Toilet Seats Explained

An Introduction To Toilet Seats

The humble toilet seat is a must have for any bathroom, yet it is often overshadowed by its flashier cohabitants. So, today let us dive into everything you need to know about toilet seats, and there is a lot to know, so you can make an informed decision.


Why Do We Have Toilet Seats?

Toilet seats serve two main purposes, they act as an extra barrier between you and any extra germs from the toilet and they are comfortable to sit on. If you just had to squat or try and sit on a seatless toilet, you’d get uncomfortable quickly.

So, you may have wondered, “Do I Need A Toilet Seat?”

Yes. Yes, you do.


The History Of Toilet Seats

The History Of Toilet Seats

Versions of the toilet seat can be traced back to ancient China, Rome and Egypt. The seat was typically made from Limestone and seen as a luxury fit for the rich. It wasn’t until much later that they were recognized as a necessity worldwide.


Modern Toilet Seats

The toilet seat has evolved quite a lot since ancient times and you can now purchase quite a variety of seats with a plethora of unique functions.

Soft Close Toilet Seat

Soft Close Toilet Seat

Soft close toilet seats are specially designed to slowly and quietly close on their own. They achieve this through the use of specialized hinges that allow a slow descent.

The primary benefit of this is that the toilet seat will no longer bang, so you don’t have to worry about waking people up or startling the dog after you’ve popped to the loo after midnight.

The good news is that all of Durovin’s toilet seats are soft close seats, so you never have to worry again.

Quick Release Toilet Seat

Quick Release Toilet Seat

Another great improvement on the toilet seat is the quick release toilet seat. Quick release toilet seats have hinges that can be unlocked with a button, so you can easily and quickly remove and attach your toilet seat.

This makes installation, cleaning and replacement of the toilet seat an utter breeze. This even means you can be more hygienic when you clean as you will be able to easily access parts of the toilet seat and toilet usually blocked by each other, so you can be more hygienic.

Toilet Seat With Integrated Potty

Toilet Seat With Potty

A toilet seat with an integrated potty is a fantastic addition to your home if you have a baby. The toilet seat can make it more convenient to potty train your baby and can even speed up the process, as they will be used to sitting on a toilet.

Toilet Seat With Integrated Bidet

You can even get toilet seats with integrated bidets. These seats use electricity to add bidet functions. However, due to their use of electricity they can be a bit impractical. We personally recommend having a separate bidet instead.

Heated Toilet Seats

Similar to bidet toilet seats, heated toilet seats are quite popular in niche communities. Toilet seats with integrated heaters are designed to make sure your sit down on the toilet is as comfortable as possible. No one likes that little shock you get when you plonk down on a cold toilet seat, heated toilet seats can eliminate this problem.

However, most need to be hardwired which will require an electrician to do safely. Some are battery operated, but you still have the impracticality of using electricity so close to water. We personally recommend opting for a fluffy seat warmer, as they are electricity free and can often be very cute.

Ultra Slim Toilet Seat

Ultra Thin Toilet Seat

Ultra slim toilet seats are beautiful, minimalist and space saving toilet seats. Their thin design gives them a modern look and helps keep your room looking spacious. If you are looking to maximise space in your bathroom or to fit a modern aesthetic, then this is the perfect toilet seat for you.


Toilet Seat Shapes

Toilet seats come in a wide variety of shapes. The biggest factor to consider when choosing the shape of your toilet seat, is the shape of your toilet. There is no point choosing an oval toilet seat if you have a square toilet, as the two won’t fit together. Unless, of course, you plan to hang it as a wall decoration. So, what are the different shapes of toilet seat? Let’s find out!

Oval Toilet Seat

Oval Toilet Seat

Oval shaped toilet seats are the classic shape that you will find adorning most older toilets. They came about during a time when curved and bubbly fixtures were all the rage. Nowadays, you see a much more varied display of toilet designs, but if you want that classic look, you want an oval bowled toilet and oval toilet seat.

Square Toilet Seat

Square Toilet Seat

Square toilet seats are a common modern incarnation of the toilet seat. Their angular body suits the sharper style of modern décor, which is usually full of straight lines. Plus, it is often considered that square toilet seats are comfier than their contemporaries, as their shape lends your body more support. So, if comfort is king, a square toilet and square toilet seat is right for you.

D Shape Toilet Seat

D Shaped Toilet Seat

A D shaped toilet seat combines the square design and oval design effortlessly, giving you the best of both worlds. The square body provides comfort, while the curved end provides some of that classical look. If you don’t want to associate your bathroom with classical or modern stylings, the D shaped toilet seat acts as a neutral, timeless seat that is just right for you.

Custom Toilet Seat

As well as your typical shapes, there are a lot of custom shapes too. These custom shapes are typically further iterations on one of the basic toilet seat shapes. For example, a popular trend in the seaside is to fit your toilet with a shell effect toilet seat. Shell toilet seats are simply oval toilet seats that have been embossed and textured in such a way to make them resemble a common sea shell.


Toilet Seat Prices

Now, an important factor of any purchase is the price, so how much do toilet seats cost?

There are a lot of factors that go into toilet seat price. Hollow plastic ones are very cheap but not very durable, whereas treated wooden toilet seats can be very durable but are very expensive.

Your average toilet seat can cost as much as sixty pounds, however here at Durovin all of our high quality toilet seats are priced between nineteen pounds and thirty pounds, ensuring you can have luxury for less.


Toilet Seat Sizes

Toilet Seat Sizes

There is an infinite array of toilet seat sizes, so how do you pick the right one for your toilet? You have to measure both the toilet and prospective toilet seats.

Simply, take a tape measure and measure your toilet bowl’s width and length, as well as the space between the two mounting holes. Then, repeat this process with your toilet seat, if all the measurements match, then you’re on to a winner!

One of the reasons it is important to do this is because there is no universal toilet seat size. This is because on top of the massive variety of toilet shapes, there is also a wide range of toilet bowl projections. This is the factor that determines how far the toilet protrudes from the wall. Naturally, the longer the projection is, the longer the seat will need to be.

Always check the measurements of both your toilet and seat before deciding on a purchase!


Toilet Seat Colours

Typically, toilet seats either come in white or black, or a particular shade of wooden brown. However, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to toilet seat colours and if you have waterproof paint, then you can even change the colour of your seat on the fly.

It has been known for people to give their bathrooms complete monocolour makeovers, such as painting everything baby pink, including the toilet and toilet seat. So, follow your heart!

If you do plan on painting your toilet seat, it is probably best to start with a white toilet seat as a base.

Currently, white toilet seats, grey toilet seats and black toilet seats are quite popular.


Toilet Seat Materials

Toilet seats are typically made of either plastic or wood. Plastic toilet seats have the benefit of being lighter and more scratch resistant, whereas wooden toilet seats are sturdier and warmer. The main differences between the two are aesthetics, plastic toilet seats look extremely modern and stylish, while wooden toilet seats have their own beautiful rustic charm. Follow the aesthetic of your bathroom to determine what material you should use for your toilet seat.


How To Install A Toilet Seat

How To Install A Toilet Seat

The good news is, if you have previously installed a quick release toilet seat and are swapping it for another quick release toilet seat, you simply need to detach the old toilet seat and slot the new one and hey presto, you’ve done it.

But say you need to install a new one from scratch, then what?

Luckily, it’s still pretty simple!

First you need to install the hinges. To do this, all you need to do is bolt one of your quick release hinges to each mounting hole and make sure the prongs match the orientation of the seat. Then you can simply slot the toilet seat on like normal! It really is that easy.

“But how do I uninstall a toilet seat?” I hear you ask. Well, simply detach the seat from the hinges and then unbolt the hinges from the toilet. Removing a toilet seat is that easy!

Thankfully, modern quick release toilet seats truly are easy to install and uninstall.


How To Tighten A Toilet Seat

Tightening a toilet seat is actually really easy. All you have to do is turn the bolt attaching the seat to the toilet clockwise until it is tighter. This can typically be done with your fingers, however you can also use a flat screwdriver.


How To Clean A Toilet Seat

We recommend using a soapy sponge and an antibacterial wipe to clean the seat down, you can then use a cloth to dry it. if you have a quick release toilet seat, detach the seat and clean the areas you can’t usually reach for the proper deep clean experience.


To Conclude

As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to toilet seats, and now hopefully you have the information needed to choose the right toilet seat for you. As a parting reminder, please remember to check the measurements of your toilet before choosing a seat, and don’t forget to make your life easier with a quick release toilet seat.