The Durovin Bathrooms Christmas List

What To Buy For Christmas

We understand it can be quite difficult to shop for people’s Christmas Presents, so we’ve put together a short, but comprehensive Christmas list to give you some inspiration!


Robe Hook £19.56

Robe Hook

Did you know a dressing gown or bath robe is a popular gift across many cultures? However, if you don’t have anywhere to hang it, it could easily get damaged or dirty. That’s where our ornate robe hooks come in. These fashionable fixtures look the part and keep your robes looking the part, so invest in a smart present that shows you care and keeps the walls from looking bare.


Soft Close Toilet Seat £23.53

Soft Close Toilet Seat

Do you know someone who is a light sleeper? If so, they’ve definitely been woken up by the bang of a toilet seat in the night. That’s why you should get them a soft close toilet seat. Our soft close toilet seats slowly close on their own and come to their terminus silently and softly. Say goodbye to restless sleep and say hello to a quieter toilet.


Ultra-Thin Shower Head £33.98

Ultra Thin Shower Head

Most people, unfortunately, forget to regularly replace their shower heads. It is genuinely best practice to replace your shower head every six months or so, to make sure no damage from use is affecting your health. So, get your loved one a beautiful, streamlined shower head with extra functionality. Get our ultra-slim, pivoting shower head.


Long Neck Mixer Tap £41.19

Long Neck Mixer Tap

Speaking of extra utility, give your loved ones the gift of options. Out long neck mixer tap can summon both hot and cold water and has an extended tap neck that allows it to reach any part of your sink. What better gift is there than an improved quality of life?


Floating Shelf £108.14

Floating Shelf

Minimalists are famously quite hard to buy for, as by nature they don’t want much. So, let’s embrace the modern. Floating shelves save space and look great in a minimalist home. Floating bathroom shelves give the minimalist in your life a smart, chic decoration and storage solution that adheres to their aesthetic. This also works perfectly if you’re looking for small bathroom ideas or cloakroom bathroom ideas.


Anti-Fog Mirror £109.67

Anti-Fog Mirror

Speaking of aesthetic, no one wants a fogged up mirror. You can’t even use them, to boot. So, you should buy your friend who spends a bit too long in the shower an anti-fog mirror with LED lights and demister pad, so it never steams up, meaning they can always take time out of their day to reflect.


Bidet £128.40


Truly, there is no better gift than one that consistently improves your quality of life and saves you money. That’s why you should give the gift of a bidet. Bidet’s are a cleaner, more hygienic alternative to toilet paper that completely remove the need for toilet paper, so whoever receives this gift can save money every month, indefinitely.


Double Basin £162.91

Double Basin

What do you get the couple that has everything? You get them more time.  A double basin can be used by two people simultaneously, so they can spend more quality time together while getting ready, and they can cut out all that wasted time waiting for eachother to get ready. That way, there’s more time in the day for fun. £162.91


Comfort Height Toilet £187.20

Comfort Height Toilet

How do you treat an elderly person this Christmas? You treat them with something comfortable! Our comfort height toilets are perfect for the elderly, taller people and those with mobility issues, as the higher seat is easier to access. Give the gift of comfortable living!


Walk In Shower Screen £189.00

Walk In Shower Screen

Finally, if you truly want to give the gift of luxury this Christmas, then give the gift of a walk in shower. Our walk in shower screens provide you with ample room for a massive, luxurious and accessible shower. Our extra large offering of 1200 x 2000mm is perfect for those looking to live large this holiday.


Happy Holidays From Durovin Bathrooms

Christmas is coming, so shop now and get your loved one’s luxurious gifts from