Top 10 Gothic Bathroom Ideas

How To Create A Gothic Bathroom

Gothic bathroom design is in.

There is no better way to both contrast and compliment the oncoming sunshine than with a but of gothic bathroom décor.

Gothic interior design originated in response to Roman design philosophies, was popularized in the Victorian era, and became exploded into the modern subconscious in the 21st Century.

But how can you get your own dark bathroom designs off the ground?

Simply read this article to learn how to create a gothic bathroom.


Black Bathroom Fixtures

Black Basin

The first step is an easy one.

You should install black bathroom fixtures.

This includes black basins, black taps, black toilets and more.

Black is the colour most associated with gothic design, so making your focal points dark and on theme is an easy first step on your dark bathroom journey.


Dark Wood Shelves & Vanity Units

Dark Wood Basin Vanity Unit

Secondly, you should incorporate dark woods into your bathroom.

You can easily do this through the use of dark wood basin vanity units and dark wood bathroom shelves.

Not only will these options give you enhanced storage capabilities, they will also provide you with a moody, yet naturalistic look that helps build your interior gothic aesthetic.


Ornate Bathroom Accessories

Ornate Towel Holder

The devil is in the detail and gothic design is all about detail.

This is why you should invest in ornate bathroom accessories, like our robe hook and towel rail.

Ornate bathroom accessories compliment the larger than life fixtures of a gothic bathroom and help provide that much needed maximalist detail, while also aping that refined Victorian aesthetic.


Large Freestanding Bathtub

Clawfooted Bathtub

A large, freestanding clawfooted bathtub is a necessity for anyone looking to introduce a bit of drama into their bathroom, and if you are aiming for gothic interior design, then you want a bit of drama.

A double roll ended, freestanding clawfooted bathtub is perfect for any goth bathroom as it strikes a dominant and powerful silhouette, while also having the beauty, elegance and animal theming that comes with clawfoooted fixtures.


Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants

Nature is an excellent element of gothic design that is often overlooked.

If you look back throughout history, gothic interior design often features floral patterns or plants in general.

You can do the same!

We recommend hanging or crawling plants that you can trapse over your interior.

These long, spindly plants match the delicate aesthetic of the ornate details of gothic design, while contrasting the larger, emboldened architecture.


Large Bathroom Fixtures

Large Black Sink

Goth design is all about large spires, large windows, large bricks.

Because of this, gothic bathroom design should be all about large bathroom fixtures.

Large basins! Large Toilets! Large Mirrors! Large Bathtubs!

We recommend for going for the biggest fixture of each type you can manage to fit into your bathroom.

Goth interior design is inseparable from this concept of opulence and extravagance.

Go big with our double basins and extra large mirrors, to give your bathroom the je ne sais quoi it deserves.


Warm Lighting

Warm LED Mirror

An easy mistake to make is to assume that because the interior design is dark, the room as a whole needs to be dark.

On the contrary!

Gothic design of old heavily featured massive windows and excellent light flow to accentuate the building’s closeness to God.

This light was often warm and soft as to not contrast the interior design too much.

This was often achieved through stained glass which tinted the light and filtered it, making it less harsh.

Nowadays, stained glass windows aren’t particularly common in the home.

Another way to get this warm, soft light is to turn to our modern friend technology.

Our LED Mirrors have orange LED’s build into them, which can emanate beautifully from your mirror as you use it.

These LED mirrors are a fantastic way of adding subtle, indirect light to your room to help achieve that warm gothic feel without splashing out for stained glass.

Another, much more classic, way to achieve this soft, warm look is through the use of candles. Candles go extremely well with the goth look and often heavily associated with the aesthetic.

The only issue is, it can be quite a hassle to light and put out lots of candles constantly, which is where the easy to use touch interface of the LED mirror comes into play.


Waterproof Wallpaper

Waterproof Wallpaper

We mentioned earlier that gothic bathroom design often features floral patterns.

This is not the only pattern the aesthetic is known for, it has also been known to feature animal patterns, geometric shapes and more.

The easiest way to achieve these intricate patterns in your bathroom is through the use of waterproof wallpaper.

Until recently, the idea of wallpapering your bathroom was absurd as the natural humidity of the space would almost instantly ruin the paper.

However, thanks to the refinement and popularization of waterproof wallpaper, those days are long behind us.

Now you can focus on introducing cool, dark and interesting patterns to your bathroom without a worry in the world.


Classic Fixtures

Vintage Close Coupled Toilet

Every design scheme gets modernized eventually, but because of the innate tenets of gothic bathroom design, not every element suits modernization.

For example, the goth look suits the vintage look, as the vintage look is full of things that we now associate with the gothic lens thanks to the passage of time.

More modern bathroom fixtures like wall hung toilets could look out of place in your goth bathroom, so you’d be better opting for toilets with exposed cisterns like the close coupled toilet.

Close coupled toilets have a classic look that perfectly suits the vintage sensibilities of gothic design, making them the perfect toilets for goths.


Showcase Gothic Décor

Gothic Bathroom Decor

Finally, to round out your look you will want to collect and display oddities. From preserved flowers, to novelty skulls, there are many items in the world that evoke that feeling of ancient ritualism often associated with the dark gothic aesthetic and that would be perfect for your dark bathroom design.

Just remember to put them somewhere safe where they won’t get damaged. We recommend installing bathroom shelves to host your creepy collection and to keep them out of harm’s way.


Final Thoughts On Gothic Bathroom Ideas

Overall, there are many, many gothic bathroom ideas to choose from that could help cement your bathroom as the stylish space you want it to be.

If you’re feeling more summery, you may want to theme your bathroom after a beach instead, or if you’re feeling cosy and rural, maybe a cottagecore bathroom is right for you.

Whatever bathroom design you are looking for, you should check out the rest of our blog for all of our tips, tricks and recommendations.