Rustic Bathroom Ideas

How To Design A Rustic Bathroom

A rustic home can evoke feelings of simplicity, tranquility and a closeness to nature, however it can be difficult to define how to make a bathroom feel rustic without creating a space that needs a lot of maintenance.

So, in this article we will break down exactly how you can make the rustic bathroom of your dreams.

Let’s begin.


What Is A Rustic Bathroom?

First of all, let’s even the playing field and define exactly what a rustic bathroom is.

Rustic design can be defined as a set of aesthetic principles that embrace older styles, most typically associated with farmhouses.

The resurgence of this aesthetic movement is a response to modern and contemporary designs which often favour colder, less natural aesthetic elements.

It is important to note however there is something called the Modern Rustic aesthetic that seeks to combine the best qualities of both styles.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how you can design a rustic bathroom.


Wooden Bathroom Furniture

Wooden Basin Vanity Unit

Wood is one of the main components of a rustic home design.

A great way to add wood to your bathroom in a way that is safe is through the use of wooden bathroom vanity units.

Wooden bathroom vanity units sit underneath your basins or attach to the bottom of them and provide you with ample storage directly under your sink.

Durovin Bathrooms provides a wide array of colours for our wooden bathroom vanity units and we recommend our warmer looking units for your bathroom as they make for perfect rustic bathroom vanities.


Stone Resin Basins

Stone Resin Basins

Another key ingredient to your rustic home is stone.

Stone is one of the best natural resources we have and it can be very easily incorporated into your bathroom through the use of stone resin basins.

Our stone resin basins are extremely strong and durable, even being able to last a lifetime with the right care. Life doesn’t get simpler than that, which is perfect for a rustic bathroom.

Plus, the earthy connotations of stone really help bring in that natural vibe.


Exposed Metal Fixtures

Exposed Plumbing

The final main material to consider is metal.

You are likely to see lots of exposed metal on a farm due to the nature of a farm’s tools.

Because of this, there is an expectation to see exposed metal in a rustic space.

The best way to do this is to have exposed piping and brackets in your bathroom.

We recommend installing our basin bottle trap, as it is an exposed metal plumbing fixture that has the added benefit of preventing clogs and smells.

We also recommend installing wooden shelves with exposed metal brackets, like our 450 mm Rectangular Matte Black Steel Brackets for Bathroom Basin Shelves or our Rectangular Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Mirror Finish Basin Shelf Brackets.

These shelf brackets are an easy way to add that rustic metal look to your bathroom without breaking the bank and by either complimenting your existing bathroom shelves or by adding some much needed extra storage to your bathroom.


Exposed Brick Walls And Split Log Walls

Speaking of exposed, you will want to incorporate some exposed brick or logs into your walls.

Exposed brick and exposed split log are very common wall materials in farmhouses and make for excellent rustic home features.

This is especially true in the bathroom, where it can be harder to nail the vibe, meaning a big feature wall of brick or log could easily and quickly sell the exact aesthetic you’re aiming for.


Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding Bathtubs

Like a lot of older design philosophies, bathtubs were more common.

Specifically, freestanding bathtubs.

Freestanding bathtubs can be placed almost anywhere, as long as the relevant plumbing can be fed to them, making them a pretty simple installation as far bathtubs go, as well as the perfect addition to your rustic bathroom.


Interior Sliding Doors

Interior Sliding Door

Sliding doors, or barn doors, are synonymous with rustic design; and thanks to modern design principles, you have more sliding door options than ever before.

Traditionally, you would have to opt for a wooden sliding door, which has a great rustic aesthetic but doesn’t fully capitalize on what a sliding door is capable of.

Meanwhile, glass interior sliding doors give you the traditional benefits of sliding doors, like their quiet close and their space saving design, as well as extra benefits such as drastically increased light flow.

Now, when hearing the word “glass” you may become quite concerned about privacy, but don’t worry.

Durovin Bathrooms stocks a variety of frosted glass bathroom doors that give you a great amount of light flow while also securing your privacy.

If you want a purely traditional rustic bathroom experience, then opt for the wooden sliding door.

However, if you are willing to dip your toe into modern rustic design, then you can have a great experience with interior sliding glass doors.



Like a lot of bathroom designs, rustic bathroom design benefits from the addition of plants.

But which plants?

We recommend daffodils.

They are an extremely pretty plant that can be placed in bunches around your room to help brighten up the décor and ground you rustic aesthetic, as their chunky stems have a great earthy look to them, while their yellow bulbs are beautiful.


Towel Hooks

Towel Hooks

Tool hooks, key hooks, coat hooks.

Your rustic home is bound to be full of hooks.

Your bathroom shouldn’t be any different!

You should invest in bathroom robe hooks and towel hooks.

These nifty storage solutions are a great way to accessorise and add utility while also keeping on theme.

This is especially true with Durovin’s robe hooks as they have a brilliant metal shine to them.


Repurposed Elements

Another iconic element of rustic design is the use of repurposed items as furniture.

This can range across an extremely broad spectrum, from barrels as basin vanities, to jars as light coverings.

Look around your home or consider thrift shopping to see what you can find that can be safely repurposed to give your bathroom some real character.


Multiple Taps

Two Tap Basin

One faucet of rustic design is the presence of multiple taps.

(See what I did there?)

A two tap sink is a classic design that predates the moder modern single tap basin that was ushered in by the popularization of mixer taps and monobloc taps.

If you’re designing a rustic bathroom, having multiple taps for your basin will fit the aesthetic much better.


Black Fixtures

Black Bathroom Tap

Black fixtures, such as black taps and black basins, fit the earthy aesthetic of rustic bathrooms extremely well.

As well as this, they complement the use of metals and darker woods, adding a pseudo-industrial look to your rustic bathroom.


An Earthy Colour Scheme

To expand on the idea of using black fixtures in your rustic bathroom, we suggest you build a colour scheme based on the three tenets of brown, black and terracotta.

These colours, especially in combination, evoke the earthy, grounded mood you need to properly achieve this aesthetic.

The husky burnt orange of terracotta gives the room a beautiful, warm look and beautifully compliments the moodier browns and blacks.


Warm Lighting

Warm Lighting

Speaking of warm oranges, if you are daring to venture into modern rustic territory, we advise you install one of our LED mirrors.

Our LED mirrors can emit beautiful orange light that perfectly invigorates the rustic warmth of the room.

This simple touch does include the introduction of some modern technology, so it’s up to you whether you feel like it is a necessary inclusion.


A Skylight

Finally, a great way to add some rustic charm to any space, especially your bathroom, is to install a skylight.

A skylight lets natural light flow into your room, without impeding on your privacy.

Plus, the real kicker is, you can look out at the stars from inside.

This is the perfect rustic cherry on top of any room design and is perfect for your bathroom, as it can offer increased light flow and ventilation.


Final Thoughts On Rustic Bathroom Design

There are lots of ways you can achieve a rustic bathroom aesthetic in your home. From the inclusion of metal shelf brackets, to installing sliding glass doors.

Just remember, keep it simple and keep the picture of a farmhouse bathroom in mind.

For more aesthetic guidance and bathroom ideas, check out the rest of our blog where we explain how to design an ergonomic bathroom, cottagecore bathroom, gothic bathroom and more.