How To Decorate Your Bathroom For Halloween


Top 10 Halloween Decorations For Your Bathroom

So, Halloween is fast approaching and you want to decorate your house top to bottom. There’s only one problem… How do you decorate your bathroom for Halloween? You have water and humidity to deal with, as well as making sure your décor doesn’t infringe on the ergonomics of the bathroom.

Truly, troublesome decoration maybe the most frightening element of Halloween, but have no fear, we have assembled our top ten ways to decorate your bathroom.


Spooky Candles

Bathtub Candles

First up, is something nice, easy and small. Candles! Chances are you already have candles dotted around your bathroom. They can be great for ambient lighting, warmth and pleasant aromas. Now they can also be great for adding to your spooky vibe! Add a handful of small Halloween themed bathroom candles around your space, to really bring in that spooky atmosphere.

Just remember to put them in a safe space and don’t leave them lit if you are not in the room!



Halloween Ceramic Bathroom Decorations

Now, if you’re in a rush, water can fly thick and fast around your bathroom which makes this particular space quite adverse conditions for a lot of decorations. That’s where ceramics come in clutch. Not only do ceramics match the aesthetic of the bathroom very nicely, they are water proof. This means you can place around your spooky, scary ceramics to your hearts content knowing they won’t be damaged by the bathroom’s tough environment.


Paper String Decorations

Halloween String Lights For Bathroom

String decorations are ideal for adding a bit of three dimensionality to your room. Plus, by putting them on the ceiling, it means they are out of the way. You can get lots of paper string decorations for very cheap or invest a bit more in waterproof LED string lights!


Spooky Mirrors

Halloween Bathroom Mirror

Here’s a fun fact! If you overlay something partially transparent over the mirror and draw something spooky on it, like a ghost, it can give the effect there is a scary monster haunting the reflection! Or you can invest in glass pens and draw directly onto the mirror. The choice is yours and utilizing bathroom furniture in your decoration is bound to go down a treat.


Old Toys

Old Toys As Halloween Decorations

If you have any old toys that are well loved, they can help build a haunting aesthetic! Especially if they are a bit worn. Many shops also do Halloween themed plushies if you are looking for something more specific. Plus, teddy bears are easy to wash if you get any toothpaste or similar on them.


Halloween Costumes As Decorations

Halloween Costumes As Decorations

Here’s an easy one! Do you have an old Halloween costume you’re not using this year? Dress up your fixtures! As an example, witches’ hats easily fit on the top of toilets, and you can place a broom next to one to give your space a unique and stylish Halloween look.


Fixture stickers On Your Shower Enclosure

Halloween Bathroom Stickers

There are actually specially designed stickers for glass and fixtures that come in lots of spooky stylings. For example, you could get some eyes that peek out from under your cistern, or a spooky witches house for your shower enclosure that looks like it is surrounded by rainfall when your shower is on. These are simple little touches that can go a long way to tying the room together.

Just be careful to buy the correct type of stickers! You don’t want to be stuck not being able to peel them off.


Fake Blood In Your Shower

Vampire Shower

Fake blood is a Halloween staple; however, it can be hard to wash off of skin and basically impossible to wash off of soft furnishings. However, you could very easily decorate the interior of your shower enclosure with bloody prints and messages that can simply be washed off with the shower head the next day. Just be careful this easy cleaning solution doesn’t attract any vampires!


Jack O’Lanterns

Bathroom Jack O'Lanterns

The Jack O’Lantern is the classic Halloween decoration and can absolutely have its home in your bathroom. Jack O’Lanterns are all about customizability and personalization, so carve a pumpkin that you can be proud of and is fitting for your space! Maybe could style it to suit the bathroom, by having it make a shocked expression and sit over the toilet!


Halloween Pictures & Paintings

Halloween Painting Above Bathroom Sink

Finally, bathrooms are often decorated with pictures, canvases and wooden wall art. So, embrace that! Swap out your pictures for some spooky alternatives, maybe you could even paint some pictures or take some photos yourself for that perfect, unique touch.


Final Thoughts

Now, with these top tips at your disposal you should be ready to make the scariest, spookiest bathroom ever come this Halloween. Don’t forget to show off your Halloween Bathrooms by tagging us in pictures on social media.

Happy Halloween, from Durovin Bathrooms!