Buck The Curve With Some Eggscellent Bathroom Upgrades This Easter

Welcome To Easter!Welcome To Easter!


Easter is upon us, and Durovin Bathrooms are colouring our eggs and weaving our baskets. That’s because our shower cubicles, ceramic and stone sinks alike can make for a perfect easter surprise. Bringing in the likes of our Bathroom LED Mirrors can be eggsactly what you're looking for to hatch a plan for a more reflective Good Friday that your whole family can enjoy. 

Instead of the usual periwinkle perishables and standard easter apparel, this Easter season can be an excellent opportunity to make an investment in your family’s future. A stone resin basin is not only a welcome addition to your lavatory, but a solid investment into your future that is sure to last for years to come. 

Making An Eggsecutive Decision…

But just what the cluck is going on? As part of our new seasonal promotion, Durovin Bathrooms are offering up to 30% on our stunningly glossy stone resin basins. It’s not all just fun and yolks here, you won’t need to rely on any lucky rabbit feet to enhance your lavatory experience. Simply gloss through our delightfully delicious offers and coupons page and,  very soon, with the help of the Easter-themed STONE15 code, you too can crack the shell and shower your spouse with an Easter surprise that is set to last a lifetime.

Eggsit (Pursued By A Bunny)

Refurbishing your bathroom is not only a practical solution to easing your Easter woes, it can also inject a new sense of community into your family unit. A newly decorated unit can be a great way to reinvigorate your children, bring a sense of a fresh start in your marriage, and add a touch of love to your family dynamic. You can use shower enclosures as an excellent ground to hide easter eggs in during the hunt. Your children will be no spring chickens when it comes to enjoying our collection of wall-hung stone sinks. Once you shell out the secrets of where you are hiding your eggs, your little ones will be beaming from ear to ear.

Don’t just stick with the conventional easter surprise this year. Studies show that home and bathroom refurbishments will be appreciated much more by your significant other than your typical throwaway trinkets. With the help of our back-to-wall toilets, you’ll not only have a more efficient place to deposit your chocolate eggs, but the seeds that will be sure to blossom are a healthy lavatory process that won’t leave you walking on eggshells during your Easter retreat.

That’s All Yolks!

Eggsploring some alternate solutions to your usual egg basket for this year's Easter is a great way to redefine both your family dynamic but also breathe some new life into your lavatory. This year's memo can be an eggciting way to treat both yourself and your family, and unscramble your daily bathroom tensions. Whatever the weather, Durovin Bathrooms has you covered! But don’t count your chickens before they hatch, because this is only a promotion for the Easter season. Once that clock strikes midnight, the Easter window will be eggsecuted. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself at a discounted price with our wide range of sinks and showers this Easter!