure the bathroom can accommodate them safely, or else they could be in for a ‘ruff’ time.