How Do You Make A Cottagecore Bathroom?

An Introduction To Cottagecore

Cottagecore is a prevalent aesthetic that has been trending for years, staring on Tumblr and spreading across Instagram and finally to TikTok where it exploded in popularity and relevance.

But what is cottagecore and how can you create a cottagecore bathroom?

Let’s find out!

So, first of all, let’s answer the question: What is cottagecore?

Cottagecore is an evolution of the natural aesthetic most commonly associated with Biophilic Design. The main differentiation is that cottagecore is primarily influenced by the aestheticisms of British cottages, farm life, classic fantasy literature & fairy tales, and Victorian England. This specific collection of influences breeds a very unique and specific aesthetic that can enrich your home and stylize your bathroom especially.

So, let’s now investigate how you can instil your bathroom with cottagecore vibes.


Round Fixtures

Round designs and curved designs are very popular among cottagecore afficionados. This is because round and curved designs evoke a soft, natural look as round and curved objects are often found in nature.

Let’s look at your options!

Round Basin

Oval Basin

Round basins and curved basins are beautiful options for your bathroom that have a flowing, classical look that evokes the old Victorian era aesthetic that makes it perfect for your cottagecore bathroom.

Oval basins are a popular choice as they create a unique look while adhering to the cottagecore aesthetic. Oval basins come in a variety forms, including freestanding oval basins, semi-recessed oval basins and counter top oval basins, so you can always achieve your dream aesthetic with whichever basin type you prefer.

Round Toilet

Round Toilet

Similarly, a round toilet is the classic version of a toilet, that evokes themes of classicism and looks just right at home in a cottage, or in a cottagecore home.


Wooden Elements

Wood is the material most commonly associated with cottagecore. This is for a few reasons, such as wood being a common building material for cottages, as well as wood being a primary association of the theme of nature due to the prevalence and importance of trees.

However, it can be difficult to apply wood to your bathroom due the innate lack of water resistance.

But don’t fret, you do have options! Let’s give them a gander.

Wooden Bathroom Shelf

Wooden Bathroom Shelf

Durovin’s wooden bathroom shelves are treated as to prevent rotting or the storing of moisture. These wooden bathroom shelves therefore make ideal storage facilities and basin holders for your cottagecore bathroom, or even your dark cottagecore bathroom as they come in darker tones of wood.

Wooden Basin Vanity Unit

Wooden Basin Vanity Unit

Similarly, our wooden basin vanity units are treated to prevent water damage and can be attached to the base of your basin. These wooden basin vanity units are ideal for anyone looking to add storage to their cottagecore bathroom without taking up too much space.


Visible Beams

If you live in a cottage, an easy and simple way to bring that aesthetic home is to highlight your exposed beams. Exposing your beams in the interior of your cottage make your cottagecore aesthetic authentic and clear.

However, if you don’t live in a cottage, you can actually install fake wooden beams quite easily. These fake beams will give your home the cottagecore aesthetic you desire for much cheaper than actually purchasing and moving into a cottage.


Freestanding, Double Ended Roll Top Bath

Freestanding Bathtub

One tenet of cottagecore is dreamlike comfort, and what’s more dreamlike or comfortable than a double ended roll top freestanding bathtub?

Bathing is the comfortable, luxurious way to clean yourself. In comparison to showering which is more expedient and efficient, bathing is much more relaxed and comforting which is perfect for your cottagecore bathroom.

In fact, roll top bathtubs include curved ends of the bath which are much more comfortable to rest against, giving you some extra comfort in your cottagecore bathroom.

As well as this, freestanding bathtubs are a classic design that give your cottagecore bathroom that classy edge.


Ornate Furniture

Ornate Towel Rail

Cotttagecore and Victorian era design is often associated with dainty, delicate design. You should incorporate thin and ornate furniture into your cottagecore bathroom to help achieve that beautiful, old fashioned look.

We recommend our ornate robe hooks and towel rails. Robe hooks and towel rails are great storage devices that allow you to show off your beautiful bathrobes and towels at the same time. Make your objects of utility part of your beautiful aesthetic with robe hooks and towel rails.


Pastels And Neutrals

When it comes to colour schemes, you should focus on pastel colours and neutral tones. This colour palette gives you a great light yet earthy vibe that befits a humble farmland cottage of yore, as well as a misty fantasy village. The pastel colour helps the room stay light and peppy, while the neutral tones cut down the contrast and keep the area looking calming and serene.



Part of cottagecore’s appeal is that it presents the aesthetics of a simple life and that personal, homemade element. Bringing in arts and crafts, as well as upcycled elements into your bathroom can help you achieve that cottagecore look, as it gives the impression of a loved home that’s been lived in. Maybe you make plantpots out of mugs, or maybe you make a toilet roll holder out of driftwood. Whatever you choice, make it personal and make it yours.


Bathroom Plants

Bathroom Plants

Finally, to truly achieve your cottagecore dream, you need to fall back on our old friend, biophilic design. The presence of plants gives a calming and soothing aura to the bathroom that helpfully connects to cottagecore aesthetic, by evoking feelings of nature and farmlife. We recommend big leafed and droopy plants, as well as climbing plants to give your cottagecore bathroom that slightly overgrown, cosy feel.


Final Thoughts On Cottagecore Bathrooms

Embracing your cottagecore life in your bathroom is remarkably easy and something you should consider doing today. It’s even easy to make variations, such as dark cottagecore bathrooms. For more help building your bathroom aesthetic, as well as bathroom fixture explanations, installation guides and more, check out our blog.