Easy Storage Solutions For Your Bathroom

An Introduction To Bathroom Storage Solutions

Does it feel like you never have enough space? It’s a common feeling among most people, homeowners and renters alike, so what can you do to fix it?

Today we are analyzing some of the easy ways and some of the less easy ways to add storage solutions to your bathroom, so you can keep it feeling as sizable as possible.

Let’s dive in!

Basin Vanity Units

Basin Vanity Unit

A bathroom vanity unit very simple storage solution is to add vanity cupboards to your sinks. These bathroom cupboards are wall hung vanity units that attach directly to the base of your sink and cover the pipes. A vanity for bathrooms typically add about two drawers of storage, while only making your sink slightly bigger. This is a pretty ingenious solution to storage issues, as it prevents the storage solution itself from taking up too much space.

Durovin sells a wide variety of basin vanity cupboards, such as a vanity unit with basin and a cloakroom vanity unit, in an equally wide variety of colours including a number of both block colours and wood effects. This means that whatever style your bathroom is, you can find a bathroom basin cabinet to suit it.

Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom Floating Shelf

The easiest solution is to install shelving in your bathroom. Bathroom shelves are great storage solutions because they can be fitted almost anywhere to give an instant boost in storage options. For example, we recommend filling any spare walls with shelving, but especially areas you wouldn’t necessarily expect, such as above the toilet. This is because the area above the toilet will typically be dead space. You can use this shelf to store paper and other toiletries, to keep them close at hand.

Towel Rails & Robe Hooks

Towel Rail

Another easy solution is the use of hooks, rails and racks. These are typically used to hold material objects such as towels and dressing gowns. The great thing is they can be slotted in and around everywhere. For example, robe hooks can be slotted in between two shelves and towel rails can be affixed underneath a shelf. This way, they take up minimal space but compound the storage by a lot.

Robe Hook

Integrated Storage

Basin With Shelf

A clever way to ensure you maximise storage is to install fixtures with integrated storage solutions. For example, we sell numerous basins with integrated towel rails and/or shelves. These are great answers to your storage woes as the storage comes as part of your fixture, so you won’t need to find as much external storage.

Mirror cabinet


Basin Counter Top

This might sound deceptively simple, but if you buy a counter top sink, naturally you will need a counter for it, so if you buy a counter larger than your sink, you will have lots of extra space that you can then use for extra storage.

Shower Storage

Another easy way to add storage to your bathroom is to add extra storage to your fixtures. For example, you could add in shower storage. This usually consists of a small set of waterproof shelves that are located in the corner of the shower.

Bathroom Cubby

Now, this method is a bit more extreme, but in the right situation could be the perfect solution for you. Building a cubby hole into your wall gives you an inbuilt shelf or space for cupboards to be installed. Depending on your room, this may or may not be possible. If you have built out a false wall, you can modify its shape to accommodate a cubby. Alternatively, depending on the placement of your wall studs and the purpose of the wall, you could theoretically build into your wall, but it is always worth consulting a contractor first.

Modular Storage

Modular Bathroom Storage

It can be difficult to commit to furniture, that’s why modular storage is so useful. Module storage is storage that can be easily moved by design. This mainly manifests in one of two ways. Either as a form of storage on wheels such as a bar dolly, or as a form of storage with handles, such as woven baskets. These modular storage solutions can be moved around within and out of the space to give you maximum room. If you have a very small space, being able to move your furniture around on the fly can be a massive boost to your quality of life. For example, you could store a woven basket in front of the shower when the shower is not in use and then put it on top of the toilet when the shower is in use. This modular design maximizes your storage options by allowing you to consistently manipulate them to suit your needs.

On a similar note, utilizing Lazy Susan’s can be a great way of expanding your storage options. Lazy Susan’s are spinnable platforms that allow you to change the position of what is stored on them by turning the Lazy Susan. By utilizing one in each cupboard, you can then tightly stack all of your goods together without worrying about having to reach them, as you can simply move the Lazy Susan to make them come to you.

Window Sill

Because every little bit helps, it’s important to gain back small amounts of storage where possible and you can easily do so by utilizing your window sill. You can use it to store objects loosely or you can put small tubs or trays on the sill, to give you tidier storage. This is a nice and simple little way to incrementally increase your storage options.

Door Storage

Similar to the window sill storage, you might as well utilize your door for storage. You can do this by installing over the door shelves that hang off the door. This is a great option for especially small bathrooms as it makes use of a space that already exists, rather than adding any unneeded bulk.

Repurposed Items

Bathroom Ladder Shelf

A cheap method of storage expansion is repurposing old, existing furniture and other items. Ladder shelves are becoming increasingly popular and you can make one yourself by slightly modifying your ladder. The beauty of a ladder shelf is that it can provide a lot of shelves in a very minimal space. As well as this, look at your old cupboards which could make for good makeshift vanities and your old curtains that could be repurposed into sink skirts. All of these methods increase your bathroom storage while also making use of older goods you may be considering getting rid of.

Make More Space

Pentagonal Shower Enclosure

Finally, the ultimate way to create more storage space in your bathroom is to create more space period. You can do this through the installation of space saving fixtures such as wall hung toilets and pentagonal shower enclosures. You can further this by installing hybrid fixtures that save a lot of space by acting as multiple fixtures. An example being the toilet with an integrated sink. As previously mentioned, you can even get basins with integrated storage like a basin with integrated shelf or basin with integrated towel rail. These space saving fixtures will go a long way to freeing up space in your bathroom that can then be used for storage.

Basin With Towel Rail

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is fortunately a lot of ways you can add storage to your bathroom, from utilizing your walls with floating shelves, to installing fixtures with integrated storage such as a basin with integrated towel rail, to simply installing basin vanity units. If you need more help, check out our blogs on the infinite possibilities of bathroom shelves and how to furnish a small bathroom for more.