How To Warm Up Your Bathroom This Winter

How To Make Your Bathroom Warmer In Winter

Bit nippy isn’t it?

This winter is gearing up to be a harsh one, so the last thing you want is to be stepping out of a hot relaxing shower and being hit by a wall of wintry freezing cold. So, let’s analyse how you can tackle the oncoming onslaught of off-putting cold temperature. 


Install A Radiator

This first one is an easy, if expensive method of how to make your bathroom warmer. Installing a radiator gives your bathroom some much needed heat that can help keep the room warm and toasty. However, radiators and their subsequent installations can be quite expensive, so let’s look at some other, cheaper options.


Heated Towel Rail

Want to know how to make your bathroom feel warmer? You need warm towels. A heated towel rail is exactly what it says on the tin, a rail that heats towels. It works much like a radiator, by pumping hot water around itself, but the key difference is a heated towel rail is shaped like a ladder, giving you multiple rails to place towels on. Like radiators, these can be quite expensive, so you may be better choosing one and simply getting a radiator and a couple of heat proof radiator laundry rails that can transform your radiator into a hybrid heated towel rail.


Heated Mirror

Heated Mirror

For an unconventional choice that offers a bit of multifunctionality, opt for a heated mirror. Our anti-fog mirrors feature heat up demister pads which prevent the mirror glass from ever fogging up, even after a steamy shower. This has the added benefit of making the mirror hot and adding a bit of heat to your room. As a part of a cumulative effort, this can go a long way to keeping your room nice and warm, especially if you are heating a small bathroom.


Floor Mats

Part of the reason bathrooms are so cold, is because you are often barefoot on a cold floor. A way to tackle this is to feature waterproof mats throughout your bathroom. Waterproof bath mats act as a barrier between you and the floor and are a perfect way of stopping the cold floor from rapidly cooling you down. Plus, if you’re wondering how to make a bathroom cozy, this is it.


Thermogenic & Humidifying Plants

Furnishing your bathroom with plants can actually help keep it warm. There are two ways this can work. Firstly, thermogenic plants such as the voodoo lily actually generate heat biologically to keep themselves at specific temperatures. Keeping thermogenic plants alive in your bathroom will naturally increase the rooms ambient temperature, as these plants will act as mini, natural radiators.

Secondly, some plants are humidifying plants. These plants actually generate humidity in the air, which naturally warms the air up. Some examples include the peace lily and rubber plant. By keeping a stock of plants that generate humidity, you can create a warmer atmosphere in your bathroom.


Decorate With Darker Colours

Black Basin

Did you know lighter colours are better at reflecting light and darker colours are better at absorbing light? Because of this, lighter colours are also better at reflecting heat and darker colours are better at absorbing heat.

Therefore, if you wish to retain heat, you should decorate using darker colours. Using dark coloured tile, paint or waterproof wallpaper can really help trap the heat in your room. Go a step further by investing in darker fixtures like black basins and black taps. These fixtures will help your room retain heat at a better rate and this is how to make your bathroom look warmer.

Dark Basin Vanity

Bleed Your Radiator

A simple step you can take to improving the heat in your bathroom is making sure any heating apparatus you have actually does the job. If you have a radiator, this means you need to bleed it. While this may sound horrifying, it is actually very easy to do and can be a big help.

To bleed your radiator, turn your heating off, wait for any residual heat to dissipate and then turn your radiator key in the bleed valve anti-clockwise. This will release any built up steam which could be blocking water from dispersing across the radiator and therefore preventing it from heating up properly. Turn the radiator key clockwise to close the valve and Bob’s your uncle, you can turn your heating back on and be greeted by a much more effective radiator.

You only need to bleed a radiator about once per year, so just put it in your calendar and make sure to do it at the start of every winter!


Insulate Your Bathroom

Insulating Bathroom

If even one of your walls isn’t insulated, then your room is going to be much colder for it. that’s why it’s best practice to insulate all of the walls you can. To do so, you will have to fill the spaces between your exterior and interior walls with insulating material such as fiberglass or rock wool. Make sure to seek out the help of professionals when doing this as it is a big job and you want the person doing it to know how to add warmth to bathrooms!


Warm Lighting

Warm Lighting

This is an easy, yet often overlooked one, by installing warm coloured lighting, you will feel warmer, and cozier too! But we can take it one step further, by installing a heat lamp, your lighting can actually provide considerable warmth to your bathroom. This bathroom heater investment will use electricity, but can help prevent spending as much on gas, so if your electric is currently cheaper than your gas, this could be a handy money saver!


Insulate Your Windows

Your windows are your number one source of light, but can also be your number one source of drafts and the cold, so let’s unpack how to stop them from losing hot air and bringing in cold air.

Double Glazing

Double glazed windows are much more efficient at retaining heat than single glazing windows. Because of this, they are also much more cost effective, meaning if you have the funds to invest in these more expensive windows, they can save you money in bills in the long run.

Silicon Caulk

If your windows have been installed for some time, do yourself a favour and check them for drafts. Drafts can slowly form from the sealant around windows wearing down. If you find a draft surrounding on of your windows, use some silicon caulk to seal it back up. This will immediately improve your ambient temperature.

Insulation Film

You can actually get extra insulation for your windows pretty easily. Simply buy some insulation film and stick it to the window, this will help add an extra layer of heat retention.

Thermal Curtains

As you can probably guess from the name, thermal curtains are specially designed curtains that excel at retaining heat and prevent drafts. Affixing these in front of your bathroom windows will help prevent any heat loss and keep your room warm.


Under Floor Heating

If money isn’t an issue for you, then under floor heating might be just the thing for you. It is costly and requires serious renovation, but it can add a large heat source directly in place of one of the most common sources of cold, not only eliminating a source of the cold temperature, but replacing it with heating. This is ideal for any new build or someone looking to completely overhaul their bathroom in search of the ideal bathroom heater.


Large Showerhead

Large Shower Head

Have you ever been in the shower and realized you are not fully in the shower? It is the worst. A shower stream that doesn’t fully cover you leaves part of your body exposed and cold. To prevent this, you should upgrade to a large shower head. Durovin sells shower heads in a variety of sizes ranging from 200mm shower heads to 400mm shower heads, so no matter your size, you will be able to keep warm in the shower.


Wear Flipflops

A really easy way to combat the cold in the bathroom is to wear flipflops instead of going barefoot. Flipflops act as a barrier between yourself and the cold bathroom floor, which prevents you from feeling the chill.


Utilise Sunlight

Now, one quick and easy way to add a touch of warmth is to let the light in. Having your windows closed but your curtains open can help you soak up whatever rays are left in the wintry sky and absorb a bit of heat while negating the wind chill. To maximise this, you could even install a skylight!


Heat Your Toilet Seat

A toilet seat cosy is a soft, plush sleeve for your toilet seat that allows you to avoid having to ever sit on a cold toilet seat again. This miraculous invention comes in a range of styles and colours, so find the perfect one to suit you.

You can even opt for the high tech version and get a heated toilet seat, but be aware that this uses electricity so if you’re looking for how to heat a bathroom without electricity, it’s not the best option.


Heat Retaining Stone Resin Fixtures

Stone Resin Basin

If you want to make a big impact on your warmth, invest in fixtures that retain heat extremely well, such as stone resin fixtures. Stone resin basins, stone resin bathtubs and stone resin shower trays all retain heat extremely well, as the natural stone body naturally retains and radiates heat. This is how to make your bathroom feel warmer and how to make your bathroom look warmer, all in one.


Increase Shower Temperature

A very simple, yet costly way of improving the heat in your bathroom is by increasing the temperature of your showers, then simply by running the shower, you will raise the temperature of the room significantly. However, this means you will be spending more on your gas bill to heat the water up. To compensate, look into eco-friendly shower heads that use less water and other ways to save money in the bathroom.


Draft Excluders

Draft excluders are typically stuffed fabric tubes that lie in front of your door to prevent air coming through the gap under the door and causing a draft. This is excellent for anyone looking to ensure the cold doesn’t catch them off guard. Plus, they even come in fun novelty designs, like dogs and cats.


Ventilation & Dehumidifier

With all these ways of maintaining and generating heat, you need a good method of ventilation so that your bathroom doesn’t spawn mould. However, if you just open the window during you shower time, you will lose all that lovely heat you’ve cultivated. That’s where dehumidifiers come in.

If you place a dehumidifier in your bathroom, it will soak up the humidity and prevent a mould outbreak, so you can keep the room warm. Then, once you are done and leaving the room, open the window or turn the extractor fan on for a short time to ventilate the room.


Final Thoughts On How To Keep Your Bathroom Warm

There is a copious number of ways to improve the heating in your bathroom this winter, both cheap and expensive, so make sure you wrap up warm and keep your space as toasty as possible.