Top 10 Best Ways To Utilize Your Bathroom Walls

How To Decorate Bathroom Walls

You can get a lot of dead space in the bathroom if you are not careful, because of this you should utilize your bathroom walls effectively and efficiently. How, you ask? Simple, follow our concise and comprehensive guide on how to utilize your bathroom walls for decoration and utility.


Wall Hung Basins

Wall Hung Basin

Wall Hung Basins are the most space saving version of basins. This is because they don’t need any extra paraphernalia to operate, such as a counter or a stand, meaning they take up much less room. Plus, by being directly attached to the wall, they take up even less room! Wall Hung Basins are ideal for anyone trying to maximize usable space and minimize dead space in their bathroom.

Depending on your preferences, it could be best to opt for a large wall hung basin or a small wall hung basin. Double Basins are large sinks that can be used by multiple people simultaneously, making them the most efficient basin and a great option for maximizing the potential of your bathroom wall.

Conversely, cloakroom basins are compact basins that are designed to be as small as possible and fit where other basins can’t. If you are turning to your walls because you don’t have much space in your bathroom, a cloakroom basin is the ideal choice for you.

You can even get wall mounted taps; however, we recommend getting basin mounted taps for a neater, cleaner look that is also easier to install and uninstall.


Wall Hung Toilets

Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets utilize a hidden frame affixed within the wall to smartly hang off of your bathroom wall. This can save you a lot of space, as the cistern is inside of the frame inside of the wall, instead of outside of the wall, taking up space.

As well as this, wall hung toilets are quieter than regular toilets, because the sound of their flush travels much less and dissipates much more because the toilet is not connected to the floor, which typically allows the noise to travel.

Plus, they are more hygienic than regular toilets as their raised forms make them more accessible for cleaning.

If you are looking to make a modern bathroom that utilizes your space well, invest in a wall hung toilet.


L Shaped & U Shaped Shower Enclosures

L Shaped Shower Enclosure

Did you know that by buying the correct shower enclosure you can save money, space and resources? That’s right! You need to invest in either an L Shaped Shower Enclosure or a U Shaped Shower Enclosure.

An L shaped shower enclosure is made of two glass panels and fits to the corner walls of your bathroom. This turns the corner of your room into the rest of your shower enclosure and means that you can utilize a lot of what would typically be dead space.

Similarly, U shaped shower enclosures are made from three glass panels and use your bathroom wall as the fourth to create the enclosure. Once again, this uses your wall space effectively and helps save space.

When shopping for showers, check out shower enclosures that utilize your bathroom wall to make sure you are effectively using your space.


Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are terrific fixtures that are perfectly at home in the bathroom. With that in mind, you are best affixing them to your walls, as standing them on stands will take up much more of your precious space.

Plus, because of being wall mounted, the humble bathroom mirror can be expanded on. Our anti-fog mirrors are sealed to the wall and contain a demister pad and LEDs that allow the mirror to stay completely clear even when the bathroom is full of steam from your shower.

Affix anti-fog mirrors to your walls to give yourself a clear view of, well, yourself!



Bathroom Shelf

Now, this one can add an infinite array of utility to your bathroom very simply. Install wall mounted storage onto your bathroom walls to give yourself lots of options in the bathroom.

For example, you could install stone resin floating shelves to store all of your cosmetic and hygiene supplies, a robe hook to hang your bath robe while you bathe and a towel rail to keep your towel aired and ready for use.

Your bathroom walls would benefit massively from storage because of the options, comfort and quality of life the storage would provide for you.


Interior Sliding Door

Interior Sliding Door

Interior sliding doors are quiet, accessible and beautiful, especially when compared to hinged doors. Plus, by installing a frosted glass interior sliding door, you can have great light flow into your bathroom while losing none of the privacy.

To install a bathroom sliding door, you need to affix a rail to your wall. Whether this is on the exterior of your bathroom, or on the interior of your bathroom, installing an interior sliding door is the perfect way to take advantage of your walls to improve the quality and aesthetics of your home.


Wall Hung Plants

We always recommend plants and that’s because they’re so suited to the bathroom! You can hang small, low maintenance plants that give your bathroom a much needed bit of greenery and lushness. Plants will help keep the air fresh and boost your mood. To push this further, you could install a form of trellis and climbing plant to really embrace the wall bound aesthetic.



Speaking of fresh air, modifying your walls is a great way of gaining some. If you have any exterior facing walls in your bathroom, it may be a good idea to install windows or an extractor fan. This will help you keep the air clean and keep humidity down, preventing mould. This is a simple, if expensive, way of using your bathroom walls to keep your bathroom happy and healthy.


Extra Lighting

Anti-Fog Mirror

Have you ever been to a medieval castle? Have you ever been enamored by the fiery wall sconces of yore? No? Just me? Well, trust me, they look cool.

You can actually have your own, modern versions, to help light your bathroom and add some ambience. Wall mounted candle holders are a great, non-electric way of providing light to your bathroom.

Alternatively, you can use the LEDs in our Anti-fog mirrors to help light up your bathroom and your life.



Finally, a great way to boost your mood and comfortableness is to be surrounded by art and trinkets that you adore, so decorate your walls! Waterproof tiles and wallpaper mean you can stylize your bathroom with pretty much whatever designs you want. Plus, you can hang paintings and such and use your shelves to store décor. Just make sure none of it is likely to be water damaged!



Your bathroom walls are a blank canvas crying out to be painted on with furniture, fixtures and more. Do yourself a favour and utilize the dead space in your bathroom. It will make for a prettier and more ergonomic space, as well as freeing up usable space for you to move around in and use as you please.