How To Future Proof Your Bathroom

An Introduction To Future Proofing Your Bathroom

The future is scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

With comprehensive preparation, you can feel more confident about the coming days.

This applies to all faucets of life, especially bathroom design.

This article is focusing on how you can future proof your bathroom, so no matter what comes your way, you and your bathroom are prepared.


Stone Resin Fixtures

Stone Resin Basin

Stone resin fixtures can last a lifetime when cared for properly. This is because they are made from stone particles and resin which makes the fixtures, such as basins and shower trays completely water resistant and extremely tough.

Stone resin basins add a beautiful, momentous look to your bathroom that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Couple this with their great longevity, and you have completely future proof bathroom basins.

The same goes for stone resin shower trays. Their texture is naturally grippier than alternatives like acrylic shower trays and their bodies are very strong and long lasting.

By investing in stone resin bathroom fixtures, you gain fixtures that can last a long time, perhaps even a lifetime, which is future proofed to a tee.


Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort Height Toilet

Another way you can future proof your bathroom is to install a comfort height toilet. Comfort height toilets are a bit higher than regular toilets. This is because toilets are typically at squatting height. Comfort height toilets are the same height as regular seats, so you can sit on it comfortably and straight.

These comfort height toilets are typically more comfortable and easier to sit on than regular toilets for taller people, elderly people and people with mobility issues.

Even if no one in your household fits any of these categories, it is worth fitting your bathroom with these categories in mind.

This is because, most people will continue to grow until they are 21, everyone ages and most people reach elderly, and a lot of people develop conditions in old age or due to other circumstances.

In other words, just because no one fits any of these three categories yet, doesn’t mean they won’t at some point in time.

Because of this, you should future proof your bathroom and install a comfort height toilet.


Double Basins

Double Basin

Double sinks allow multiple people to use the wash basin simultaneously. This is a great boon for anyone with multiple people in the household, because it means you can up the efficiency of the process everyone goes through for getting ready. Such as, you and your partner both being able to comfortably brush your teeth, moisturize, etc… completely simultaneously.

If there is only one of you, or there is only two of you and you have two bathrooms, you may not see the point.

However, life always finds a way to surprise us and you never know when you may end up with extra people living in your household, from having kids, to letting friends crash, to looking after the elderly.

If this time comes, you will be extremely grateful to have future proofed your bathroom and installed double basins to accommodate this influx of people.


Bottle Traps

Bottle Trap

Say you propose to your partner and they say yes, you move in together and one day while washing their hands, they lose their engagement ring down the drain.

This typical sitcom trope is actually quite possible and known to happen.

It is also completely avoidable through the use of bottle traps.

Bottle traps are a special kind of basin trap that can be fitted to certain basins. Bottle traps utilize a container that can be disconnected from the trap. This container catches anything dropped through the wash basin drain and prevents it from going into the pipes, causing a clog or being lost forever. When this container is detached, you can then retrieve any lost goods.

Future proof your bathroom, by installing fixtures that will actively prevent pipe clogs and heartache.


Timeless Design

Oval Basin

If you want to achieve a timeless bathroom design, then you should aim for neutral colours, as they are less likely to go out of style.

As well as this, you should prioritize the aestheticisms of classic fixtures that have endured through until today. For example, rounder, bubblier basin design is classic basin design, but is also still popular today. This prevalence lends round basin design a timeless quality.

To future proof your bathroom, aim for fixtures with this timeless quality, proved by the fact that they have remained popular through multiple time periods. This means your fixtures are much less likely to go out of style and ever be considered too old fashioned or a failed trend.

If you do this, you are less likely to have to change you fixtures for aesthetic reasons and if you are to sell your home, you are less likely to face any issues. Whereas, a bathroom with old fashioned fixtures may face issue finding a buyer.


Extra Storage

Stone Resin Floating Shelf

People naturally accumulate things over time. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, moisturizer, mouthwash, combs, the list goes on. As you add more people to your household, then the list will duplicate, multiply and expand.

Because of this, you need extra storage.

Essentially, plan out how much storage you currently need to hold all of your bathroom supplies, then add some more storage. This superfluous storage will come in handy as time goes on, as it will become necessary due to the consistent accumulation of items.

We recommend installing basin vanity units that connect to the underside of your basin, to add storage that takes up little space. Pair this with floating shelves that, once again take up little space and can be placed over fixtures and each other to utilize your space extremely effectively, adding nonintrusive storage.


Walk In Shower Screen

Walk In Shower Screen

A walk in shower enclosure is easy to access and extremely easy to use. As well as this, they allow your bathroom to feel roomier, as they simply provide a divider between the wet space and dry space in your bathroom, rather than cut off an area completely via a shower enclosure. It is important to prioritize accessibility and spaciousness when considering bathroom futureproofing, as it gives you the most options to work with in your space.


Final Thoughts On Bathroom Future Proofing

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can prepare your bathroom for the future and it is imperative that you do so. From adding extra storage, to increasing your accessibility options, there is a lot you can do.

In one way or another, the future always comes, so make sure you’re ready for it.