How To Create A Spa Bathroom

How To Make Your Own Spa Bathroom

2023 is the year of the Spa Bathroom. No matter if you want spa-like bathrooms on a budget or the ultimate guide to spa bathroom makeover ideas, we have everything you need to know about how to make a spa bathroom at home. Everyone is in need of a bit of affordable, yet luxurious TLC, so how can you effectively turn your bathroom into your very own personal spa? Let’s find out!


What Is A Spa Bathroom?

Spa Bathroom

A Spa Bathroom, or a “Spa-Like Bathroom” is a bathroom that tries to replicate the aestheticisms and functions of a spa. People opt to do this because spas are relaxing, luxurious and good for your health. Having a spa-like bathroom can keep you calm and generally improve your quality of life, by introducing that element of luxury to your life. So, let’s explore all the different elements you can add to your bathroom to make it the perfect home spa.


Use Calm Colours In Your Bathroom

First of all, you will want to decide on a colour palette and the spa colour palette is calm, serene colours like off-white and crème. These colours are easy on the eye because they are light, yet not bright. This means you are less likely to have any issues with eyestrain, so you can stay calm and relaxed in your environment. Utilize neutral and light tones to further this effect. The use of these colours will have the added effect of making the room seem lighter and more spacious, so if you are looking for small spa bathroom design ideas, this is perfect for you.


Biophilic Bathroom Design

Another step you can take when endeavoring to make a home spa is introducing plants to your bathroom. Being surrounded by nature is very calming for most people, so having pretty flowers and nice smelling plants can go a long way to instantly boost your mood. If you’re looking to keep your workload down, then aim for plants like moss walls and succulents, as they need very little maintenance, so you can just focus on being relaxed. However, if you find the maintenance and care aspect of plant ownership therapeutic, then invest in bonsai trees and peace lilies, as they will need to be looked after enough that it will give you something to do to unwind, but not so much that you’ll be stuck at their beck and call.


Big Bathtub

Big Bathtub For Spa Bathroom

Bathtubs are synonymous with spas, having a long soak to unwind and clean yourself has been a common practice throughout history and many, many cultures. You should embrace a large, double ended roll top bath rub, as the rolled ends are designed to maximise your comfort as you bathe and the extra-large space of a big bathtub will give you all the room you need to relax. This is one of the key ingredients of how to make a spa bathroom at home.


Convenient Anti-Fog Mirror

Anti-Fog Mirror For Spa Bathroom

Anti-Fog Mirrors use demister pads and LEDs to prevent your mirror from being able to steam up, this means you can run as much lovely hot water as you want and don’t have to worry about not being able to use the mirror when you are done. These LED mirrors cut out the hassle and effort involved with using a bathroom mirror which makes them ideal for your relaxing spa bathroom paradise.



Bidet For Spa Bathroom

Toilet paper can be rough, it can be inefficient, it can break. None of these possibilities are conducive with a relaxing spa atmosphere. Therefore, you should get a bidet. Bidets use minimal water and calmly and gently wash you down. Because of this, they are much quicker and much more effective than toilet paper as they utilize cleaning water and a washing motion that quickly and effectively cleans the entire area. Plus, they completely cut out the need for toilet paper, so you can save money consistently every month, now that’s relaxing way to make a home spa!


Comfort Height Toilet

Comfort Height Toilet For Spa Bathroom

Speaking of a toilet, you will want to maximise the comfort of your toilet as much as possible. Because of this, you should get a comfort height toilet. Comfort height toilets are designed to more accurately reflect the height of sitting chairs, so you can comfortably and easily relax on the toilet, instead of having to be hunched in a squatting position. These comfort height toilets are perfect for anyone who is taller than average, elderly or has mobility issues and wants a way how to make a bathroom more spa like.


Decorate With Soft Décor

Stroking a happy dog, stepping barefoot onto a fresh shag carpet, cuddling a nostalgic teddy bear, soft things feel great! They calm us down and help destress, so fill your spa bathroom with lots of soft decorations. Have an abundance of towels, place down waterproof bath mats, equip your bathtub with neck pillows, attach a draft excluder to your door and fit a toilet seat cosy to your toilet. All these ways of making your bathroom become plusher, will help you feel much more relaxed. You could even get a dog! Just don’t expect them to use the bathroom.


Make The Bathroom Smell Nice

Funnily enough, it is very easy to associate the bathroom with bad smells. That is why you should take effort to fill your bathroom with nice smells that make you feel good and help you relax. From candles, to incense, to wax melts, there is a wide variety of ways you can make your bathroom smell absolutely divine, so try a lot of different methods and see what makes you feel best.


Choose Aesthetic Fixtures

Spa Bathroom Sink

It’s not just your olfactory sense that you should be taking care of. Typically, your sight is your first impression and as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To help you feel at ease in your space, you should invest in fixtures and decorations that you find extremely aesthetically pleasing. This may seem obvious at first, but we suggest taking the thought process a step further. If you invest in strong, long lasting fixtures like stone resin basins, then they can last for a lifetime with good maintenance, so you can afford to splash out and get the fixture of your dreams, as you won’t have to buy another. Look around and find something that interests and delights you, that can be a feature of your bathroom, not just a fixture, and that will help your environment be a happy, spa-like bathroom.


Stone Resin Shelves

Stone Resin Shelf For Spa Bathroom

Speaking of stone resin, spas are typically filled with stone and stone effect. This is because they have calming natural colouration and their long lasting forms resist damage and retain heat. You should embrace stone resin for your spa bathroom and can even get stone resin storage. Stone resin shelves are ideal for adding spa-like décor and functional storage to your bathroom. This way you can achieve the aesthetic of a spa, without losing the functionality of a bathroom, which is one of the most practical spa-like bathroom ideas.


To Conclude

A spa-like bathroom is the ideal project to start 2023 off right, it can give your home a new sense of comfort and drastically improve the quality of life and mood of everyone who calls your house a home. For more ideas and guides on how to improve your bathroom, don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog.