Black And White Bathroom Ideas: How To Make Your Perfect Monochrome Bathroom

An Introduction To Monochrome Bathroom Design

Bathroom design is tough to get right, especially when you’re trying to balance all of the different possible colours.

Sometimes it’s best to just strip your bathroom idea back to something simple.

Something simple like monochrome bathroom design.

If you’ve ever wondered how to decorate a black and white bathroom, what colour goes with a black and white bathroom, or you just simply felt the need for some black & white bathroom ideas, then this article is for you.

We will be going over everything you need to know about the how and why of black and white bathroom décor and design, so read on to get informed.


What Is A Black And White Bathroom?

Monochrome Bathroom

A black and white bathroom is a bathroom, cloakroom or restroom that either solely or predominantly utilizes the colours of black and white for it’s fixtures and décor.

This ranges from having monochrome toilets and other bathroom fixtures, to having black and white tile on the floor and walls.

There are an endless variety of black and white bathroom designs, but the common factor is that there is very little of any colour other than the primary two, if there is another colour at all.


Why Does Black And White Look So Good Together?

If you’ve never seen monochrome décor, you are probably wondering “Why is black and white so impactful?”

The answer to that is easy!

Black and white design makes excellent use of contrast. Contrast is defined as when two or more elements are strikingly, noticeably different to one another. Because black and white lie on the opposite ends of the light spectrum, they are the perfect colours to use when you’re trying to evoke contrast.

The reason contrast is generally seen as nice to look at is because it helps draw focus and emphasise different elements of a room.

For example, a white toilet against a black wall will stand out to the user due to the contrast.

A lot of people like this design philosophy, which is part of why black and white bathroom design is so popular.


The Advantages Of Black & White Bathrooms

Black And White Bathroom

Now we understand the fundamentals of monochrome design, let’s look at how it can benefit your bathroom.

Monochrome Bathrooms Look Stylish

Is black and white classy? Yes, yes, it is! Black and white has been used to impress the feeling of sophistication for generations.

There’s a reason the most common suit and shirt combination is black and white!

The colours have a stark, minimalistic look to them which help make any space look more sophisticated and refined.

If you’re looking to make your bathroom look dapper, black and white design is the right call.

Monochrome Bathrooms Are Timeless

Is black & white still popular? Are black and white bathrooms classic?

These are the wrong questions to ask, instead ask yourself this:

Are black and white bathrooms timeless?

The answer is yes. Black and white bathrooms have been around for as long as bathrooms have, and they’re not going away.

This is because the simple, stark use of contrast in monochrome design is universally recognised as effective at emphasis, as well as being easy to understand.

The simplicity leaves little room for confusion, so while the patterns may have changed with the times, the colours haven’t.


The Disadvantages Of Black & White Bathrooms

White Basin

To complete our theme of contrast, it is only right that we now look at the negatives associated with black and white interior design.

Monochrome Bathrooms Can Be Difficult To Clean

Essentially, different grime will show up differently against different colours.

If your space is full of contrasting colours, and say you spill something, if it doesn’t show up much on one, it probably will show up a lot on the other.

Luckily, this isn’t much of an issue, as warm water can easily deal with most mess in the bathroom.

Is Black And White Bathroom Good Idea?

Overall, we would say yes, black and white bathrooms are a great idea!

We can say this with confidence because the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Advantages Of Black & White Bathrooms

Disadvantages Of Black & White Bathrooms

Monochrome Bathrooms Look Stylish

Monochrome Bathrooms Can Be Difficult To Clean

Monochrome Bathrooms Are Timeless



What Colour Goes With A Black And White Bathroom?

What Compliments Black And White?

Green is a fantastic compliment to black and white, because green has naturally calming overtones due to its heavy association with nature. If you are looking to add zen to your black and white space, then green is the perfect complimentary colour.

What Colour Makes Black And White Pop?

Red makes black and white pop!

Red is a fantastic, bold and powerful colour that adds dynamism to any space. It helps contrast both black and white really well, so if you want a loud and proud space, add red to your black and white bathroom.

What Colour Stands Out The Most In Black And White?

Yellow stands out really well against black and white. It also has the added benefit of being the colour most associated with happiness and joy. So, if you want your bathroom to emanate optimism and positivity, add a splash of yellow to your monochrome design.


How Do You Soften A Black And White Bathroom?

Black And White Bathroom Design

To soften your black and white design, we recommend incorporating shades of grey.

Grey is the natural medium between black and white, making it the perfect harmonizer that can help tone down the contrast of the room for anyone looking to create a more complimentary aesthetic, rather than a contrasting one.


How Do I Add Warmth To My Black And White Bathroom?

It’s really easy to add warmth to your black white bathroom.

All you have to do is add naturally warm colours like red, orange and yellow. These colours are heavily associated with fire, summer and light, meaning they will help create a much warmer aesthetic in your bathroom.


Do Black & White Bathrooms Feel Larger Or Smaller?

How the size of your monochrome bathroom feels depends on whether you emphasise the colour black or white.

Black naturally helps spaces feel cosier and more compact, whereas white naturally makes spaces feel more open and spacious.

This is because black is excellent at absorbing light, while white is brilliant at reflecting light.

If your monochrome design leans towards black, then it’ll probably feel smaller, whereas if it leans towards white it’ll probably feel larger.

Follow the needs of your space and your own desires when deciding whether to emphasise black or white, or trying to strike a neutral balance.


How Do You Use Black And White In A Bathroom?

The final thing to address is how exactly you should incorporate black and white colours into your bathroom. Which fixtures and furniture should be black and which should be white?

Ultimately, this is your decision, but we do have some advice to give you some food for thought1

Let’s dive into it.

Black Basins VS White Basins

Black Basin

Both black basins and white basins are tremendous choices, that can add unique senses of gravitas to your home.

The main point to consider is that white basins are classical designs, whereas black basins are modern designs a bit less common.

So, whether you should have a black basin or white basin falls down to whether you want your bathroom to feel classic or modern, follow your heart on this one.

Black Toilets VS White Toilets

White Toilet

Personally, we believe that white toilets are the optimum toilet colour.

This is because white toilets are that bit extra to keep clean compared to black toilets.

However, if cleaning isn’t an issue for you, then either make for an excellent choice.

Black Basin Vanity Units VS White Basin Vanity Units

Black Vanity Unit

Now, if you have a counter top basin, semi-recessed basin or wall hung basin, there is a good chance you will also need a basin vanity unit.

But should you get a white one or a black one?

This depends on the amount of contrast you want.

If you want the basin to act as the focal point, we recommend matching the colour of the vanity unit to the colour of the basin, as it will help increase the general silhouette size.

However, if you want to deemphasize the basin, we recommend going for a contrasting vanity unit. This is because it will help break up the silhouette, and if you employ tactical contrast elsewhere, you can divert the focal point of the room.

Black Taps VS White Taps

White Tap

Finally, the question of black taps vs white taps.

We recommend pairing black taps with either black basins or white basins, but only pairing white taps with white basins.

This is because the black tap can help emphasize the white basin, but more often than not a white tap distracts from a black basin.

While, naturally white taps compliment white basins and black taps compliment black basins.


Final Thoughts On Black And White Bathroom Design

Overall, a monochrome bathroom is a fantastic addition to your home that you should definitely consider. However, there are also a massive variety of different styles you could try, from spa-like bathroom design, to cottagecore. For more information on how you can design your bathroom and for breakdowns of everything you need to know about different bathroom fixtures, dive deeper into our blog.