Semi-Recessed Basins Explained

An Introduction To Semi Recessed Basins

Semi Recessed Basins, or “Semi-Recessed Basins” if you’re feeling fancy, are a brilliant type of sink that can bring an immense sense of style and substance to your bathroom. Let’s dive in to all the details you need to know to be able to make an informed choice and choose your own semi-recessed basin.


What Is A Semi Recessed Basin?


A semi-recessed basin is a bathroom sink that is partially embedded into the counter or tabletop that it is affixed to. This is done to help give the basin a streamlined aesthetic, as well as helping users save space in their bathroom. If you are looking for a modern basin that can truly be integrated into your space, then you can’t do better than a semi-recessed basin.


How Does A Semi Recessed Basin Work?


A semi recessed basin is slotted into a hole in your surface, whether it’s a counter top, a shelf, a vanity unit or something else.


Semi Recessed Basin Pros And Cons


Now that we understand what a semi-recessed basin is, let’s analyse the benefits and draw backs of semi-recessed basins.

Pros Of Semi Recessed Basins

Cons Of Semi Recessed Basins

Saves Space

Difficult To Install

Hides Pipes

More Likely To Splash


Space Saving Semi Recessed Basins

Space Saving Semi Recessed Basins

Because semi-recessed basins are embedded into furniture, they save a lot of space in your bathroom, as they don’t take up much extra space, whereas basins like counter top basins or freestanding basins will naturally take up much more space. If you are trying to save space in your bathroom, then a semi-recessed basin is a great option.


Pipe Hiding Semi Recessed Basins

Because of their semi-recessed nature, these basins naturally conceal their piping. This is perfect for anyone looking to create a minimalist bathroom or simply don’t want exposed piping. To achieve this, you will need to install your semi-recessed basin onto a cupboard or vanity unit that has the capacity to conceal piping. We recommend choosing a vanity unit with drawers, because that way you can hid the piping but still access it when necessary.


Types Of Semi Recessed Basin

There are actually two main types of semi-recessed basins. Let’s give them a look.


Vertically Semi Recessed Basin

Vertically embedded semi-recessed basins are a common variant and are what we stock here at Durovin Bathrooms. These basins are partially recessed into their respective surface without, with their exposed elements coming out of the top of the surface. These basins are ideal for anyone trying to save space or keep their surfaces looking tidy.


Horizontally embedded semi-recessed basins are also very common. They are embedded into the front of their respective surface and have the front of their body partially exposed. These are very pretty options, but take up more space than their vertically inclined cousins.


Semi Recessed Basin Shapes

Semi-recessed basins can afford to come in many different shapes as they, like counter top basins, are supported by the surface they are affixed on. Let’s explore the different shapes of semi recessed basins available.

Oval Semi Recessed Basin

Oval Semi Recessed Basin

Oval shaped semi-recessed basins are beautiful and extremely modern looking. They have a streamlined aesthetic that gives them an extremely contemporary look. As well as this, the curved nature of the oval basin coupled with its semi-recessed form helps you save a lot of compounding space in your bathroom.

Rectangular Semi Recessed Basin

Rectangular Semi Recessed Basin

Rectangular semi-recessed basins are a terrific version of semi recessed sink because they have the possibility to reach the immense sizes of large rectangular basins while taking up much less space than their rectangular counter top alternatives.

Curved Rectangular Semi Recessed Basin

Rounded Rectangular Semi Recessed Basin

Curved semi-recessed basins are a fantastic, modern twist on the rectangular semi-recessed basin that helps save space and give your bathroom a minimalist, streamlined appearance. It does all this, while keeping the great size of rectangular sink vessels. This is the perfect vessel for someone looking to save as much space as possible while having as much sink space as possible.

D Shaped Semi Recessed Basin

D Shaped Semi Recessed Basin

A D shaped semi recessed basin is a great combination of the qualities of the rectangular basin and curved basin in a semi-recessed form. By having an extended straight edge, the D shaped semi recessed basin essentially has an integrated shelf at the back of the basin. This is brilliant, especially for those looking to increase the storage capacity of their basin. You can easily store toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, moisturizer and more on the back of a D shaped basin, while still utilizing the space saving qualities of semi-recessed basins and curved basins.


Semi Recessed Basin Dimensions

So, you want a semi recessed basin, but you’re not sure which size is best for you. Let’s run down the sizes of semi-recessed basin and decipher which is right for you.

Large Semi Recessed Basin

 Double Semi Recessed Basin

Our largest semi recessed basin is a whopping  1440mm stone resin semi-recessed double basin. This massive basin is so big that it gives you the ability to use it simultaneously with another person. The benefits of these large double basins are that it makes bathroom time much more efficient and convenient for your entire household.


Medium Semi Recessed Basin

 Semi-Recessed Basin

Our medium sized semi recessed basin is our Colossum 04, the 1000 x 480mm semi-recessed basin. Part of this basin is actually an integrated shelf. This is a great way to make a medium sized basin stand out and give it extra utility. If you only have enough space for a midsized basin, we recommend installing one with extra utility like our 1000mm semi-recessed basin with integrated shelf.


Small Semi Recessed Basin

Our smallest semi-recessed basin is the 600 x 400mm semi recessed oval basin known as the Brussel 5006A. This oval basin is a compact sink that capitalizes on the space saving nature of the semi-recessed body. This sink is perfect for anyone without much space in their home.


What Is The Best Material For A Semi Recessed Basin?

Most of our semi-recessed basins are made from stone resin. This is because stone resin basins can typically last the longest and when you’re installing a basin directly within a surface, you want one that will last. If you’re in your forever home, invest in a stone resin semi recessed basin. If you’re looking to save a bit of money, then a ceramic semi recessed basin is ideal for you.


What Is The Best Colour For A Semi Recessed Basin?

Our semi recessed basins are typically white. This is because this is the classic basin colour and is considered pretty universal. However, black semi recessed basins are also very popular. As semi recessed sinks are heavily intwined with the surface they are affixed to, then you should choose your basin colour based on your surface colour. Maybe you want to compliment your surface, or maybe you wish to contrast it. Just make sure your basin and counter look good together, as together they shall be.


What Is The Best Furniture For A Semi Recessed Basin?

Semi-recessed basins best work with counters, shelves and vanity units. This is because semi recessed basins need a surface to be embedded into and these options provide the basin with the correct support, as well as in some cases extra functionality. Large counters can give you extra space on the side to store objects and vanity units with drawers allow you to store items under your sink.


What Taps Are Best For Semi Recessed Basins?

Semi Recessed Basin With Tap Hole

Monobloc taps are probably your best bet with semi-recessed basins for a couple of reasons. The primary reason is that semi-recessed basins are ideal for saving space, so furthering that concept with taps that can utilize the functionality of multiple taps in a singular tap. Secondly, most of our semi-recessed basins come with a singular tap hole, making monobloc taps the perfect fit.


Is A Commercial Semi Recessed Basin Right For My Business?


Using semi-recessed basins in your business is a great idea. They make for great office bathroom sinks and public basins as they are difficult to tamper with. This is because of their embedded design. As they are partially embedded in the surface, they cannot be removed or broken by accident or on purpose, whereas a countertop basin is easier to break as it is fully exposed. In a public facing setting where heavy foot traffic is likely.


How To Fit A Semi Recessed Basin


The installation of a semi recessed basin is quite paradoxical, in the sense that it can be quite easy to install on paper, but in practice it can be quite difficult. This is because there are only a few steps, which go as follows:


  • Cut a hole in the counter
  • Use silicon to seal the basin to the counter
  • Attach the piping from the wall to the basin


These instructions are simple enough, however cutting the perfect basin hole in your countertop can be quite difficult if you are not experienced in DIY. If you are not confident enough to accurately cut a precise hole in your counter, then ask a professional. If you let your plumber know you need a semi-recessed basin installing, they should be able to do this for you.


How To Uninstall A Semi Recessed Basin


Now, removing a semi-recessed basin is quite difficult. This is because, if you do it incorrectly then you could break either the basin, the counter, or both. The main thing to get right is to cut the seal between the basin and the surface completely before trying to move the basin. It’s easy enough to cut the seal on the top of the counter. However, some sealant can be hard to reach and therefore cut. If you are struggling, approach a plumber or try using a flat knife to slide the knife other the basin.


How To Clean And Maintain A Semi Recessed Basin


Luckily, semi recessed basins are very easy to clean. In fact, as they are mostly embedded in the surface, there is less exposed body that needs cleaning when compared to other basins. To clean your basin, simply wipe it down with antibacterial wipes or wash it down with a microfibre cloth and soapy water. 



Semi-recessed basins are perfect for anyone looking for a sophisticated basin that saves space and literally embeds itself in the space. If you’re still unsure about which basin is right for you, then check out our blog which features individual articles breaking down every kind of basin, as well as a general covering article to learn everything you need to know about basins.