How To Save Money In Your Bathroom

Money And The Bathroom

Saving money is more important now than ever. Ensuring you don’t waste money has become an imperative part of living in the UK. So, how can you do that in the bathroom? After all, it is notoriously one of the most expensive rooms in the home. We have amassed a selection of money saving tips to help you cut down on the costs in the bathroom. Read on and save up!


How To Save Water & Money In The Bathroom

First of all, the easiest way to save money in the bathroom is to lower the amount of water you use. So, let’s dive into a variety of water saving measures.


Dual Flush Toilets Save Water & Money

Dual Flush Toilet

Durovin’s toilets come with the Powerflush system. This is a flushing mechanism that allows you to flush with different amounts of water. This Dual Flush allows you to choose between a 6 Litre Flush and a 3 Litre Flush. That’s right, you can save half of the water you use each flush just by making sure you have the correct type of toilet, this is the kind of saving that constantly adds up year after year.

But that’s not all. The dual flush of the Powerflush system actually needs less litres in general, as the average UK toilet uses 4-9 litres of water per flush. So even the larger 6 litre flush saves you water in comparison to the average toilet.


Shower For Four Minutes At A Time

Round Swivel Shower Head

How long do you shower for? Unfortunately, you maybe showering for too long. You can actually comfortably clean your whole body in a four minute shower, which obviously saves a lot of water and therefore money when compared to even a five minute shower, let alone a ten minute shower or half an hour long shower.

Being efficient with your shower time can lead to you being cleaner and to you saving money in the long run, as if you are consistent this will be a big saving.


Turn Taps Off While Brushing Your Teeth

This is a common thing in the UK, but if you aren’t already, you should turn your taps off while you’re brushing your teeth. It sounds silly, but this small act can add up to save a lot of water over the years. Basically, only run the tap when you’re actually putting the toothbrush under the tap and when you’re actually brushing your teeth, turn the tap off. It’s a simple thing, but you’d be surprised how many people just let the tap run.


Install A Bidet To Cut Out Toilet Paper Costs

Money Saving Bidet

A bidet uses a small amount of water to clean you and means you can completely forego toilet paper. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is massive, as it means a consistent biweekly purchase is no longer necessary and as toilet paper can cost around 15 for a larger pack, this saving adds up very quickly over the years.

If you live in a home of three people and use the average amount of toilet paper, you will need around six rolls of toilet paper a week.  Let’s say you buy a £15 pack of toilet roll every two weeks. That’s £30 per month. That means at only £128.40, Durovin’s bidet will start actively saving you £30 a month after only four months.


Install A Tap Aerator To Minimise Water Costs

A tap aerator uses the application of air to get a similar waterflow from less water. By attaching one to the end of your tap, you will consistently use less water without any impact on your uses of that water. This is a small, but great way of saving money because it makes every action a bit more cost effective.


Install A Cost Effective Shower Head

Similar to the tap aerator, you can purchase water efficient shower heads that use less water per shower by lowering the water pressure.


Other Ways To Save Money In The Bathroom

Now, it’s not just the saving of water that will save you money, there’s lots of ways to save money in your bathroom, let’s break them down.


DIY To Save Money

Now, for some fixtures you will absolutely need a specialist. But if you’re a bit handy, installing and fixing fixtures and furniture yourself can save a lot of costs. Start small by installing a shelf, and move on to more complex things like taps. If you work up to it, you will develop the skills needed to safely install larger fixtures like showers. Whenever you need to uninstall or install something, being able to do it yourself will save your wallet a lot of pain.


LED Lights Cost Less Than Alternatives

LED Mirror

If you haven’t already made the transition, now is the time to invest in LED lights and replace your fluorescent ones. LEDs use much less electricity than fluorescent lights, so if you replace all of the lights in your house, you will notice a dent in your electricity bill.

You can also install small LED fixtures, like an LED mirror that you can use in lowlight conditions, that use even less electricity than your main lights.


Waterproof Mats Keep You Warm

One of the biggest costs this year is going to be gas heating. Warmth is a fundamental to human survival, so how do you keep warm while saving on gas? Well in the bathroom, you can do this by using waterproof mats. They will act as barriers between you and your cold bathroom floor, which means you won’t get cold when using the toilet, shower or anything else in your bathroom. Mats are a simple but effective way of ensuring you stay warmer and need the heating on less.


Use Cold Water To Save On Heated Water

Speaking of heating, using cold water instead of hot water wherever you can will save you a lot of money. When you brush your teeth and wash your face, you can use cold water and this will stack up to a considerable saving over time. If you really want to save money, you can start taking cold showers instead of hot showers and see your spending go down massively.


Towel Rails Are Cheap Storage

Towel Rail

If you need a bit of storage in your bathroom, but don’t want to splash out on bathroom vanities or shelves, a towel hook or bar could be for you. Towel hooks & bars allows you to store towels, mats, robes and more without utilizing much space. They also cost considerably less than their competitors. This simple storage solution can improve your quality of life and act as a buffer, stopping you spending on more expensive options.


Water Resistant Wallpaper

Now, when it comes to the walls, a lot of people are tempted to tile their bathrooms. However, this is one of the most expensive options out there. Instead, invest in water resistant wall paper. This is wall paper specifically designed to survive the humid environment of the bathroom and can really tie your room together for very cheap.


Hybrid Fixtures Save You Money

Hybrid Fixtures

Finally, investing in hybrid fixtures can save you a lot of money. The toilet with integrated sink recycles basin water use in the cistern and the basin with shelf space provides you storage built into your sink, so you don’t have to buy a storage unit. Smartly investing in these kinds of fixtures can go a long way to cutting down your costs.


Final Thoughts

To reiterate, now more than ever it is important to save money. I hope this article has shown you there are lots of ways you can save money in your bathroom, both for free and by investing. Your bathroom is more often than not the most expensive room in the house, so taking steps to cut down spending in there can go along way to bringing your cost of living in general.