How To Design A Japandi Bathroom

An Introduction To Japandi Bathroom Design

Japandi is a bathroom design theme that is becoming more and more popular due to its calming and minimalistic aesthetic.

So, what is it and how can you achieve it?

Let’s dive in to Japandi bathroom design and how you can achieve it.


What Is Japandi?

Japandi Bathroom

Japandi design is an amalgamation of Japanese design and Scandinavian design.

This combination is born from a shared love of minimalism and subtle, calming aesthetics.

So, to understand what Japandi is and how to achieve it in your bathroom you need to understand what Japanese style bathrooms and Scandinavian style bathrooms are and how you can achieve them.


How To Make A Japanese Style Bathroom?

Japanese style bathrooms typically focus on the use of natural materials to create a calming environment, while also incorporating technology like bidets that add extra comfort and convenience. This is akin to spa-like bathroom design, as it focuses on creating a comforting experience for the user.

Common Elements:

  • Sliding Doors
  • Extra Utility
  • Calming Colours
  • Naturla Elements


How To Make A Scandinavian Style Bathroom?

Similarly, Scandinavian bathroom design focuses on minimalism and the incorporation of natural elements. Scandanavian design often incorporates wood and stone to ground the design in nature, as well as lots of light colours to keep the area looking spalike.

Common Elements:

  • The Colour Grey
  • Warm Wooden Furniture
  • Monochromatic Design
  • Natural Textures


How To Make A Japandi Style Bathroom?

So, let’s now marry these two concepts together and build a Japandi style bathroom.



First of all, your use of texture is extremely important. Having a variety of natural textures is key to Japandi design. This is because being in nature can be very calming and Japandi is all about simulating this experience. Because of this, we advise you have wood and stone that can be easily touched incorporated into your bathroom.

You can also emphasise the comfortable vibes by adding a plush bathmat and lots of soft towels.



Speaking of texture, what better way to incorporate a fun bit of natural texture than the addition of plants? Adding that bit of green to your bathroom is sure to help tie the aesthetic together and plants like peacy lily’s and bonsai trees can be as fun to maintain as they are to look at.


Sliding Doors

Sliding Bathroom Door

Sliding doors are a fantastic addition to any Japandi bathroom, as sliding doors are heavily associated with Japan and Japanese design.

Sliding doors have a number of benefits over hinged doors, such as:

  • Quiet Closing
  • Space Saving
  • Beautiful Design

These factors not only make sliding doors perfect for your Japandi style but also great from the perspective of providing fantastic extra utility.



Roll Ended Bathtub

Japandi design is all about maximizing comfort and minimizing clutter, this is why a bathtub is perfect for your Japandi bathroom.

Bathtubs are the best way of comfortably cleaning yourself while also lounging. Soaking in a hot bath is a great way to unwind and to relax.

Durovin Bathrooms has a whole host of bathtubs that would be perfect for your Japandi design, from freestanding bathtubs to back to wall bathtubs.

We recommend the double roll ended bathtubs as they maximise comfort which  as stated, is what Japandi is all about.



Wall Hung Bidet

Speaking of comfort, bidets are an amazing bathroom fixture that allow you to comfortably and cleanly use water in place of toilet paper. Bidets are extremely popular in Japan and reflect the common efficient and comfortable design ethos.

Bidets fit the Japandi aesthetic perfectly, as they reflect Japanese culture while also giving you a simple quiet and elegant tool that helps keep you comfortable and clean.



Minimalist Bathroom

One of the primary defining factors of Japandi design is minimalism. Minimalism is ta design philosophy built around the idea of not using more than you need and savouring simplicity.

It can be seen as very calming, which makes it perfect for Japandi.


Dark Wood

Basin Vanity Unit

Dark coloured wood is a great addition to your Japandi bathroom because it provides a great contrast to the typical, more muted colour scheme while also providing the natural element of wood.

Wood is heavily associated with Scandanavian design and by extension Japandi design. This is because of the Earthy roots of Scandinavian design.

The easiest way to incorporate wood into your bathroom is via the storage solutions. Wooden bathroom shelves, wooden basin vanity units and more can help decorate your Japandi bathroom with some amazing, contrasting dark wood while also giving you that extra utility and storage.


Stone Resin

Stone Resin Basin

Natural materials like stone are perfect for your Japandi bathroom as they contribute to their calming and soothing aesthetic. Our large stone resin basins are perfect for your Japandi designed bathroom as they not only provide you with great utility, but also an amazing, natural aesthetic.


Light Colours

Muted whites, greys and light browns are the perfect colours for decorating your Japandi bathroom.

This is because both Japanese and Scandanavian design philosophies favour calming, neutral tones. Plus, the light brown is evocative of the earthy, nature theme that Japandi is so connected to.

You can incorporate these colours into your bathroom via paint, tiles or waterproof paper for some unique patterns and designs.


Sand Garden

Finally, a terrific addition to any Japandi bathroom is a small sand garden. A sand garden is a great, therapeutic way to pass the time and can give you a great centrepiece to look at while you use the bathroom that you can interact with and change as you want.

If you enjoy the act of decorating, then a sand garden is the perfect therapeutic tool for you. The act of tending to a sand garden is a fun way of unwinding and letting you define your space. It also means your bathroom can be highly customized to your heart’s content.


Final Thoughts On Japandi Bathroom Design

Overall, Japandi design is easy to achieve and is a great way to implement calming, soothing aesthetics and design philosophies into your bathroom and home. For more bathroom design tips and theme ideas, check out our blog to read our wide variety of comprehensive articles.