The Rectangular Shower Enclosure

An Introduction To Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures can be the icing on the cake to any style of bathroom. Whether it’s a regular shower a walk-in shower, the enclosure is often the defining factor. This is because it will dictate the size, aesthetic, and functionality of the shower. If you have a massive enclosure, you will have more room to shower, while if you have a smaller one you will have less. If you have a curved shower enclosure, you may save some space, but if you have a rectangular shower enclosure you may need more space. This article will focus on Rectangular Shower Enclosures and how they could be the perfect enclosure for you and your shower.


What Is A Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

A shower enclosure is a container that enveloped the shower and tray. This is usually made of glass and can come in many sizes and shapes. One of the most popular shapes is the rectangle. This is because a rectangular shower enclosure, or rectangular shower cubicle, naturally offers a lot of space for the user to wash themselves in when compared to other shapes. This is because of a rectangles inherently large surface area in proportion to other enclosures like the square enclosure or pentagonal enclosure.


What Other Shapes Of Shower Enclosure Are There?

Different Shower Enclosure Shapes

You may be wondering, which shower enclosure is best? The answer is that each have their own benefits. The square shower enclosure is the classic and offers plenty of space to shower, but also takes that space out of your bathroom. Meanwhile the quadrant and pentagonal shower enclosures take up less space because of their cut corner design, but resultingly have less space to shower in. The Rectangular Shower Enclosure offers a lot of space but also takes up the most room. This adds a opulent, luxurious look to your bathroom and makes it a perfect fit for walk-in showers that need large shower trays to catch all of the water.


What Door Is Best For A Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

Any Shower Door could be the perfect door for your rectangular shower enclosure, it all depends on your needs and wants. For example, if after installing your large rectangular shower enclosure you need to save space, then it would be best to install a bi-fold shower door. However, if you want the most modern look, then it would be best to install a sliding shower door, as a rectangular shower enclosure with sliding door looks stylish and reflect contemporary design. Conversely, if you want a classic look or have a large bathroom, then the hinged shower door could be ideal for you. If you’re trying to build a specific aesthetic, you may want your to get glass bathroom doors to match your enclosure door.


Is A Rectangular Shower Enclosure Private?

Frosted Glass Shower Enclosure

Yes. Like any shower enclosure, you can opt to have the glass fully or partly frosted. By having shower enclosures with frosted glass you make it so people cannot see within the shower. This is ideal for a home with multiple people, as you wouldn’t want any unhappy accidents. If you have bought a version with unfrosted glass but find yourself in need of some extra privacy, you can also look into shower curtains as a secondary option.


What Shower Tray Is Best For The Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

Rectangular Shower Tray

Naturally, a rectangular shower enclosure will require a rectangular shower tray. If you are installing a shower tray, you will want it to match the size and shape of your shower enclosure. This is so that water doesn’t escape and there is no collision damage. However, you could also opt to waterproof the space and use the shower enclosure as a way of cordoning off a wet room. If that is the case, you will instead want a linear shower drain to blend in with your floor.

What Shower Head Goes With A Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

Functionally, shape doesn’t matter much in this situation, but aesthetically you will probably want a square shower head, as that angular aesthetic will match nicely with your rectangular shower enclosure. Furthermore, it may be worth investing in a shower head with more mobility, such as a shower head with swivelling capabilities or a handheld shower head. This is because the rectangular shower allows for more user manoeuvrability and you want to ensure that wherever you move to, you can comfortably be covered in water.


Are Rectangular Shower Enclosures Accessible?

Accessible Shower Enclosures

Yes. As they are large and spacious, rectangular shower enclosures are probably the most accessible enclosure. This is because the large space allows for extra mobility and room for any needed paraphernalia. You will probably want to pair this with a wet room floor or flush shower tray to make the shower as accessible as possible by getting rid of any steps.


Are rectangular shower enclosures safe?

Yes, Durovin rectangular shower enclosures are safe. This is because they are made from safety glass that has withstood numerous rigorous tests, such as a steel ball test. Safety Glass means that the enclosure is much less likely to break if someone or something is dropped against it, which keeps you and your loved ones as safe as possible. To improve safety, it is recommended to pair the enclosure with an anti-slip shower tray, as that reduces the risk of slipping and falling.


What Sizes Can A Rectangular Shower Enclosure Be?

Rectangular Shower Enclosures come in a number of sizes, depending on what you require, starting at around eight hundred by seven hundred and fifty millimetres and reaching up to one thousand two hundred by one thousand millimetres. When deciding what size is best for you, we recommend you draw up a scaled down floor plan so that you can prejudge what size of enclosure would fit your space best.


What Aesthetic Does A Rectangular Shower Enclosure Fit?

When it comes to making your bathroom look good, understanding aesthetic principles is key. We believe that a rectangular shower enclosure best fits a big, open, and modern space. By capitalising on the size of the enclosure, you can make it into a statement piece and use it as the feature, or as part of an ensemble of grandiose fixtures. We recommend looking at black basins and taps, wall hung toilets and LED mirrors to help build out your modern bathroom.


Do I Need A Shower Enclosure?

The answer may surprise you, as technically you do not need a shower enclosure. Obviously, you could choose to opt for a bathtub instead, but you could also choose to waterproof your space and convert it into a wet room. That way you have no need for an enclosure, as the entire room is your enclosure. However, if you want the wet room experience, but still want it segmented from your regular bathroom, a rectangular shower enclosure is the way to go. This is because of their aforementioned luxurious amount of space which makes them perfect for segmenting off a wet room or installing a walk-in shower.


How Much Does A Rectangular Shower Enclosure Cost?

Rectangular Shower Enclosure Price

Rectangular Shower Enclosures vary in price, depending on the size of the enclosure. This is because, the more glass the enclosure needs the more will have to be charged for it to be profitable. Using our Ravenna 17-nd, a sliding door shower enclosure, as an example, you can see that the price ranges are different depending on the size of the glass side panel. You can choose a side panel of either 750mm, 800mm, 900mm or 1000mm. You can then also choose a glass door from options that range from 1000mm to 1500mm at intervals of 50mm. Once you have chosen both, a price will generate. Let’s have a look at those price ranges.

750mm Rectangular Shower Enclosure

For a rectangular shower enclosure with the 750mm side panel, your price sits between £278.25 and £378. This is very cheap for a Rectangular Shower Enclosure, which can be demonstrated in comparison to other enclosures. However, you will get slightly less space, so this is recommended for someone looking for luxury on a low budget.

800mm Rectangular Shower Enclosure

For a rectangular shower enclosure with the 800mm side panel, your price sits between £288.75 – £383.25. this is still very cheap but it affords you more space. We recommend this option for someone still looking to save money but willing to splash out that little bit more.

900mm Rectangular Shower Enclosure

For a rectangular shower enclosure with the 900mm side panel, your price sits between £299.25 –  £388.50. This is where the prices start  to get a bit more expensive, however they are very much worth it as the larger panel allows you to have more space. If you’re looking to create a feeling of opulence in a medium sized space, this option is perfect for you.

1000mm Rectangular Shower Enclosure

For a rectangular shower enclosure with the 1000mm side panel, your price sits between £304.50 - £399. This is our more expensive option, but it affords you a considerable amount of space. It is recommended for the person looking for uncompromising luxury and accessibility.

As you can see, the price of your rectangular shower enclosure will vary depending on the size of its various components. Think about your needs and desires, as well as your budget when deciding on not only your enclosure but the size of said enclosure.


How Do You Install A Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

Rectangular Shower Enclosure Instructions

It is recommended for any shower enclosure installation or uninstallation that you have at least two people working on the endeavour. This is so one can help hold glass when needed. It is crucial you consider the safety of yourself or others and follow guidance like this, as it will help you avoid injury and breakages. Now, without further ado, let’s install your enclosure.

Step 1 – Install The Aluminium Profiles

First you will need to install your two aluminium profiles onto the wall. Measure the walls using a tape measure to decide where you need to place the profiles. When you do this, also press your spirit level against the wall to make sure everything is level. Place your aluminium profiles against the wall, and mark where their holes are on the wall. Put the profiles somewhere safe and then drill into the walls. Once you have drilled into the walls, you can place your wall plugs inside, put your profiles back against the wall and screw them into the plugs.

Step 2 – Install The Glass Panels

Now, you need to install the glass. This is where you will need two people, so make sure to phone a friend. Together, carefully lift the glass panels and slide them into the profiles. Depending on your type of door, you may also need to install a bar, bracket, or bathroom door sliders to allow it to slide. You may also have to screw your hinges into your door. Consult your instruction manual to check exactly what needs to be done. Once the glass panels are in place and any necessary extras have been attached, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 3 – Seal The Enclosure

Finally, you will need to then attach the top caps to the ends of the enclosure by just pressing them on top. Then use silicon to seal the edges of the profiles against their respective walls, this helps waterproof the enclosure and prevents any unwanted leaks!

Once that is all done, you have officially installed your rectangular shower enclosure. However, you need to wait for twenty-four hours after you apply the silicon, to ensure it has dried and made the enclosure water tight. Once that is done, you can finally take a shower!


How Do You Replace A Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

If you need to replace any element of your enclosure, or the enclosure as whole, it is actually pretty easy. However, make sure not to forget to get a friend to help you if you are uninstalling your shower enclosure, as like with the installation process, you will need a helpful pair of hands.

Step 1 – Uninstalling The Glass Panels

This part will vary depending on what kind of door you have. You will have to unscrew any arm or mechanism attached to the glass that allows it to function as a door. Once that is done, you and our friend must slide the glass panel and glass door out of their respective aluminium profiles and store them somewhere safe.

Step 2 – Uninstalling The Aluminium Profiles

Next up, you must cut the seals around the profiles using a tool knife. By cutting the seal, you allow the profiles to be unscrewed. Speaking of, it is time to screw the aluminium profiles. With that done, your installation is mostly finished, however there is an important final step.

Step 3 – Proper Waste Disposal

Make sure you dispose of any glass and other hazardous materials safely and responsibly. If you aren’t sure how glass or any other material is disposed of in your area, look online or call your council and they should inform you.

Step 4 – Installation The New Enclosure

Finally, it is time to install your new enclosure. Simply check the earlier section regarding how to install your enclosure and don’t forget to consult your provided instructions!


How Do You Clean And Maintain A Rectangular Shower Enclosure?

When it comes to cleaning a rectangular shower enclosure, you need hot, soapy water and nonabrasive cloth. Wipe down the glass surfaces and rinse them off. Luckily, as Durovin shower enclosures are frameless, there are no pesky frames to clean that could build up grime and mould. You want to clean your enclosure at least weekly to keep it as sanitary as possible, after all you can’t get clean via an unclean fixture!


To Conclude…

Overall, there are many reasons to invest in a rectangular shower enclosure, from their spaciousness to their style. They can be a great benefit to any style and are extremely accessible. They are also safe and capable of being completely private. If you are still curious about showers, we have been running a blog series explaining everything you need to know about showers, everything you need to know about shower trays and explaining specific elements like bi-fold doors.