How To Design Your Big Bathroom

An Introduction To Big Bathrooms

So, you have a big bathroom, but how exactly do you design a big bathroom? Afterall, you don’t want to waste the space, but equally you don’t want your bathroom too big. That’s where this buyer’s guide comes in, we are going to walk through exactly what you need to decorate your large bathroom, whether you want to embrace the size of the space or make it feel a bit cozier. Read on!


How To Make The Most Of A Large Bathroom

First up, let’s look at how you can make the most of a large bathroom. In the UK, a bathroom is classified as large when it is 40 square feet or over. This is a lot of wiggle room, roughly about 6.3 feet by 6.3 feet if you were to make the room a perfect square. A large bathroom can scale further up to even around 100 square feet. If you have one of these large bathrooms, it can feel like the design world is your oyster, and that’s because it is. You are only really limited by your imagination and budget, so let’s get imagining.

Increase Functionality With Double Sinks

Double Basin

Sharing is caring and what better way to utilize a massive space than to make sure multiple people can use it simultaneously? Double sinks are a form of basin that features twice the usable space as a normal sink, either through an elongated bowl or the use of two attached bowls. These double basins mean two or more people can easily use the sink at the same time, or one person can use  a massive sink all at once, either way, this is a great way to start off your large bathroom and design and by using a large sink, you ensure the basin isn’t dwarfed by the space.

You can even go a step further and install multiple toilets and even multiple showers, for the real multifunctional, shared space of an opulent mansion.

Add Extra Luxury With A Bidet


Now, if you have the space, which you do, you should invest in a bidet. A bidet is a great and luxurious item that washes you after you use the toilet. Bidets are much more hygienic than toilet paper and in the long run cost less. You may be surprised by that, but bidets are a one payment investment and use minimal water, so don’t cost much to run per month. In fact, a bidet will quickly and easily pay for itself in savings because you won’t need to buy toilet paper. Get this lavish and money saving item as a fancy extra for your large bathroom.

Opt For Opulence With A Walk In Shower Screen

Walk In Shower Screen

Honestly, if you want to feel luxurious and a bit like a movie star, get a walk in shower screen. Walk in showers remove the hassle of showering, because they have no door or step to make entry difficult and they work great in open, large spaces where you can move around to your hearts content. Plus, by using a shower screen for your walk in shower, you can divide the room up and create different zones within your room, for that smart and professional look.

Secure Your Storage With Stone Shelving

Stone Resin Shelf

Now, as you have room to spare in your extra large bathroom, you should utilize large, open plan storage. More often than not with small bathrooms, you have to prioritize form over function, however with a large master bathroom you can have both. Our floating stone resin shelves are perfect bathroom shelves for a large bathroom. This is because they look modern and can work as a solo shelf or in a massive collection of shelves that helps decorate and utilize your large wall space. Don’t settle for boring storage, embrace stylish fixtures like the floating bathroom shelf.

Embrace The Space With Wall Hung Toilets

Wall Hung Toilets

Wall hung toilets can often be a catch 22. This is because they either save you a lot of space or take up a lot of space, depending on your type of wall. The reason is that you can’t build them into every kind of wall, so if you have to build one against one, you will have to attach the frame to the outside and build another fake wall around the frame. However, certain walls can have the frame integrated into the wall, meaning you can save a lot of space.

The important thing to note is that if you have a large bathroom, this doesn’t matter.

Embrace the wall hung toilet, free of worry, knowing that you have enough space to install one comfortably no matter your type of wall.

Enhance The Size With Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror

Here’s a great trick for adding space to a room, so that you can make your large bathroom feel even larger! Utilizing multiple mirrors on different walls allows your eyes to look past the walls, making your brain feel like you are in a larger space. If you want to enhance the opulence, install multiple bathroom mirrors across all of your walls.


How To Make A Large Bathroom Cozy

Now, is your bathroom too big for you? If that is the case, let’s look at how you can make your big bathroom feel cozier and less empty.

Freestanding Basins

Freestanding Basin

First of all, using freestanding fixtures like freestanding pedestal basins goes along way to making your room feel cosier. This is because you can place them away from the wall and closer to the center of the room, immediately shrinking the usable space down and making your bathroom instantly cosier.

Soft Materials

Bathroom Shag Rug

Next up, you should focus on filling your bathroom with soft materials like bath mats, towels, robes, pouffes and bath pillows. By doing this, you help fill the space, but the soft nature of the items is reassuring and helps build that comfortable, cosy atmosphere. Of course, you will also need storage for these items, so check out fixtures such as bathroom shelves, towel rails and robe hooks.

Decorate Your Space

Stone Resin Bathroom Shelves

If you like to collect trinkets and odds and ends, now is the time to let that passion shine. By filing your space with lots of furniture and decorations, you will take up a lot of space but also give your room a warm, lived in vibe which is perfect for cultivating a cozier atmosphere. Just remember to prioritize items that can’t be water damaged and are easy to clean, you don’t want to break anything and you certainly don’t want to have to be dusting everything individually every five minutes.

Focus On Warmth

Heated Mirror

Speaking of warmth, if you take steps to warm up your space, it will immediately feel much less clinical and much more homely. To do so, use mats to keep your feet off of the floor and use draft excluders to get rid of any potential intrusive cold air.


Large Sink With Plant

Finally, you can’t go wrong with the addition of plants! Plants are calming and introducing an element of nature to your space is quite therapeutic. Plus by having large plants that have floor mounted pots, you can reduce the amount of dead space by quite a lot! Just make sure you get plants that don’t require too much work to look after, and make sure they’re pet safe if you have any!



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As you can see, having a large bathroom is always a positive, even if you feel like a lot of it is dead space, it can be used to make a beautiful and cosy space perfect for your needs. For more bathroom design ideas, how to guides and buyer’s guides, check out the rest of or blog!