It’s Time You Built An Ensuite

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Luxury can mean many things, but more than often than not luxury means choice. The ability to choose how you live down to the tee is a luxury. We here at Durovin Bathrooms believe in luxury, choice and


What Is An Ensuite?

An ensuite is a bathroom that is joined to and only accessible via a bedroom. This makes it a private bathroom, exclusive to the bedroom owner.


What Are The Benefits Of An Ensuite?

An Ensuite Gives You Privacy

Ensuite Privacy

A private bathroom is the perfect opportunity for you to get a bit of TLC. If you live with others, whether family or friends, it can be embarrassing and frustrating sharing bathroom space. Maybe a housemate uses all the communal toilet paper and doesn’t buy any themselves, maybe your kids are always trying to walk in when it’s occupied. No matter the issue, an ensuite can be an effective solution.

An Ensuite Saves You Time

By not having to share a bathroom, your time waiting for the bathroom will be considerably decreased. If members of your home leave around the same time for work, chances are they will be getting ready around the same time. This can be a terrible issue and cause a clog of foot traffic that delays you and adds unneeded stress. However, by building an ensuite, you can circumvent these issues, as members of the household will be able to get ready in different bathrooms, simultaneously.

An Ensuite Is Convenient

Having a bathroom connected to your bathroom is extremely convenient. No longer do you have to worry about a long trek to the bathroom when you’ve just woke up, or waking someone up in the middle of the night when toilet time strikes. Now, you can slink right out of bed and into the bathroom. This convenience cannot be understated, as it allows you a great quality of life.

An Ensuite Adds Value To Your Home

Ensuite Value

Ensuites add a considerable amount of value to your home. As they provide great utility, they are always a welcome draw to any potential buyers or renters. If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, an ensuite could be the difference between a tidy profit and a life changing one!

An Ensuite Prepares You For The Future

By having an extra bathroom, you are ready for whatever new additions to your home that may come. Maybe your boyfriend moves in and now you don’t have to share a bathroom. Maybe you have kids, maybe an older relative moves in. Whatever comes your way, you will be prepared with an ensuite.


How To Build An Ensuite

How To Build An Ensuite

If you do not have a side room that can be converted into an ensuite, you will have to build one from scratch. To build an ensuite, you will need planning permission. You will need to discuss options with three parties. An architect, your neighbours and your council.

This is because an architect will design an ensuite for you and both your council and neighbours will have to approve it. If these steps weren’t in place, your neighbours could build directly into your property and damage your walls! So don’t worry, these kinds of restrictions are there to help you.

Once you have planning permission, you will need to get builders involved, who will help you build an extension.


How To Convert A Room Into An Ensuite

If you have an existing space next to your bedroom, such as a spare room or walk in closet, you can convert this space into an ensuite.

To do so, you will need to have plumbers add in the necessary piping and waterproofing to the space before you install your fixtures.


How Much Does An Ensuite Cost?

Fitting out an ensuite is no more expensive than fitting out a regular bathroom. The cost comes from any potential extension or renovation work. The average cost ito add a bathroom is around £3000. Considering the amount of utility this adds to your home, we say it’s well worth it.


To Conclude

Hopefully you can now see the value of an ensuite and how one can help improve your home. If you are looking for any kind of bathroom fixtures or accessories for kitting out your ensuite, bathroom or cloakroom, look no further than Durovin Bathrooms. We have a wide selection of fixtures and accessories than help make any house a home.