Top 10 Beach Themed Bathroom Ideas

An Introduction To Beach Bathroom Ideas

Summer is fast approaching and you know that that means: beach, beach, beach!

However, unless you live by the seaside, you can’t spend every waking moment at the beach.

Instead, why not bring a bit of the beach to you?

A beach themed bathroom, otherwise known as a seaside themed bathroom, is one of the most popular and enduring bathroom styles in the UK and should be top of your list of summer bathroom ideas.

So, how can you achieve your own beach theme bathroom?

How can you put your beach bathroom ideas into reality?

By following this handy guide of course!

Let’s dig in.


Use Bright Colours In Your Beach Style Bathroom

Bright Colour Bathroom

One of the main connotations of the beach is that feeling of being bright and cheery.

There is no quicker way to achieve this in interior design than through the use of bright, cheery colours.

The best colours to use to evoke the beach are red, orange, yellow and blue.

Blue represents the sea, while red, orange and yellow represent the sand, sunshine and heat.

Plus, bright colours are often used in beach hut and changing room designs, so using these in your bathroom can reflect the aesthetic of beach hut design too.


Maximise Lightflow In Your Summer Bathroom Design

LED Mirror

On a similar note to having bright colours, you want the room itself to be bright.

To do this we recommend you maximise lightflow.

You can do this by installing large windows, as well as lots of mirrors to help reflect the light around the room.

Plus, using clear glass for your shower enclosure can help the light flow and your space feel roomy.

We recommend using our LED Mirrors that not only reflect light, but create it too.

You can even set our LED bathroom mirrors to emit orange light, which is perfect for helping recreate the orange glow of a beach sunset.


Utilize Lightwood In Your Beach Theme Bathroom

Lightwood Basin Vanity Unit

Another common element of the beach is wood.

Whether it’s washed up driftwood, or wooden beach huts, wood is everywhere at the beach.

Incorporate light wood into your bathroom through the use of wooden bathroom shelves and wooden basin vanity units.

Not only will these fixtures give you extra storage space, but the light colouration of the wood will look like the sun stripped wood of the beach, helping round out your beach aesthetic.


Incorporate Beach Iconography Into Your Bathroom

Starfish Bathroom Decoration

If you’re up for some orienteering, then the inclusion of objects you found at the beach could be a great way to personalize your bathroom and give your beach aesthetic that authentic edge.

Equally, you can buy some very authentic looking beach iconography from your local home supplies shop or online.

Whichever route you choose, the incorporation of stones, sand, shells and starfish can go a long way to making your beach bathroom feel like the real deal.


Use Beach Hut Bathroom Accessories Like The Robe Hook

Robe Hook

When you use a beach changing room, you may notice that they tend to feature clothes hooks.

This is because these hooks are one of the easiest ways to create non-intrusive storage without taking up much space.

Maybe you need to hang up a wet towel after dipping in the sea, or maybe your trousers as you change into swim shorts. Whatever your needs, the hook is perfect for the beach.

It is also perfect for your home bathroom.

Robe hooks are ideal for bathrobes, coats, towels and more, meaning you can store your items in style, like you’re in your very own private beach changing room.


Show Your Care & Share With Double Basins

Double Basin

Twin cone ice creams, two sunbeds under one big umbrella, two person kayaks; the beach is all about sharing.

With that in mind, you should invest in a double basin.

A double basin is a sink that is large enough to be used by two people simultaneously.

This is not only thanks to its increased size, but also, it’s use of multiple taps.

Install a double basin in your home to channel that easy going nature of the beach and encourage social time in your home.


Install White Fixtures In Your Beach Bathroom

White Round Toilet

Now, to further your bright aesthetic, we recommend you install white bathroom fixtures like white toilets and white basins.

This is because white naturally reflects light really well, helping it bounce around and fill the room.

This will compliment your maximized light and your bright and cheery colours in the bathroom, giving you a unified aesthetic that pushes the beach aesthetic wonderfully.


Plants Are Perfect Beach Hut Bathroom Accessories

Field Grass

It’s always nice to involve a bit of plant life in your interior design. Biophilic design is perfect for bathrooms, especially in Summer.

How, then, can you include plant life in your beach themed bathroom?

Afterall, the beach is associated with sand and the sea, not trees.

You have a few options!

We recommend getting potted field grass. Field grass is that ludicrously tall grass that you get on the banks surrounding the beach and is a perfect addition to your beach theme bathroom, as it helps break up the décor with something natural and alive.

You can also include cacti in your bathroom. Cacti don’t necessarily grow by the beach, but because of their home in the desert, they are heavily associated with sandy areas.

Plus, because you can pot them in sandy soil, they can be an excellent way of safely incorporating beach sand into your summer bathroom design.


Go Open Plan With A Walk In Shower Screen & Linear Floor Drain

Walk In Shower Enclosure And Linear Floor Drain

Another key association of beaches is that airy, open feeling.

Beaches are long and wide and they are completely open.

Your bathroom can be the same!

With the introduction of a walk in shower screen and linear floor drain, you can install a completely open plan shower that you can simply walk in to and use.

This is convenient, accessible and of course aesthetic.

Embrace that natural, open feeling and get yourself a walk in shower screen and linear floor drain for your beach themed bathrooms.


Embrace Nature With Round Bathroom Fixtures

Round Basin

Waves, shells, life rings; there’s a lot of circles at the beach.

So, let’s put some circles into your bathroom.

Round basins and round toilets are the perfect way to incorporate circular design into your bathroom.

For example, a round pedestal basin can stand beautifully as a centerpiece or a wall accompaniment.

Meanwhile, a round comfort height toilet fits beautifully into your bathroom while also making it more comfortable.


Final Thoughts On Seaside Bathrooms

Overall, there are a lot of ways to make your bathroom into a beach style bathroom in time for summer.

Through the incorporation of bright colours and beach iconography, to installing walk in shower screens and LED bathroom mirrors.

Let us know your favourite way of incorporating beach bathroom ideas into your bathroom in the comments below and for bathroom design tips and tricks, keep reading our blog.