5 Reasons Why Hybrid Fixtures Are The Future Of Bathrooms


To Begin

Breaking News! Hybrid Fixtures have been making a splash in the bathroom and they are here to stay. But why? What exactly is so great about hybrid fixtures and what can they do for you? Read on as we dive into five reasons you should get a hybrid fixture.


What Is A Hybrid Bathroom Fixture?

A hybrid fixture is a single fixture that provides the utility of multiple. For example, the toilet with a sink on top is an amazing hybrid fixture as it provides the two most useful functions of the bathroom, access to the toilet and to self-cleaning. It does this by having a sink integrated into the cistern. other examples include basins with inbuilt towel rails, bathtubs with shower heads and even something as simple as mixer taps or double sinks.


5 Reasons To Get A Hybrid Fixture

1 Combined Fixtures Save Space

Basin With Towel Holder

A fantastic element of the hybrid fixture is that they save space, as instead of installing two or more fixtures, you only have to install one. This is great for smaller bathrooms, cloakrooms and alcoves where space maybe more limited.

2 Combined Fixtures Save Money

Mixer Tap

As well as space, they also save money. This is because you only have to buy one fixture that is cheaper than the sum of its parts. If you are trying to build the best bathroom possible while adhering to a stricter budget, hybrid fixtures can save you a lot of money and a lot of heartache.

3 Combined Fixtures Are Stylish

Double Sink

More often than not, hybrid fixture just looks cool. They are eye-catching, unique and interesting to look at. They can help tie the room together and make a bold statement. They also suit a lot of themes excellently, like the Mid-Century Modern Bathroom, which was known for inventive and ingenious use of ergonomic and highly functional fixtures.

4 Combined Fixtures Offer Extra Utility

Bath With Shower Head

The big bonus is that you get extra utility compared to buying a single fixture. This is always incredibly useful and can mean you don’t have to waste time or energy on getting another fixture. But it’s not just about reducing the number of fixtures you need, but also about providing as much extra utility as possible. For example, the bath with a shower head affords you a wide range of cleaning options that its contemporaries just cannot offer.

5 Combined Fixtures Are Environmentally Conscious

Toilet With Sink On Top

Finally, hybrid fixtures are environmentally conscious. The toilet with a sink on top for example recycles water within itself, using waste basin water to flush the toilet, so you save water with each flush. As well as this, hybrid fixtures take less materials as two whole separate fixtures do not need to be made, meaning more can be made for less, reducing the impact their creation has on the environment.


To Conclude

As you can see, hybrid fixtures offer a range of benefits that single feature fixtures just cannot keep up with. They are the future and a future you should embrace. Check out our excellent selection of hybrid fixtures to get some luxury for less.